Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (6-23-2005)

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6-23-05 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

There is a really strong cigarette smell in my bedroom now. I just came back from work. Time now is 11:34 p.m. This is not good for my chemical sensitivities. See if this problem can be solved. I don’t need to smell cigarette smoke in my bedroom when I go to bed.

6-24-05: I ask for prayer from Bible believing Christians all over the world about some serious problems. It appears the Jesuits still have the ability to use satellite technology to conduct their warfare. Even though I have instructed our RSPs to use shield technology to protect our bodies and certain things from satellite attack, the Jesuits have been able to overcome our shields. This is why there is currently a 3-alarm fire in St. Louis. This fire was started by satellite technology. And they have used satellite technology to cause the fuel tanks of cars to explode into a fiery blaze. This is how they murdered Loree McBride, because when she entered her car, it exploded and she died.

Also, it there has to be some way to overcome the ability of the Jesuits to induce amnesia on our LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONs and on others to negate the ability of Bible study time to prevent that person from being used as an UNWILLING AGENT. The way things stand, it appears that unless the person spends about 3 hours a day in Bible study and/or has read the Bible daily for at least 20 years, that the Jesuits can use that person as an UNWILLING AGENT. Either the brain has to be thoroughly entrenched in the Bible (like mine is) and has read it consistently and daily for at least 20 years or the Bible study has to be so intense that even with amnesia induced on the brain, the amnesia cannot negate the effects of the Bible study.

Ask God to give me wisdom about how we can seriously decrease the ranks of the UNWILLING AGENTS. UNWILLING AGENTS are probably our most serious problem. In fact, Vladimir informs me that right now Pres. Bush, Vice-Pres. Cheney and about half the U.S. Senators and representatives are in an UNWILLING AGENT state. They all turned into UNWILLING AGENT “instantly” today or yesterday. But what actually happened is the Jesuits “prep” the SIGNIFICANT PERSON (and use amnesia to negate the time that person spent in the Bible program) and when they are ready, they take over that person’s brain and use him/her as an UNWILLING AGENT. Right now, Condoleeza Rice is the acting U.S. President. Condoleeza Rice spends as much time in the Bible as I do. I average about 4 hours a day. This has been a recent habit of mine, for about the past 5 months. But before this, I spent at least a half hour a day in Bible study and I’ve done this for around 30 years.

Though we expect to get the real Pres. Bush shortly. He’s been hauled into emergency laser surgery to deal with this problem.

Yesterday’s incident at Wal-Mart, where I was “set-up” to be made to appear to be against persons with special needs, was a conspiracy which involved Pres. Bush in an UNWILLING AGENT state. So, this is a very serious problem and ask God to make me the most brilliant lawmaker in the world to write law to lick this problem.

Whenever I ask for prayer, I write better law. So pray and ask God to help me to come up with effective law to deal with the serious UNWILLING AGENT PROBLEM and the ability of Jesuits to use satellite to attack us or what we abide in, or we will never win this war.

I ask prayer to write effective law to deal with the problem of IMPOSTERS who speak to the brains of persons (via 666-Computer). An IMPOSTER spoke to my brain and pretended to be Vladimir and told me some crazy things about one of my co-workers. The IMPOSTER was really good and imitated Vladimir’s personality perfectly. However, the statement seemed totally out of character for my co-worker and I investigated and found out that what this IMPOSTER told me was false. This was disconcerting because it made me realize that the voice I heard in my brain was a Jesuit and not Vladimir. Apparently, the Jesuits can use IMPOSTERS to speak (via 666-Computer) to person’s brains, and this IMPOSTER fooled me into believing he/she was Vladimir for about one hour.

This could create real problems with UNWILLING AGENT COUNSELORS. So ask God to give me wisdom how to handle this. In fact, right now I don’t trust the voice talking to my brain and won’t listen to it until I can come up with some sort of law to prevent Vladimir or Brent IMPOSTERS from talking to me (via 666-Computer). Ask God to give me brilliant insight into how to deal with this problem of IMPOSTERS speaking to persons (via 666-Computer), so that we can prevent Jesuits from talking to persons while pretending to be someone else. If we don’t solve this problem, I will have to cancel the UNWILING AGENT COUNSELOR CORPS because we can’t have IMPOSTERS posing as UNWILLING AGENT COUNSELORs. This could create real problems.

XXX1/2–G.S. (6-23-05)

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 6-23-05
Place: Melbourne, FL