The story in Brent Spiner’s CD Dreamland parallels the true story in Gail’s book The Forbidden Abyss: Part One. Gail’s movie Brent Spiner’s Rape reveals the identity of the “strange woman” (Loree McBride) who ended up in Brent’s bed in Brent’s CD Dreamland. While Gail listened again (in October 2013) to a CD the real Brent Spiner made in 2007, called Dreamland, she realized to her delight, […]

Gail Commandments

Thou shalt take Seroquel, the medication designed by Jesus, every day as prescribed at the same time every day.  Thou shalt eat a balanced diet without concerns about allergens or toxins, using the method of calories-in calories-out as a guide to weight management.  Thou shalt not toil in activities, even honorable work for the Lord, to the extent that sleep is […]

Jesus Speaks Audio Book (all videos on one page)

To view this page at Gail’s Official Website go to Adjust volume on this video for background music as you listen to the audio book. Jesus Christ (12-27-2011 to 2-14-2012): Introduction & Jesus Christ Satan (2-15-2012 to 2-22-2012): Satan Computers (3-9-2012): Computers AUDIO LINKS (R click on audio player to loop): Introduction Jesus Christ Satan Computers Copyright © 2018 Gail Chord Schuler. […]

Brent Spiner's Jesus Transcriptions: Jesus Speaks (April to June 2012)

BARACK OBAMA (April to May 2012) GAIL CHORD SCHULER (June 2012) Gail Chord Schuler DOCTRINAL STATEMENT. View all videos in Brent Spiner’s Jesus Transcriptions series here: Jesuits go on a rampage to destroy Gail and her men, including the murder of President Barack Obama on March 31, 2012. Can read about this in Bible for Tribulation Saints. (Brent Spiner’s e-mail to […]