Tucker Carlson Slams 'Chest-Beaters' Cheering US Strike on Soleimani

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I’m very disappointed in mainstream FOX News right now, except for Tucker Carlson. That we are getting into a war because Melania Trump likes to feel in control, is a real tragedy. We are all being played by this Jezebel woman who has usurped Trump as President. Cheering on Melania’s murders only enables her! I believe Soleimani was one of my supporters as U.S. Empress and was working with my men to eliminate Melania and Loree McBride’s agents in the Middle East, and that’s THE REAL REASON MELANIA TRUMP MURDERED HIM.

Not sure why Trump appears to be going along with his evil wife. I think we’re either dealing with an evil Trump automaton, Trump’s gone mad or Trump is under some sort of evil brain control. The main reason I voted for Trump is cuz he promised when he got into office he would NOT be a warmonger. I believed he meant well until Soleimani. Now, he’s pretty much lost me forever. This has nothing to do with party. I wouldn’t care if Trump was a Democrat, Republican or whatever party he belonged to. But what he did was an AGGRESSIVE ACT OF WAR and he can’t weasel out of it, no matter what he says. I would have more respect for him if he admitted he did wrong and would pull our troops out of the Middle East and would apologize to Iran. The United States needs to stop being the world’s babysitter! We don’t have the moral high horse over other countries and need to stop being so arrogant.

I just observe, collect the facts and come to my OWN CONCLUSIONS. Anyone who can’t tell we are being played about this Soleimani assassination has marbles for brains, or is just so afflicted with the us/them mentality, that they can’t see past their nose. The main reason I didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton is cuz she’s a worse warmonger than Trump. But after Soleimani, I think Trump is catching up with her. TRUMP HAS LOST MY VOTE FOREVER.

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