Dr. Constable's Audio Lessons (Book of Revelation)

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The Unveiling of Jesus Christ
Overview of Revelation
Revelation 1, The Preparation of the Prophet John
Revelation 2:1-7, The Letter to the Church in Ephesus
Revelation 2:8-17, Letters to the Churches in Smyrna and Pergamum
Revelation 2:18 to 3:6, Letters to the Churches in Thyatira and Sardis
Revelation 3:7-13, The Letter to the Church in Philadelphia
Revelation 3:14-22, The Letter to the Church in Laodicea
Revelation 4 to 5, Introduction to the Judgments of the Tribulation
Revelation 6, The First Six Seal Judgments
Revelation 7, Supplementary Revelation of Salvation in the Great Tribulation
Revelation 8, The First Four Trumpet Judgments
Revelation 9, The Fifth and Sixth Trumpet Judgments
Revelation 10, John’s Preparation for Recording the Remaining Judgments
Revelation 11, The Two Witnesses in the Great Tribulation
Revelation 12, The Activity of Satan in the Great Tribulation
Revelation 13, The Activity of Satan’s Agents in the Great Tribulation
Revelation 14, Judgment at the End of the Great Tribulation
Revelation 15, Preparation for the Bowl Judgments
Revelation 16, The Seven Bowl Judgments
Revelation 17, Religion in the Great Tribulation
Revelation 18, Commerce in the Great Tribulation
Revelation 19:1-16, The Praise of God in Heaven and the Return of Christ to Earth
Revelation 19:17 to 20:6, Destruction of the Wicked and the Millennial Reign of Christ
Revelation 20:7-15, The Final Judgment of Satan and the Wicked
Revelation 21, The New Heaven and Earth
Revelation 22, The Epilogue to Revelation
Questions and Answers on Revelation

What is below is taken from this website: https://planobiblechapel.org/tom-constable/

I found out about this guy in my Revelation class via Dallas Theological Seminary. He’s pretty good. I’m doing an in-depth study of Revelation for my novel Silver Skies 1996 Version.

Tom Constable

In 1966, Dr. Tom Constable began a life of ministry as a teacher/professor at Dallas Theological Seminary until his retirement May, 2011. In addition to teaching thousands of young men and women in the Bible Exposition Department for 45 years, Tom also founded and directed the Field Education Department (1970-85), founded and directed the Center for Biblical Studies (1973), directed the Doctor of Ministry degree program (1979-96) and during his last 15 years (1996-2011) served as the Department Chairman of Bible Exposition.

He has written commentaries on all 66 books of the Bible that continue to influence countless people all over the world through “Tom Constable’s Expository Notes on the Bible”. Dr. Constable’s notes are available here. Tyndale Seminary Press has published Thomas Constable’s Notes on the Bible in book form that may be purchased from various retailers.

Through the years, Tom and Mary have also ministered in more than three dozen countries and have regularly hosted seminary students and families in their home. Their relational ministry has changed the lives of so many. Tom’s practical ministry of training pastors and missionaries to teach the Bible continues to multiply exponentially.

Tom and Mary’s influence is not just global – it’s personal. In 1968, the Constables founded Plano Bible Chapel and Tom served as pastor until 1980. He has continued to serve as an elder and elder advisory council member, teacher and pulpit speaker to this day. The Constables impact in each of our lives cannot be fully expressed or measured in earthly terms.

More than what he has done, Tom Constable is a model person of one who has committed his life to learning, living, and teaching God’s Word. Tom’s life story was recently recorded by Paul Weaver, Director of Word of Life Institute. Listen to the inspiring Word of Life Podcast.