Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (4-27-2005)

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4-27-05 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

Check out what the Jesuits are up to with my apartment’s laundry rooms. It seems that lately they have wanted to draw attention to the laundry rooms. When I did my wash two weeks ago, I couldn’t use the dryers in my laundry room because they had sand in them and I had to call maintenance and inform them of the problem. I ended up doing my laundry in the E-F building, which is a longer walk for me.

Today, even though I went out to the laundry room at noon (and it’s a Wednesday), both washers had just been turned on and were being used. This is the first time that I’ve tried to do laundry in the middle of the work week before 5 p.m. and found both washers occupied. This is obviously a use of UNWILLING AGENTS and the Jesuits timed their UNWILLING AGENT to do his/her laundry right before I planned to do my laundry. Investigate this as a violation of CONSPIRACY LAW and as a possible violation of Sect. 6.6 of General 666-Computer Laws.

Then I went to the washers in building E-F and one washer was in use (investigate which UNWILLING AGENT was behind this washer) –very unusual at this time of day on a Wednesday to have all the washers in use–and the washer near the window was available. But when I loaded my clothes and put in $1.25–the washer near the window wouldn’t start. So I had to go to the apartment’s main office to get my $1.25 back. Investigate how and why this washer wouldn’t start and see which CONSPIRACY LAWS have been violated.

Mete out the death penalty (death by hanging with buzzards on IBN) to those who were willingly and knowingly behind these CONSPIRACY LAW violations, which are trying to draw attention to timing, washing machines, the laundry rooms, the apartment complex’s management and to the bug sprayers–METE OUT THE DEATH PENALTY TO ALL CONSPIRACY LAW VIOLATORS–DON’T OVERLOOK A THING. Investigate–execute (this is short for investigate which CONSPIRACY LAWS have been violated and publicly execute on IBN the violators).

Treat the UNWILLING AGENTS involved according to CONSPIRACY LAW. From now on, have the counselors to the UNWILLING AGENTS in my apartment building instruct the UNWILLING AGENTS in this apartment building to do their laundry at a different time than when I do my laundry. If this is not dealt with, then the Jesuits will use their UNWILLING AGENTS to do something worse later and will set it up to blame the UNWILLING AGENT COUNSELORS for the conspiracy (see Sect. 82p of CONSPIRACY LAWS AND GOVERNMENT).

Right as I was working on this, UNWILLING AGENT bug sprayers knocked loudly and violently on my door and requested entrance to my apartment to spray for bugs. By the way, WHY ARE UNWILLING AGENTS being used to spray my apartment for bugs?? This is against CONSPIRACY LAW! Investigate–execute.

We have a problem here. The Jesuits are attempting to create a conspiracy which revolves around the counselors to the UNWILLING AGENTS at this apartment complex. These conspiracies revolve around time and place of incidents. The Jesuits deliberately timed UNWILLING AGENTS who live at this complex to do their laundry RIGHT BEFORE I WAS TO DO MY LAUNDRY. If the Jesuits are good enough to time their agents in this manner, then we have to be good enough to stop them from doing this. If we can figure out how the Jesuits are such masters at time and place, then we can circumvent their attempts to create conspiracies which revolve around time and place of incidents. For instance, if an UNWILLING AGENT wanted to do their laundry at 12 p.m. because the Jesuits programmed them this way because the Jesuits knew that was when I would do my laundry–the counselor to that UNWILLING AGENT would instruct that person to do their laundry at a time other than when I was doing my laundry.

You may say this is going overboard. No, it’s not. Because if we overlook these “coincidences” in time and place–one of these days there may be a murder in the laundry room and guess who will be blamed for it??–those who COUNSEL OUR UNWILLING AGENTS and the Jesuits will point out all the “coincidences” in timing that we overlooked and would use these “coincidences” in time and place to bolster their case against us. You better believe this future murder or calamity would be tied-in to some sort of “coincidence” in TIME AND PLACE–the Jesuits would do it on purpose to try to implicate our UNWILLING AGENT COUNSELORS with the murder!!

So, don’t overlook ANY CONSPIRACY LAW violation. Investigate–execute ALL CONSPIRACY LAW violations–no matter how minor they may seem. You can’t give the Jesuits any ground, they take advantage of any leeway you give them. GIVE THEM NONE!!!!!

The Jesuits wanted to use my apartment’s bug sprayers to draw attention to my legal work on this computer, so they timed these guys to show up when I was writing law. The Jesuits are masters at time and place and we have to be masters at time and place to beat them. Found out how the Jesuits manage to be such masters at timing and find a way to minimize their attempts to create conspiracies which revolve around timing.

