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Using transporter technology like Star Trek, Melanie (a Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel reporter) and Tyrone (an M.D.) were transported right into some moving traffic, while both were in Melanie’s car. As Melanie drove to my apartment to deliver the gas mask and visit with me, she noticed a sting operation taking place at a Wal-Mart, where a lot of fat chicks were being arrested because they were trying to steal a bunch of electronic shopping carts for themselves (fat chicks like these because it’s hard for them to get around because of all their weight) and she went there to get a news story. She was holding my gas mask, and a THIN PRIVILEGE obese woman near her grabbed the mask she wanted to give me, and ate most of it, and then attacked Melanie, threatening to eat her.

I know this sounds farfetched, but Zack Knight has created in his cloning labs clone women who have the ability to eat some strange things. Like Loree McBride ate the tape from my video cassettes in the 1990s, when she discovered tapes I had sent to Brent in his house, and thereby destroying the tapes I sent him in the 1990s. Obese THIN PRIVILEGE leader Sara Avery who weighs over 1,000 pounds, eats people and animals. Tyrone came to Melanie’s rescue and they managed to get this fat chick arrested. But Melanie had to go back and get another gas mask for me, so she was hours late for our meeting.

When she finally came to my apartment, Zack Knight began using his technology at once. The camera she used, which was fully powered and should have lasted, began dying out on us, and we were aware that Zack was using his technology to cause the camera to die, to sabotage her news report of our visit. Melanie also informed me that she had emailed me the video recording of my previous February visit with her in March and that Zack confiscated it so that I did not receive it. He also worsened the resolution in it, so that she has had to redo it. She said she plans to send it to me again, but Zack has altered it, and the version I’ll receive is inferior to what she originally sent in March. It has subtitles underneath for people to understand my voice. It used the same camera that Melanie used for her February visit with me, the camera that Zack sabotaged yesterday. This camera produces a high quality resolution, better than my webcam.

After they spent some time in my apartment, we headed out to the restaurant, and got a real nice waitress. There was excessive Jesuit activity, drivers darting out of nowhere to get us into accidents, which, unfortunately, is a daily occurrence for me, and we noticed all sorts of Jesuit activity at the restaurant, especially in the use of computer/satellite technology. While Tyrone ate, we both actually saw his knife jump from his plate.

Zack was having fun.

Later the camera Melanie used to record our meeting started dying, so I talked to Zack Knight directly through the camera while this was happening, knowing he always spies on me, working through the cameras we use to accomplish the spying. If this sounds farfetched, one time I made a video in my apartment that I never uploaded anywhere online. It was a video of my mother’s visit to my apartment. My ex husband was out there just outside my apartment with a device, that used Jesuit technology that allowed him to extract that video from my computer long distance and then to practically teleport that video to Zack Knight, and so my private video that I never posted online anywhere made it to Zack Knight’s website crazygail.com.

So, Melanie used the same camera yesterday that she had used for my February meeting with her, and it behaved fine at that February meeting. Tyrone and Melanie also told me it was fully charged and should not be dying out, so we knew Zack was behind it dying out. Tyrone and Melanie paid for the entire meal for all of us.

Zack thinks he’s a great comedian and has publicly posted some of what he snitched off the camera, probably using similar technology to what my ex used to snitch that private video about my mother. Melanie’s recording of our meeting at his crazygail.com website, showcases his ability to takeover a camera that is not his and to confiscate video shots using some very fancy long distance technology. My men inform me that he has become obsessed with my bathroom activities, and has somehow managed to spy on me in my apartment. He’s a computer genius.

A very obese woman sat behind us at a table. Tyrone and Melanie pointed her out to me, and we all wanted to get out of that restaurant as soon as possible when we saw her. Right after we left, she let out a huge obese woman’s fart, that caused the same waitress who tended us to become a retard. Several others around her also became a retard. So, while we are busy tending to the wounded and trying to protect ourselves against injury and death, Zack’s in his planning room with his top Jesuits, plotting more ways to injure, kill and hurt people.

After the restaurant, Melanie drove me home, and we encountered several crazy Jesuit drivers on the way. As they headed back to Church of Gail on the Interstate 95 in my town, Jesuits began shooting missiles at them, but Melanie, managed to dodge the missiles by her quick driving reflexes and Terrance safely transported Melanie, Tyrone and her car as it drove up from I-95 to Church of Gail. Unfortunately, the Jesuit missiles did hit other cars that were on the Interstate, as they attempted to kill Melanie and Tyrone, including a bus full of children, who all died. Zack Knight is having a party over those who died because of his missiles. He loves killing people. When the obese women explode, he thinks it’s fun. Also, yesterday, a lot of fat chicks exploded at another Wal-Mart in my town, and thousands died, were injured, and became mentally retarded, including Wal-Mart workers. Apparently, these obese women were wearing the butt plugs, but couldn’t make it in time to the canisters we use to store their fart gas.

