Twitter Guilty of Conspiracy to Murder (no FREEDOM OF SPEECH)

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I have instructed my men to take Twitter to court on charges of conspiracy to murder because they are trying to shut me down so that I cannot warn the world of an imminent terror attack from Loree McBride, should that happen. I charge them specifically with the crime of harboring and concealing terrorists (i.e. Brent Spiner clone & his partner in crime Loree McBride) by allowing the criminal clone to impersonate Brent Spiner at Twitter enabling the Brent Spiner criminal clone to promote his wife’s terrorist activities by shutting down online activities (using defamation & intimidation tactics) so that their terrorist activities can go forward without a hitch by removing the free speech rights of innocents who might hinder or expose their criminal lifestyle. The Brent Spiner clone uses defamation against me (and uses impersonation of the real Brent Spiner) creating an online presence that inaccurately presents me to the world as a paranoid schizophrenic, so that my exposure of his criminal activities can be discredited, and Twitter assists him with this defamation, impersonation and cover up,  making it easy for the criminal clone to frame innocents (i.e., Donald Trump and the REAL Brent Spiner), to steal monies of innocents, to unleash deadly bombs worldwide that are potent forms of biological & nuclear warfare, so that he and his wife can continue their murders and financial crimes unhindered and can escape prosecution for their crimes.

Only murderers like Loree McBride and the Brent Spiner CLONE have freedom of speech at Twitter. Law abiding, courageous individuals who expose war crimes criminals and murderers are SHUT DOWN.

Loree McBride & the Brent Spiner clone want to be the BIG BROTHER of George Orwell’s 1984:

Here is a video I made that further exposes murderer Loree McBride. She was actually recorded murdering people with fire in the courtroom in this video!

For more information about war crimes criminal Loree McBride, check out this post:

Gail has also written books that expose murderer Loree McBride:

Regarding Jackson Spiner, Loree used semen she obtained through her drug rape of the real Brent to impregnate herself with Brent’s semen using artificial insemination. She uses Jackson as a weapon to reinforce her lie that she has had a legit relationship with Brent Spiner. The truth is Loree is in love with her celebrity lifestyle and is willing to murder, terrorize and lie to maintain it. As the Bible says, “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter the kingdom of God.” Loree had riches handed to her on a silver platter and she ain’t about to give that up!

Here is the video where Angelina Ballerina, who was BFF with Loree McBride, tried to annihilate planet earth and I was able to save the planet because of my online presence:

I appreciate the fans that reported the Brent Spiner clone for impersonation, but they are ignoring you. But you can try again:

My only crime was telling the TRUTH about Loree McBride and her evil Brent Spiner CLONE husband, who are guilty of massive war crimes. It was a response to this tweet from the Brent Spiner clone where he featured a picture of Japanese eating human meat to put down the Japanese race (probably a slur on Rule 13, who is my BFF and is Japanese) and it was also his way of proving his point that those who eat meat are wrong. I thought it was so vulgar and unfair of him to post this and showed that he is prejudiced against Japanese people. I was raised by a Japanese and we don’t eat human meat, so I was insulted by this slur against my Japanese heritage. So I exposed his hypocrisy by stating that his wife is a cat killer and sets fires that kill animals (and NOT FOR FOOD).

Isn’t the Brent Spiner clone guilty of harassing the Japanese people on the basis of race? It seems like it’s HIS Twitter that needs to be shut down. He takes an exception to the rule in Japanese culture and makes it appear the NORM.

I see NOTHING in my post, which was a response to Brent’s harassment of my RACE as a person of Japanese descent, that is promoting violence against, harassing or threatening him or Loree on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability or serious disease. HOWEVER, I think this post of the Japanese eating meat is a form of harassment against those who are not vegetarians or who are Japanese. Sounds like Twitter needs to explain how my response to Brent’s tweet violated their terms. It sounds more like my response was TOTALLY JUSTIFIED. I said nothing about race, nothing about ethnicity, nothing about national origin, nothing about sexual orientation, nothing about gender, nothing about gender identity, nothing about religious affiliation, nothing about age, nothing about disability, nothing about serious disease.

SO I DON’T GET IT TWITTER? But it sure looks like the Brent Spiner clone said something about race, ethnicity, national origin, etc.

I smell a rotten fish in Denmark! I guess if you’re a liberal snowflake you can get away with murder, and if you’re not, all you have to do is breathe and you’re guilty! Right, Twitter? Or perhaps Twitter is prejudiced against Japanese people.
Brent Spiner CloneHypocriteVegetarian_12032017
Loree McBride's Twitter FREE SPEECH
Brent vs CLONE Bellaire High
Brent versus Clone Texas Manliness
Loree Brent photoshop

In spite of obvious photoshop used in Loree’s photos of Brent Spiner online. She rules the Web and her lies reign.

