Dr. Ellie Sattler of Jurassic Park was my Inspiration for the Creation of Brianna (Silver Skies)

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I no longer have this movie, but will study what I can see of it to help me bring back the Brianna I created for my novel as I finish Silver Skies 1996 version. She would be an appropriate character since the last part of this book has a lot of action/adventure as well as romance. I used her as a starting place and then jumped off to make her unique just for my novel. But I recall that I watched this movie to help me visualize Brianna.

I never described her hair color in the novel. I always wrote it as if it was a movie in my mind, and I always imagined Laura Dern playing Brianna. She’s too old for the part now. It’s a shame I got writer’s block in 1996 when I learned about Loree McBride. But my work up to the point that I got writer’s block was excellent and this masterpiece deserves an ending. This writer is determined to give it the ending I envisioned for it back in the 1990s. I am still rereading writing instruction books, researching for the characters to refresh my memory. I never wrote it for fame or money. I wanted to write what I LIKED TO READ. To my amazement, when I pick up this book, even now (as I wrote it from 1993 to 1996), I can’t put it down. A work this superior deserves to be finished. I will use the talent God has given me and finish this book and concentrate on quality and take my stinking time, like I did back in the 1990s.

To characterize her I relied primarily on action, dialogue and interior monologue (her thoughts). I wanted her to be intelligent, active and courageous. She is a flat arc character that inspires those around her to grow and be like her. She will literally transform my protagonist Dor Ben Habakkuk. For Dor, I created someone who was a blend between myself and Brent Spiner (as he sang in Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back).

UPDATE: I have reordered the movie, because I used it as a handle to go into my character Brianna for Silver Skies. To maintain consistency in her character I feel I need to see this movie again to relive the inspiration the Dr. Ellie character gave me for the creation of Brianna. Ironic, that the Silver Skies movie was done by Steven Spielberg, also the director for Jurassic Park. He worked off of my 1996 Silver Skies version which was quite good. I didn’t have an ending, so I guess he had to make one up. I am certain that he will be working on the Silver Skies remake after I FINALLY finish my novel. But I won’t rush it. Quality is important to me.