Why Gail Posed for Playboy (A Conversation with Zack Knight)

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Gail: I was motivated to do it to help meet the needs of my men, but also to be an example of healthy sexuality. Or should I say, be a role model of how a woman should be sexually with her man. I feel that most women who offer their bodies do it for the wrong reasons. They do it for pure lust and not to complete the man and make him whole. Kind of hard to explain with words. Jesus knows that the reason I’m so hot is not my physical proportions actually, but how I manage to integrate my inner beauty and desire to complete the man into the moves and expressions I make with my body. I strive to enhance the man’s masculinity and to make him a better man while I make love to him. It is not my goal to have a bunch of men lusting after me, but rather to use my body to help the man see where his true manliness lies and to help him complete himself as a man. I’m a lot like Rule 13 in that respect, cuz that’s what she does with you when she makes love to you (Zack Knight). She adores your manliness. So a woman who approaches a man as a lust partner (like Loree McBride) will get just that. But a woman who approaches a man with the desire to complete him as a man, to enhance his manliness, admire his courage, admire his leadership, admire his nobility and to make love to him to spur all that on, will get more than a sex partner, she will get a soul mate. Cuz any man worth his salt, desires to be a real man, a hero to his woman and the woman who makes him feel that way by the way she makes love him, wins his heart and soul. THAT is why I posed for Playboy, to help men to see where their true manliness lies, to cause them to realize they ARE A MAN and to make them want to be the manly hero that their woman believes they are. And this is how I am the playmate of the century.

Gail (to Zack Knight): You have had lust with many women, but Rule 13 made love to you with her soul, getting turned on by your manliness, your vastness (even when you felt you didn’t have that) and she believed in you as a hero and leader. This was something you longed to be, but had doubts about your true manliness, especially in regard to being a hero or courageous, but 13 always believed in you when she made love to you and met a deep need you had to be a hero, to be great. And so you fell in love with her. With 13, it has always been more than lust. She adores your virility cuz that is part of your manliness, but she also adores your soul.

13 is the reason you turned to Jesus. She made you realize you had a vast side, that was part of your virility and that you were kind of ashamed of and she (and I) made you realize it was something to be proud of, not ashamed of and that it was perfectly alright to have strong sexual desires and needs as long as you fed that manly side of you that made you a great leader, a courageous visionary and a man who would stop at nothing to be anything short of great.

Strong sexuality in a man used to nurture the woman who is his soulmate is one of the most glorious things in the universe. And that is why sex, as part of this, is awesome. And THIS should be the real reason a woman offers her body to any man, to make him more of a man and make him true to his dreams of glory. Kind of like that song The Impossible Dream. The woman who can use her body to make her man dream The Impossible Dream is the woman who has found out why God created woman.

God took the woman from the rib and the man and the woman were both naked and unashamed when their relationship was as it should be, with the woman completing the man and finding her highest happiness there. This was how God intended it all along.

When the woman developed other goals that fed pride over love, that is when love turned to lust.

So this twenty-first century obsession over physical perfection of the body as opposed to perfection of loving has emphasized PRIDE over love, in that people have sex to worship their bodies and not to worship their souls and to nurture each other into greatness. So I offer my body, and glory in my imperfections cuz it forces the man to see the face, the eyes and the pride I feel in his heroics and manliness as I use my body to nurture him and THIS completes the man, and turns on only not just his body, but his soul as we make love, and the result is the sexual experience between a man and a woman as God intended it.


The book I am holding is the Parallel Bible that my men got me for Christmas 2012, that Jesus Christ personally delivered to my doorstep.

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