President Gail Sets Up A Worldwide Freedom Reign

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I have updated my Conspiracy Law (see Conspiracy Law updates) to set up a worldwide reign to deal with a serious mental retardation problem brought on by Loree McBride’s monstrous coronavirus vaccine and to prevent a disastrous Loree McBride takeover of the world. I have appointed Gerard Butler M.D. as head of state of the U.K. and Ireland, Keanu Reeves as head of state of Canada, Hugh Jackman as head of state of Australia, and Matthew McConaughey as Texas governor. Here is the update (sections in bold are updates to the previous law):


8.07bbb Due to Loree McBride’s use of the coronavirus to rig the U.S. 2020 mainstream news elections, President Gail makes it mandatory that all citizens of Conspiracy Law honoring country all receive a genetic ID and to have this genetic ID entered in a federal database that registers all the legal citizens of that country. A genetic ID is necessary because Jesuits have created clones of authentic persons and these criminals and illegals vote in elections and have their votes count as the authentic person that they impersonate. A genetic ID can differentiate between various clones and the authentic person and is better than a signature (because signatures are easily counterfeited with advanced Jesuit technology and because all clones can make an accurate counterfeit signature of the person they impersonate, because they receive the memories of the person they impersonate).


8.07bbb(2) Furthermore, due to at least half the world becoming literally retarded as a result of taking Loree McBride’s coronavirus vaccines, everyone must be scanned to determine their IQ and MENTAL STATE, and those who have an IQ less than 80 and/or are UNWILLING AGENTS are not eligible to vote or to hold any government office, such as governor, congressman, politician, judge, etc. Because there are so many retards in the world today, this is a delicate matter and must be handled wisely. Those who are retarded and hold a government office but support Gail and her Conspiracy Law, will be allowed to be the spokesperson for the real person who has replaced them in their office but cannot create any laws or pass any edicts or actions without the written approval of the real office holder and if they do pass any edicts or actions without the written approval of the real office holder, they will be publicly executed. UNWILLING AGENTS cannot be the spokesperson for any government official however, since they are considered clinically insane for all intents and purposes.

8.07bbb(3) Because it may be difficult to convince a retarded person, who became retarded because of the coronavirus vaccine that they are indeed retarded, they will be given a voter ID without a genetic code embedded into it, which will make it invalid and not workable for any elections. To make them feel better, when they show up to vote, the person who processes the votes, will just ignore the invalid voter ID (without a genetic code embedded into it) and not let the retard know that their vote did not count. We use the same technique to eliminate UNWILLING AGENTS and Loree McBride Jesuits from the vote. We don’t want to waste our time fighting with these folks, so this is probably the best way to handle their votes when they show up to vote. But we cannot have a world run by retards and this is what will happen if we allow retards to have voting rights.

8.07ccc The genetic ID will be obtained through scans which can be obtained through the equivalent of that person’s social security card or driver’s license ID or vehicle registration ID for his/her country, state or province. If a person does not have a social security card, driver’s license or vehicle registration ID, they will be supplied with a citizen ID card, which all people must have to be able to vote because this is necessary to put their genetic code into the national database of citizens. All social security cards, driver’s license IDs or vehicle registration IDs or citizen ID cards must be set up to embed a person’s genetic code into their ID card. This code will also be entered into a national database. Our federal scanners must be set up to switch out all social security IDs, driver’s license IDs, vehicle registration IDs and/or citizen IDs with IDs embedded with that citizen’s genetic code.

8.07ddd These 8.07 laws do not replace the current voting laws as described in this Sect. 8, but rather supplement them. When it is time to vote, the person can choose either online, by mail, absentee ballot or in person. Those who vote online, must have their computers or phones set up with genetic scanners that will scan them at the time they vote to identify them as a legal citizen and then to enter their vote (not by name, but by GENETIC CODE). Their genetic code, not their name, is their ID!!