Loree McBride Photoshop

Loree McBride in a conspiracy with the Brent Spiner clone to impersonate the real Brent while secretly killing off millions/billions with bombs worldwide.

Loree Jesuit Agent

These are videos that Loree posted in July 2011 because the real Brent made the unforgivable sin of contacting the woman he truly loves via YouTube. The evil Brent Spiner clone was able to shut down this YouTube channel in Sept. 2011 claiming the real Brent was an imposter. As a result of this intimidation, Gail took Loree to court in what became known as the Quebec trial.

The following are screenshots of my Twitter conversations with the Brent Spiner clone who has taken over the REAL Brent Spiner’s Twitter. I do not see harassment in these tweets at all, but I DO see an attempt by the Brent Spiner clone to intimidate me into submission to his lying agenda, so that he can continue to operate undercover as a terrorist with his terrorist wife Loree McBride. Though I believe he is a terrorist, I would never go after him myself, but will let law enforcement and the military do their jobs. But I am simply trying to show that Loree McBride has control over most of the media, and seems to OWN Twitter! Basically, Twitter is misinterpreting my courageous words against this evil Loree McBride Jesuit (her partner-in-crime and husband, the Brent Spiner JEW CLONE), as proof of harassment. But I was simply sticking up for myself against his defamation tactics, his attempts to make me appear insane, and his attempts to discredit my truthful testimony about who he is and who is wife is – both criminals guilty of massive war crimes.

Brent Clone (1) Mentally Ill Gail
Brent Clone (2) Mentally Ill Gail
Brent Spiner BLOCKED

I blocked him, but Zack Knight talked me out of it (Oct. 10, 2017). So he and I engaged in debate a couple days later (Oct. 13, 2017). However, since it appears he has tried to shut down my Twitter (Jan. 2018) falsely claiming my posts that claim his wife Loree McBride is a terrorist are harassment against him, I have blocked him for good as of Jan. 18, 2018. Loree McBride is a convicted terrorist folks and my simply stating that fact is not harassment. I have the freedom of speech to tell the TRUTH. It has nothing to do with her religion, political views or anything that Twitter claims is a violation of their rules. It is simply a FACT. Loree McBride is a killer, rapist, terrorist, arsonist, money launderer, and war crimes criminal. I guess she considers it harassment that she might GET ARRESTED FOR HER CRIMES. This very dangerous criminal is still on the loose, even though we have convicted her. It’s cuz she has Antichrist powers and cannot be killed.

Brent Spiner Clone1 Twitter_10142017
Brent Spiner Clone2 Twitter_10142017
Brent Spiner Clone3 Twitter_10142017
Brent Spiner Clone4 Twitter_10142017
Brent Spiner Clone5 Twitter_10142017
Brent Spiner Clone6 Twitter_10142017
Brent Spiner Clone7 Twitter_10142017
Brent Spiner Clone8 Twitter_10142017
Brent Spiner Clone9 Twitter_10142017
Brent Spiner Clone10 Twitter_10142017

Looks like the Brent Spiner clone went silent in 2018 to make himself appear innocent while he worked undercover to remove my freedom of speech to expose him as a criminal. Basically all my truthful statements about his very dangerous criminal wife Loree McBride are considered harassment. The Brent clone knows I’m no danger to him or his wife unless they are guilty of the charges I bring against them. But I don’t take the law into my own hands, and he knows it. I let law enforcement do their job. But we are having trouble taking out Loree McBride because her Antichrist powers make it so we can’t kill her. So this very dangerous criminal is on the loose. If anybody out there is being tormented by Loree and you are able to communicate with us, contact my men at and be sure and follow the Gail Commandments. I am at the forefront exposing her, cuz she owns mainstream news. That’s why she wants my online presence TAKEN DOWN. She is the head of the Loree McBride Jesuits and they are trying desperately to take me down, as you can see from the tweets above. Loree is a master at legal extortion and has a hoard of corrupt Jew clone lawyers on her side.

As a reminder, the REAL Loree McBride posted the below video and she MEANT EVERY WORD. Why she leaves this video up beats me and I find it interesting that YouTube hasn’t taken this video down. But at least it’s up for EVIDENCE. We can prove in a court of law that this video was created by the REAL Loree McBride.

The tweets below show how I feel about Twitter’s action to shut down my ability to tweet for 24 hours based on their allegation that I violated their harassment guidelines. I make screenshots of anything important that I tweet, cuz I know how Jesuits like to doctor evidence.