And now this morning, I again wake up to a Jesuit-induced allergy headache. Our scientists have determined that Zack and his Jesuits are responsible for the allergy attacks I have suffered this past month. They send their agents here to add pollen to the air around my apartment, and Zack uses brain control on the fat chicks to cause them to explode like pollen filled bombs, or they mess with my air conditioner unit to worsen my yeast symptoms.

I propose that we put a scanner on the AC unit, to scan for the presence of pollen, molds, yeast etc. This scanner will also scan for the presence of any Jesuits around me. We will call this project the AC Unit SCANNER Project. Zack Knight was behind yesterday’s missiles that killed a bus full of children. We have irrefutable evidence for Zack’s involvement with my allergy and yeast problems. Besides, when I asked Jesus to beat up Zack Knight for the missiles, the allergies, the Fat Chicks exploding, the farts, he gets seriously damaged–so he’s guilty. For this reason, we will use my AC unit, as the place to put the scanner to detect Jesuit activity around me. This scanner will be placed on the unit and will scan 24/7 for the presence of dangerous Jesuits and for allergens, yeast, mold and any substances that impair health.

If this scanner detects a Jesuit, Fat Chick, or object, including the AC unit itself, that has high concentrations of a harmful substance in or around them, this scanner will be programmed to report this to our government military units for evaluation and a course of action, the evidence will also be sent to the courts to arrest and bring to trial the Jesuits or criminals involved. This scanner will scan out into all the areas within about a 100 mile circumference of me in all directions. If it detects a high concentration of deadly fart gas anywhere or any other evil substance or allergen, it will enclose that concentration and the person responsible for the release of the dangerous substance or who is about to explode, and will enclose the dangerous person (about to explode or let out a fart), using transporter technology, with a rocket that will immediately encase the person, and shoot that person, along with as much of the deadly substance associated with that person as possible, up into space, so that that person will explode in outer space or be in outer space, and unable to harm people.

If the AC Unit SCANNER project is successful, we will expand the use of it and put it on other AC Units worldwide. You may ask, why use an AC Unit? It’s because Zack has been obsessed with my AC Unit and I’m sure he’s doing something with it evil. The AC Unit draws in air from the environment right into the house, so it’s the best place to put a scanner to determine what’s really happening with the content of the air inside the home. The scanner, when it sends information to our military and courts about the activities of environmental terrorists, will also be connected to Jesuit Rule 13 (who has brilliantly helped me fight off these polluters) and my men at Church of Gail to warn them of environmental terrorism activity, possibly sending info to their computers, so that they can take the action needed to deal with the environmental terrorists.

I consider this deliberate air pollution and the addition of yeasts and molds into my air an act of environmental terrorism, and judging by all the allergy headaches and the yeast confusion I have had lately, we need to arrest these polluters as environmental terrorists under International Law. Once we arrest them as environmental terrorists, we will investigate their involvement in other terrorist matters, because Jesuits often have several operations going on at once and are always killing people. We will use their environmental terrorism activities as the means to arrest all Zack Knight Jesuits, because the evidence for the Zack Knight Jesuit environmental terrorism is in my AC Unit, which Zack Knight has tampered with recently and for years, to worsen my yeast infection and allergies—giving us irrefutable evidence of a Jesuit obsession with environmental terrorism.

All the Jesuits loyal to Zack Knight (that I’ll call Zack Knight Jesuits), except Rule 13, should be arrested for all environmental terrorism crimes committed worldwide. What Jesuits have done to my AC unit, making it a yeast factory, establishes that they are obsessed with environmental terrorism. Environmental terrorism is the willing and knowing (direct or indirect) attempt to use harmful substances (like allergens, molds, yeast, chemicals and deadly obese women fart gas in the air, water, food, or anything that people breathe, eat or absorb) to kill or injure people.

Because of this irrefutable evidence from my AC unit, we have circumstantial evidence that Zack Knight Jesuits have an obsession with environmental terrorism, we can use this circumstantial evidence to arrest every Zack Knight Jesuit on earth for every environmental terrorist act committed anywhere, giving us the ability to arrest all Zack Knight Jesuits as full terrorists. Therefore, all Zack Knight Jesuits worldwide can be arrested for all fart explosions, for the THIN PRIVILEGE movement, for deadly farts, pollen & mold clouds, etc., even if we don’t have DIRECT evidence of their involvement in these crimes, but because of overwhelming CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE OF JESUIT OBSESSION WITH ENVIRONMENTAL TERRORISM AS EVIDENCED BY WHAT THEY’VE DONE FOR YEARS TO MY AC UNIT. Once we arrest Zack Knight Jesuits for involvement in environmental terrorism, they will be investigated for involvement in other terrorist crimes. Their trials will be held on the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel.

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