Gail's German Letters for Vladimir Putin

(2002) German letters Gail wrote to Vladimir Putin.  In 2002, while stranded in Tallahassee, Florida, without a job, and waiting for Vladimir to come and get her, Gail submitted to her mailbox, without a postage stamp, these letters in German. Vladimir is fluent in German and Gail’s German was stronger than her Russian. President Bush was supposed to give these […]

(2000) "Emerald Towers"

Short story based on Gail’s relationship with Brent at Amazon Kindle and as an AUDIO BOOK at Amazon, iTunes & Audible.   After God told Gail if she would write again, that He would take away her breast cancer, she began writing again. After neglecting her writing from 1996 (when she found out about Loree McBride) until 2000 (when she realized Loree was a Vatican agent)–this was her […]

(1992) Lal – Star Trek: The Next Generation teleplay

Gail wrote “Lal” for Brent Spiner as a one month old writer. Can order teleplay “Lal” from for $2.99 on Kindle.  The character Lal comes from “The Offspring” . “Lal” is a sequel to the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode called “The Offspring”, which aired for the first time on March 12, 1990. Here is a PREVIEW of the future audio book. Gail is […]