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Chuck Missler & John Walvoord on Revelation & Fruchtenbaum Charts

Fruchtenbaum: Some GREAT REVELATION CHARTS John Walvoord: JOHN WALVOORDRevelation Exposition See Dr Walvoord’s excellent summary on interpretation of prophecy Rosscup – Written by one of the foremost modern-day articulators of premillennial dispensationalism, this book is a lucid exposition of the Revelation which combines textual exposition with theological orientation. Walvoord shows awareness of wide […]

Matthew McConaughey in 2005 Fell for Writer of Epic He Starred In (Silver Skies)

The Matthew McConaughey clone is greatly upping his appearances. Is he doing some sort of damage control for Loree McBride (the leader of the evil Jesuits)? Makes me wonder if the real Matthew has suddenly become a big star because of a remake of Steven Spielberg’s Silver Skies (based on my work in progress, my novel Silver Skies 1996 Version). […]

Intuitive Novelists: Tune Into Your Subconscious Brilliance & Tune Out Mediocrity

POSSIBLE MINOR SPOILER ALERT! Do NOT read this if you want to read my Silver Skies 1996 Version and be surprised at some major plot points. I like to make posts for writers because, frankly, I’m rather disgusted by the quality of writing coming out today. It all seems canned, mediocre and lacking in original, mesmerizing voices. I think our […]