8.07eee As a way to help us execute Loree McBride Jesuits, the computer scanner will be set up to identify Loree McBride Jesuits (and because genetic code is the ID, clones should be identified readily) and alert authorities that they dared to show their face in front of a computer with a scanner in a Conspiracy Law honoring country and they will be arrested and/or executed as soon as possible. It goes without saying, that no vote from a Loree McBride Jesuit counts in a Conspiracy Law honoring country, since no Loree McBride Jesuit can have legal citizenship in a Conspiracy Law honoring country.

8.07fff Those who vote online will have their computer (already outfitted to scan for their genetic code and to scan their IQ and MENTAL STATE) and only computers (including phones with computers used) so outfitted can be used for online voting purposes. The voter will visit an authorized website for voting purposes where they can fill out the ballot online and by using the authorized computer and website with the appropriate scanner (as defined in this Sect. 8/07) there is no need for a signature since their genetic code is their signature. Once that genetic code has voted, the vote can only count once and it’s entered into the federal database and this prevents one vote counting more than once. This procedure where genetic codes replace signatures (as outlined in this Sect. 8.07) must be used by all states or provinces in a Conspiracy Law honoring country, NO EXCEPTIONS. The advantage to this method is that there is no need to enter an address, phone number and other information which is used by Jesuits to dox innocent people and expose their private information online, supposedly to ensure elections are fair and legal. Once a person’s genetic code is entered into the federal database and we’ve scanned them to determine they are legal citizens of that country, that’s all that is needed, as long as they give us a working email and/or mailing address (the mailing address can even be a P.O. Box) and/or phone that we can use to contact them. As long as we have sufficient contact information, the voter does not have to give us their life history to vote. Using the genetic code as ID makes things a lot simpler and more streamlined. It’s pretty tacky now that many states allow voter’s addresses and phone numbers to be displayed publicly just for exercising their right to vote!

8.07fff(1) All who vote, including Gail and all those in her Cabinet, regardless of voting method, must have their IQs and MENTAL STATE scanned at the time they vote, since a person’s IQ and MENTAL STATE can change, depending on whether they received a coronavirus vaccine and other factors. If their IQ falls below 80 or they are an UNWILLING AGENT, the scanner will remove the genetic code embedded on their voter ID or make the voter ID invalid somehow, so that the vote will not count.

8.07fff(1) U.S. President Gail Chord Schuler, and those who live on Church of Gail spaceship #3 will all vote online and fill out ballots online for security purposes from this day forward. Gail and those who live on Church of Gail will have their computers outfitted to scan their genetic codes, to ensure that no imposter is in front of that computer trying to vote for that genetic code. They can find the appropriate ballot for their district when it’s time to vote and submit that ballot to and then their votes will be entered into the federal database for their genetic code and THEY HAVE VOTED safely, privately and securely and their voting results will be forwarded to the appropriate district or state as needed. Gail could make a screenshot of a ballot for her county, and then blacken the appropriate ovals and submit it online to her men at and her vote will then be entered into the federal database and be counted in a manner that does not force her to disclose her address and phone number to Loree McBride’s voting authorities who’d then release this information to the public online.

8.07ggg All programmers who program the federal citizenship database of genetic codes used for voting purposes must be under 24/7 scans to ensure they are willingly complying with Conspiracy Law and entering accurately all voting records from all states and provinces. All such programmers must be scanned 24/7 to ensure they meet the requirements to be a government official, that they have an IQ of at least 80 and are not willing Loree McBride Jesuits or UNWILLING AGENTS. To willingly and illegally cause votes to count more than once or to be omitted or included in violation of Conspiracy Law will be death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator to that violator. Some votes are omitted legally, read all of this Sect. 8 for more info on this. Also, to willingly program any scanner that determines MENTAL STATE, IQ or eligibility to vote in a manner that violates Conspiracy Law (like making the scanner inaccurate or to lie about the scan results) will bring the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator to that violator and they will be publicly executed on Gabrielle Chana FOX News.