SJW 1 warriors arguments Twitter
SJW 2 warriors arguments Twitter
SJW 3 warriors arguments Twitter
SJW 4 warriors arguments Twitter
SJW 5 warriors arguments Twitter

So you might ask, “Do you feel that your version of God is valid?”

ANSWER: Of course, I do. But I also acknowledge that there may be flaws in my perception of God and, for this reason, I won’t force it on others. Anybody who thinks their version of God is correct and all those who disagree with them are wrong, is just an intolerant bigot not open to thoughtful discussion and debate. Until God’s actually reigning on the throne over the universe, I think all of us have him wrong in some areas of interpretation. For this reason, we should be tolerant of those who may disagree with our version of God. I find that those who try to enforce their views/religion on others, are usually very self-righteous and so full of themselves, they can’t see the forest for the trees. They are too self absorbed to honor reality and create an illusionary world around themselves that makes them feel important and better than others based on being more right than others. The fact is, God has created us all, we are all sinners and all imperfect. The highest thing anybody can do is to be a loving and forgiving person and to show tolerance towards those we may not fully understand, realizing that in the end, we are all just forgiven sinners; that is, if we admit to God that we are a sinner and need his forgiveness. So the first step to righteousness is humility, which leads to love and forgiveness. None of us is really more right than another, because all of us have false perceptions of truth and righteousness somewhere in our minds. Maybe we are just more forgiven than others. But that doesn’t make us better than anybody else. It just means we are on the path God intended for us and the others somehow got off their path. We should pray for them and help them find their way. In the end, the righteous ones will be those who loved the most and forgave the most, because God forgives us based on how we forgive others.

You might say, but you believe in the death penalty. That doesn’t sound like forgiveness. Well, when a person is extremely destructive and is causing everybody to get off their path to God and causes havoc, destruction, sorrow and suffering cuz they are on a mission to force others to reinforce their version of reality, that person must be stopped, so that the suffering will end. They’re on a bad cycle, and, unfortunately, if they aren’t stopped they will cause innocents to be sucked up into their oppression, and for the sake of love and forgiveness, we cannot allow these cruel people to go on unhindered.

But let’s say one of these cruel people comes to Jesus and asks his forgiveness. We should give it to them without reservation. That is what I’ve done for Zack Knight, ex-Antichrist. Because, bottom line is, we are all sinners and in need of forgiveness. We execute these cruel people, not because we are unable to forgive them, but because they don’t believe they need forgiveness. And anybody who believes that is a dangerous person.

If you feel you need forgiveness, God is more than willing to give it to you:


UPDATE: Twitter sent the following email to Gail on Jan. 20, 2018:

Russia 1 Twitter Crap
Russia 2 Twitter Crap

It appears this is Twitter’s response to our court case against them for my charge that they are guilty of conspiracy to commit murder by aligning themselves with murderer & war criminal Loree McBride. They are obviously claiming they are shutting down accounts claiming these accounts are part of a Russian conspiracy against the U.S. government. It appears I need to add new charges to Twitter. Not only are they guilty of conspiracy to murder. But now they are fabricating evidence and just out and out lying in order to justify their clamp down on freedom of speech against their victims. Twitter, all you’re doing is heaping coals on your fire. As if it wasn’t bad enough to be a murderer, you resort to fabricating evidence in order to justify your murders. Assuming  you are not guilty of conspiracy to murder, just fabricating evidence ALONE is a felony. What you’re doing would be like making up stories about the Jews (during the Holocaust) claiming they deserved the concentration camps cuz they were guilty of money laundering, and so you made up lies about your victims cuz you got caught putting innocents in concentration camps and you are trying to justify your crimes. In other words, you are trying to make the victims appear guilty, using FALSE EVIDENCE, to clear yourself from your crimes against your victims.

This dirty trick works in totalitarian systems, but not in countries that rule by law. Of course, if Loree McBride takes over the U.S., there will be no rule of law, only the semblance of it. Quit your games, confess up and get right. You’re just digging your hole deeper.

For your information, the United States is guilty of MURDER against innocent Russians in 2000. Vladimir Putin most certainly fears the U.S. military too much to antagonize her and give her an excuse to kill more Russians, like they already have! Therefore, Vladimir would never meddle in U.S. elections. And now you want to have war with Russia and murder more Russians and just have a bunch of people get killed just so you can cover your butts over murders you’ve already committed in your conspiracy & your involvement with war criminal Loree McBride. Why are you so eager to KILL Twitter, by starting a war with a country that has done nothing to us? You like dead bodies? You are showing your murderer’s heart! Why are you so EAGER TO HAVE A WAR WITH RUSSIA?

Hillary Clinton supporters need to know how evil Hillary is. Listen to this video:

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