Colleen McCullough's The Thornbirds is Save the Cat's Institutionalized

You know as I work on my current project, I always like to read Save the Cat and figure out where it falls in the Save the Cat categories. I think The Thornbirds, though it is a glorious romance, is not primarily a romance, but explores putting the needs of a family or church ahead of individual needs. The […]

Politico LIES about Tulsi: Tulsi Gabbard Has NOT Signed Indivisible Pledge (Supporting Whoever's Dem Nominee)

I believe that a Tulsi Gabbard Jesuit CLONE made the statement in New York that if Tulsi does not win the Dem nomination, she’ll endorse whoever wins the Dem nomination and won’t run 3rd party. This was a brilliant move on the part of Loree McBride’s evil Jesuit clone of Tulsi to try and derail Tulsi’s Presidential campaign as […]

Loree McBride Video Editing to Make Clone Look Like Brent Spiner UPDATE June 2021: Looks like Loree deleted the top video. But I’ll leave this post up any ways. In this top video, the real Brent’s nose appears larger than it is and it looks a little strange in the top video, like the video has been doctored. His voice sounds strange, too. It definitely appears this top video has […]

Mister Metokur/Angelina Ballerina ONLINE are LYING JESUIT TROLLS

A person who calls himself Mister Metokur, who has a video channel at YouTube & Bitchute is putting out very unreliable information about me, with his main source of information about me a person who calls themselves Angelina Ballerina at YouTube. I believe the two are working together for Loree McBride as disinformation agents. I make this video to inform […]

90% of Mass Shooters (2017 to now) are Loree McBride's MANCHURIAN CANDIDATES

Evil Jesuit leader Loree McBride is the true head of the Deep State from 2017 to now. She’s definitely behind all these shootings, probably using some form of sophisticated brain control (her specialty) on the shooters. All she tweets about is how white people are evil and goes in tirades about White Supremacists at her Twitter. We weren’t bigots until […]

Brent Spiner CLONE, NOT BRENT, Signed "Trek Against Trump" Facebook Post (9-29-16)

Brent Spiner actually went to a Donald Trump rally several months after this false document was posted by an Angelina Ballerina Jesuit at Facebook on Sept. 29, 2016. I present this information to correct a LIE. But I currently support Tulsi Gabbard for U.S. President. So, because Brent attended a Trump rally, several months after this defamatory post, this post is […]

YouTube Playlist: Homura Tatsu 炎立つ (The Fire Still Burns) – English Subtitles

I am the creator of the videos with the English subtitles, except that NHK Japan did the original Japanese version. English subtitles are complete. . .The 35 videos with the English subtitles are here (password is Oshu Fujiwara): The password to view this is Oshu Fujiwara.