Why Tucker Carlson is President Gail’s Press Secretary

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This following video is the reason I’ve chosen Tucker Carlson to be my Press Secretary in my U.S. President Cabinet. Tucker and I are often on the same page. Donald Trump and Kanye West are also Press Secretaries in my administration, but Tucker is probably the most effective Press Secretary I have right now, since Loree McBride has managed to silence Trump online for now.

The only reason Loree McBride’s cucks in the media attack Vladimir Putin is because Vladimir is one of my staunchest supporters and he is my Secretary of Defense.

Loree McBride used this cum star to murder MILLIONS on Church of Gail and the Zack Knight Jesuit space fleet in Jan. 2021. It is the size of a planet and Satan helped Loree McBride build it.

When this penis protrudes from Loree’s cum star, it can use rays to induce deadly brain control and kill people.
Sergey Shogu
Rule 13
Adolph Hitler

From top to bottom, my Deputy Secretaries of Defense: Sergey ShoyguRule 13 and Adolf Hitler (resurrected from hell by Satan and allowed to stay by Jesus).

Vladimir Putin is my Secretary of Defense.

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