Gail Chord Schuler Wins Emergency U.S. Presidential Elections

Hear brain to brain that I just got elected as U.S. President in an emergency election to deal with Loree McBride’s coronavirus disastrous policies. Still feel comfortable with what I wrote in the following post that outlines my policies as U.S. President: I think we need to get the economy back ASAP. Evil Jesuit leader Loree McBride has been […]

Bible for Tribulation Saints: 7-31-17 to 2-22-20 (Audio Book 11)

UPDATE on July 7, 2021: I’ve decided Bible for Tribulation Saints does not make a good audio book and have stopped after Book Three. However, those who love the Bible and hearing from Jesus would probably enjoy the audio books nevertheless. Books One, Two and Three are finished! Here are links to the eleventh book at Patreon. You have […]