Jesuit Website Tells the Truth about Brent Spiner, Matthew McConaughey, Vladimir Putin and their Jesuit Clone Wives (Loree McBride, Camila Alves & Lyudmila Putin)

Screenshots of a Jesuit website are featured here. Jesuits admit at their website (which has been taken down) about Jesuit Lyudmila Putin–2001 to now (), Jesuit Loree McBride–1992 to now (who was forced onto the real Brent Spiner by Jesuit-led Paramount studios around 1992/1993), and Jesuit Camila Alves–2006 to now (who was forced onto the real Matthew McConaughey by the […]

The Saga of the Oshu Fujiwara (Gail's Catherine the Great ancestors)

Can view a mini-series about Gail’s Catherine the Great ancestors HERE. These videos at Gail Chord Schuler Royal Ancestry showcase the palaces (temples) of the Oshu Fujiwara family (a royal family that lived in Japan around 1100 A.D.), who intermarried some Russian/Germanic royals–part of the Emishi (they fled Russia to stay alive after their father Grand Prince Vladimir of Kiev died). These royal escapees from […]

God Condemns Loree McBride with Northridge Earthquake (Jan. 1994)

In December 1993, I had mailed to Brent (via his Paramount studios address) a Revelation slide show presentation that highlighted the Roman Catholic Church as the Revelation 17 whore. Also, Brent paid me a personal visit to my Lynnwood, Washington apartment in December 1993, where I actually saw him inside a white truck, where he flashed the lights on and off […]

Star Trek: The Next Generation's "A Fistful of Datas" Gives Away Brent Spiner's Pain

Title:  STAR TREK:  THE NEXT GENERATION’S “A FISTFUL OF DATAS”.Date episode was filmed:  September 1992 (Click on images below to open up in a larger window) View this to see the pain in Brent Spiner’s face, because during filming of this episode Jesuit Loree McBride drugged and raped Brent Spiner, while he dreamed about making love to me. Loree’s rape of Brent […]