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So What’s Your Book About?, or, Creating the Perfect Elevator Pitch by @jennienash http://ow.ly/OQiM30hvb2B #amwriting THE CHARACTER ARC – AND HOW IT CHANGED AN ENDING – SMALLTOWN MYSTERIES http://smalltownmysteries.com/6/post/2018/01/the-charcter-arc-and-how-it-changed-an-ending.html 4 Reasons You Should Outline Your Settings http://bit.ly/outlining-settings… #amwriting via @KMWeiland The scene goal is the basic driving force of your story on the scene level. #writetip “Taken” – The Beat […]

UPDATED Bible for Tribulation Saints (2012 – 2018) Available as Kindle Book

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hn3kaaurhVM&w=949&h=534] I have decided to update Bible for Tribulation Saints in its Kindle version for (2012 – 2017 former version). If you have already purchased the Kindle version (2012 – 2017) that is now updated to (2012 – 2018), I believe you can update your current version to the 2012 – 2018 version for free: https://www.ereader-palace.com/update-kindle-book-latest-version/ YOU CAN ORDER […]

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How to Write Stories Your Readers Will Remember http://ow.ly/dK2y30awKul #amwriting 3 Guidelines to Determine if Your Book Has Too Many POVs http://ow.ly/vGap30aK7TU #amwriting Inevitability and unexpectedness are the two ingredients necessary in every perfect ending. #writetip 3 Ways to Choose the Right Protagonist http://ow.ly/ZjEo30aK8BW #amwriting Good article about alternatives to opioids for pain relief. https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2017/04/15/documentary-chasing-the-dragon-opioid-addiction.aspx?utm_source=dnl&utm_medium=email&utm_content=art1&utm_campaign=20170415Z1&et_cid=DM140358&et_rid=1970110868 What Does It Mean to […]

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Good advice on specificity in writing. http://fb.me/5XLSfq6KD The best books use foreshadowing to ensure readers have all the pieces they need going into the climax. #writetip Top 10 Ways to Rivet Readers with Plot Reveals http://bit.ly/plot-reveals #amwriting Conflict is an important ingredient that can sometimes get lost amidst the clutter of too many characters. #writetip A New Way to Think […]

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I should probably write this out and post it on my wall. As an American, I have this fixed idea about what should… http://fb.me/2WT1QrBLz Brent Spiner’s voice, as you hear it in this video, is an EXACT MATCH to the voice that called me on my landline… http://fb.me/sRhmbvtH Valuable writing advice, especially for us writers whose writing is like science […]

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#PutinOpposesNazism Meeting with representatives of international public and religious organisations http://eng.news.kremlin.ru/news/22635 Putin calls for fighting any manifestations of Nazism http://en.itar-tass.com/russia/739719 6 Secrets of Writing a Novel Without an Outline http://shar.es/NApRr via @sharethis Interview with Jacob Prasch Understanding End Times: http://youtu.be/n8mapci4538 via @YouTube Jacob Prasch – As in the Days of Noah: http://youtu.be/IUynWqYQW0M via @YouTube 5 Signs Your Relationship Is Going To Last by @innerBonding http://mbg.is/1nFTUNg […]

Only Using Twitter to Forward Video & Blog Posts. Go to Gab or Facebook for my Comments.

I have decided to only use Twitter for forwards from other sites like YouTube and this blog, after they unfairly banned a tweet because I called out a Loree McBride Jesuit who was trying to intimidate me from expressing a political view they disagreed with. I will not be responding to Tweets at Twitter unless it’s an emergency. If you […]

Blitzkrieg of storms, like "Gabrielle". Keep Doing the GAIL COMMANDMENTS.

Interesting that one of the storms is named “Gabrielle”. My pen name is Gabrielle Chana. And the ONLY accurate news source is Gabrielle Chana FOX News (00 on cable). 3 named storms in the Atlantic. Dorian a cat 2 this morning with 105 mph, it will continue to skirt the SE coastline. TS Fernand heads into Mexico. TS Gabrielle will […]

Hurricane Dorian 110-mph not 185-mph. Do Gail Commandments!

It is good to help out these people in the Bahamas. I’m hearing brain to brain that Loree blocked my YouTube videos from reaching the Bahamas, so nobody there did the Gail Commandments. It’s possible if they were doing the Gail Commandments that they would have suffered less damage. They suffered devastation because the weak category 4 hurricane lingered over […]