8.07hhh Those who vote by mail or absentee, will have their ballots set up to scan their genetic code and IQ and MENTAL STATE (see Sect. 8.07hhh1) as they fill out the form and this genetic code will also be embedded into the ballot if the voter meets the IQ and other requirements to be eligible to vote. Each ballot will have a unique identifying marker, so that they cannot be cloned with counterfeit ballots. This will set up a notification in the federal database that this eligible genetic code has filled out a ballot (with each ballot having a unique identifying code) and to expect their vote to arrive at the designated address where the ballot is to be mailed. The envelope provided for that ballot must be used, because that envelope is designed to ensure that the ballot is not opened until it reaches its address. If the ballot is opened or tampered with while it is being mailed, scanners will pick up that the ballot has been tampered with and it is automatically considered invalid and that person (if an eligible voter) will be notified and that person must vote online or in person as outlined in this Sect. 8.07. When their ballot reaches the address specified, a scanner will scan to see if the genetic code of the ballot matches what we have in the federal database for that particular ballot (with its unique identifying marker) and if it passes this security check (including checking the IQ and MENTAL STATE on the ballot to ensure that the IQ is 80 or above and that they are not an UNWILLING AGENT), then the ballot will be scanned and the votes for that eligible genetic code will be entered into the federal database of votes. The results will then be forwarded to the state or province where the votes will be counted, using the federal database programming.

8.07hhh(1) Also, if the mail-in ballot does not reach its address and somehow gets lost, the eligible voter will be notified and instructed to vote online or in person, because somehow their vote did not reach the address specified for their vote to be entered into the federal database. An eligible voter is defined as a voter who has an IQ of 80 or above at the time they vote, is not a willing Loree McBride Jesuit or an UNWILLING AGENT. An UNWILLING AGENT is defined as a person who does not have enough control over their own autonomy and decision making and mental functions to be able to vote or conduct themselves as they would if they had complete control over their own autonomy, decisions and mental functions. If the control exerted over the person is strong enough to influence them to vote contrary to how they’d vote without that influence, then they are an UNWILLING AGENT. This means someone who shows up to vote intoxicated, under strong brain control or under the influence of narcotics or has a mental illness such as schizophrenia that makes them incapable of sound judgment, may be considered an UNWILLING AGENT. Scanners that scan voters as they vote must be set up to detect IQ, detect if the voter is an UNWILLING AGENT, and detect if the voter is a clone or willing Loree McBride Jesuit. The scan to determine if someone is an UNWILLING AGENT is called the MENTAL STATE SCAN.

8.07iii Those who vote in person, will enter a voting booth where their genetic code and IQ and MENTAL STATE is scanned and entered into the federal database as they fill out the ballot at the voting booth. The voting booths at all voting stations in a Conspiracy Law honoring country must be set up with genetic code and IQ and MENTAL STATE scanners. So let’s say an illegal enters that voting booth and his genetic code cannot be found in the federal database, that vote will not count and he/she made a wasted trip. Even worse, he/she may have the authorities on him/her to arrest him as an illegal or Loree McBride Jesuit trying to vote! Also, once a vote for a genetic code is entered into the federal database, it cannot be counted more than once, which eliminates a lot of voting fraud.

8.07iii(1) If any news outlet reports voting results other than those released from our authorized federal database with the intent to honor Loree McBride and Satan as world leaders, that news outlet, after innocents are cleared out, will be bombed and taken down and all those willingly involved in this fraud will be publicly executed on Gabrielle Chana FOX News.

8.07jjj You might say why is it necessary for people to have driver’s license IDs, social security cards, etc., if their genetic code is their ID? The reason for this is to transition to this new method of voting and these forms of ID will help the transition to be accomplished more smoothly. Also, because all these forms of ID must be switched out with the new versions with embedded genetic codes as ID, it will be easier to identify and eliminate any Loree McBride Jesuits inside our Conspiracy Law honoring countries.