4-27-05: Time now is 3 p.m. and my sister and mother just came to my apartment. Both were in an UNWILLING AGENT state, along with all my 3 nieces and nephews. All my nieces and nephews wanted to exercise on my exercise machine and I was worried they might injure their siblings. They also showed up while I was doing my laundry–apparently an attempt to draw attention to my laundry and to connect it with the law I wrote today about our UNWILLING AGENT COUNSELORS paying attention to time and place. Notice the timing of when they showed up. Investigate–execute.

Treat my mother and sister and my 3 nieces and nephews as UNWILLING AGENTs according to CONSPIRACY LAW.

I could tell my sister was being used to say things which were violations of (or promoted violations of) CONSPIRACY LAW. My sister nitpicked on me because I misspelled her daughter’s name as Katherine instead of Kathryn. Good grief–she’s behaving like a typical Jesuit. FIND OUT WHICH IMPOSED PERSONS WERE BEHIND THE MANIPULATION OF MY MOTHER AND SISTER AND METE OUT THE DEATH PENALTY–DEATH BY HANGING WITH BUZZARDS. Also, clear Vladimir and other world leaders by asking them (under 666-Computer lie-detection) if they were behind the UNWILLING AGENT manipulation of my sister and mother while my sister and mother visited with me in my apartment today.

TREAT MY MOTHER AND SISTER AS UNWILLING AGENTS (according to CONSPIRACY LAW)–even if they have to move to UNWILLING AGENT CITIES. My mother went on a rampage about me needing to save for retirement. Apparently, my mother doesn’t have a clue that I need to get the billion dollar proceeds from my novel! My sister made a comment that I cook fancy food, while I was making stir fried rice vermicelli. I don’t appreciate hearing this in front of my UNWILLING AGENT mother, because mother will use this later to justify her excuse that she never received any money from Vladimir Putin and that I need to pay her immediately the $2,000.00 for the car payment which she alleges I owe her. She’ll say I’m spending too much money on food and that I need to cut back on that and send her money for my car.

And then my sister went into my room and hit the screen saver on my computer’s screen and caused the legal document I was working on to bump up the screen. She noticed the CONSPIRACY LAW which I write and saw the word Wal-Mart and asked me about it. At first, I tried to get her to change the subject and then I just admitted to her that I’m writing international law. Then, all of a sudden, she wasn’t interested in what I had to say about what I was writing on the computer and claimed that she never brought it up.

That’s a typical Jesuit convoluted and evasive conversation.

She was definitely being used as an UNWILLING AGENT. She also had an obsession about the chicken I was preparing and seemed to be paranoid about germs and accused me of wiping my hair with chicken juice and didn’t want to hug me goodbye because she was worried about getting salmonella from chicken juice which she claimed was on my hands. My hands were clean, and though I had chicken juice on my left hand, I wiped my hair with my right hand.

What’s really strange is when we ate at the Olive Garden restaurant yesterday, my sister ate right from Bill Fuller’s plate and didn’t seem at all worried about getting his germs, and even made fun of my mother for her obsession about germs. What happened to my sister today? It was like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. She was a totally different person!

I think the Jesuits wanted to make her appear obsessive-compulsive, so that they can claim that she and I are both obsessive-compulsive like our RELATIVE HOWARD HUGHES! And they want to claim that Vladimir Putin is trying to destroy my family by using satellite/computer technology to create mental illness in them.


And treat my mother and sister as UNWILLING AGENTS according to CONSPIRACY LAW.

Vladimir, you need to give up on using my family to assist us in the war against Jesuit terrorism.

If you marry me or try to give me money, you need to give up trying to use my family to promote our marriage or to promote my finances. They don’t read the Bible enough and the Jesuits are able to use them to as UNWILLING AGENTS to foil all your attempts to give me money or to marry me. GIVE UP ON MY FAMILY. THEY ARE A LOST CAUSE. THEY DON’T READ ENOUGH BIBLE!! If you want to give me money or try to marry me, you will have to work around my family.

My sister apparently was used by the Jesuits to create a stink at the Wal-Mart where I work. That was the first thing she brought up when she came into my apartment–to complain about the Wal-Mart cashier, but when she mentioned that she had the cashier check her balance on 4 gift cards, I wasn’t sure that my sister was in the right in this matter. It appears she pulled some complicated deal on one of the cashiers. Investigate the cashier also, and find out which CONSPIRACY LAW violations occurred and treat this matter according to CONSPIRACY LAW. Show no favoritism to my family. If they were used as UNWILLING AGENTs, treat them like you would any other UNWILLING AGENT. As the future wife of a significant world leader, I don’t want to be accused of favoritism. We won’t make excuses for my family.

Treat my sister as an UNWILLING AGENT according to CONSPIRACY LAW, and give up trying to use my sister. I’m not sure about Troy–her husband. But give up on using ANY PERSON who is not a consistent and DAILY BIBLE READER–the Jesuits can get them every time!! My sister doesn’t read enough Bible, and I know my mother doesn’t.

XXX1/2–G.S. (4-27-05)

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 4-27-05
Place: Melbourne, FL