Audio: Loree McBride's 1992 Rape of Brent Spiner (Forbidden Abyss Part One)

Here is the link for the BitChute video: Here is the YouTube version: This is the audio reading of The Forbidden Abyss: Part One, that Loree McBride is trying to take down from YouTube. This is the ENTIRE preview as read by Gail herself, and that the Loree McBride Jesuits DON’T WANT YOU TO HEAR. Gail is an excellent […]

YouTube Removes JESUS CHRIST's Children's Audio Book Video! PRAY FOR YOUTUBE.

You can watch the video YouTube removed here at BitChute: You can listen to the ENTIRE chapter, from which the FORBIDDEN YouTube audio videos were taken, HERE: I have posted the ENTIRE chapter at YouTube, but without the offending pictures, so it might stay up.  Here is the playlist as it exists at BitChute: Here is a […]

We Must Be Careful with Dreams & Visions from Jesus

John MacArthur’s right. He explains how dreams and visions today are dangerous to follow as guidelines for making decisions. This is especially true as we near the 7-year tribulation, where Satan will impersonate Jesus with miracles and “divine” appearances. The only communications from Jesus that I trust that are outside of the Biblical canon (Genesis to Revelation) are what […]

Anyone who willingly supports Loree McBride's LIES, God will JUDGE AS A MURDERER

MY RESPONSE TO DeadwingDork: You’re actually helping to get my story out, and not everyone thinks I’m crazy. I still think you’re a Jesuit shill working for Loree McBride. The dead give-away was when you looked at Loree’s evil, rage-filled face and called her “hot”. Only an evil man would find such a rage-filled murdering woman hot. For those people […]

King David Woman's Gail Shield (Sling Stones) Defeating Jesuits (Zech. 9:15 Fulfilled)

I am the King David woman described in Zechariah 9:15. My birthday is 9-15-57 and I am literally HALF KING DAVID in my genetic profile. Those of you familiar with the Bible, know that King David defeated Goliath with SLING STONES, so God created me with the ability to use sling stones on my enemies. I woke up this morning […]

A Retard, DeadwingDork, Fully Critiques Gail Chord Schuler's Book BOASTING HE'S NOT READ IT

If Google search wasn’t putting this guy’s video high in the search engine under my name, I’d just ignore this idiot. If the Google search engine accurately indicates what people are interested in, then it indicates planet earth is infested with retards. However, judging by how Google search treats Tulsi Gabbard, I suspect Loree McBride and her retard and vile […]

Loree McBride/Melania Trump's Handiwork (Florida Skies)

I show video footage I took of Central Florida skies, showing Loree McBride Jesuit bombs and chemtrails. This evil Jesuit leader is relentless. It’s possible Melania Trump may be working with her. “Oh shit gail, you might be wacky with the laurie McBride shit and the Jesuit clone thing but really good video of the sky. That’s a military plane, […]

Democrats Committing Political Suicide: Only Tulsi Gabbard Can Beat Trump

Watching a Trump rally in New Hampshire (August 15, 2019). He’s going to get re-elected, because the Dems are too insane to nominate Tulsi Gabbard (the ONLY one who can beat Trump). He’s slaughtering them right now with everything he’s saying, with few exceptions. I will vote for Tulsi in the Dem primaries, even if she doesn’t make the debates. […]

Loree McBride's DESPERATE WISH FULFILLMENT with Brent Spiner

Though Loree McBride describes me as suffering from a desperate wish fulfillment to have Brent Spiner love me, it’s actually Loree who suffers from desperate wish fulfillment. She knows deep down inside that the real Brent does not love her, but clings to her desperate wish fulfillment that he does. My only desperate wish fulfillment is to have a husband […]