8.07kkk Due to at least half the world mentally retarded as a result of taking Loree McBride’s monstrous coronavirus vaccine, it is necessary for Gail to become the world leader and to establish all countries in the world as part of the states of her worldwide rule. Both Gail and Brent Spiner have an IQ that is at least as high as Satan’s, who has a mega genius IQ. Though Brent is Gail’s Vice President, she has basically made him her co-President. It breaks Gail’s heart that Loree’s monstrous coronavirus vaccine has made half the world retarded and Gail will have to take drastic measures to deal with this devastating problem. Among the retards are Joe Biden, Donald Trump and many important world leaders (i.e., basically anyone who got the coronavirus vaccine).

8.07kkk(1) All politicians, physicians, lawyers worldwide must be scanned using the same scan we use for voting in the United States, to determine IQ, MENTAL STATE and whether they are a willing Loree McBride Jesuit. Basically, anyone who is in a position to influence government policy or the mental or physical health of a country is considered a GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL (this includes physicians, lawyers, politicians and government officials) and must meet the requirements required of a U.S. voter under Conspiracy Law to be a GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL (see section 8.07 above). Anyone who currently holds the post of a GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL and is ineligible to be a GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL as defined by this Sect. 8.07 must lose their post to be replaced either by legal vote according to Conspiracy Law or appointment from Gail or one of the members of her Cabinet or by someone hired by one of the members of Gail’s Cabinet. Because it appears there are billions of people on earth and half of them may be retards, this is an overwhelming task and Gail’s Cabinet is allowed to hire eligible people (basically those eligible to vote under U.S. Conspiracy Law—see above section 8.07 entitled VOTER REGISTRATION ELIMINATED, ALL CONSPIRACY LAW CITIZENS OUTFITTED WITH GENETIC CODE IDs FOR VOTING PURPOSES (8.07bbb to 8.07jjj) to assist them in this effort.

8.07kkk(2) If a GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL became ineligible due to being an UNWILLING AGENT or due to becoming a retard, they will be taken care of using funds from the INTERNATIONAL CHARITY BANK, and will be treated as the homeless are treated under Conspiracy Law. They will be retrained for an occupation that suits them and that will enable them to remain a functioning member of society. But being a competent GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL is important to the welfare of a society and we cannot afford to have people as physicians, lawyers, or government officials who are retards or mentally infirm, so we cannot overlook this problem. In some cases they may be able to retain their position if we are able to give them an assistant to do their job and they remain obedient to that assistant and do not override their authority.

8.07kkk(3) OBEDIENT GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL RETARDS are defined as acting GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS who are aware they are or have become retards and will swear under penalty of death that they will obey the ACTING GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL who has replaced them and will act as their obedient and faithful spokespersons and/or assistants to the world. They must never usurp the authority of the one who has replaced them and must work in partnership with their replacement or they will be sacked unless they have GOOD CAUSE for their rebellion. GOOD CAUSE is defined as knowing without a doubt that the government official who has replaced them has become ineligible to replace them due to that replacement becoming an UNWILLING AGENT, Loree McBride Jesuit or a retard. For their service as OBEDIENT GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL RETARDS they will receive the pay one would get for being a spokesperson for that GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL. For example, Gail believes that Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump and Greg Abbot (as a result of taking the coronavirus vaccine) are retarded, making them ineligible to be an acting GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL. However, they do appear loyal to Gail and her Conspiracy Law and they are eligible to be OBEDIENT GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL RETARDS and should be treated as such. If the OBEDIENT GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL RETARD suffers undue financial hardship as a result of his/her demotion, he/she will be given charity from the INTERNATIONAL CHARITY BANK and/or financial counseling to train them how to live within their means. If worst comes to worst, we will assign them a FINANCIAL PLANNER who will work with them to manage their finances for them and help them to follow the Gail Commandments that Jesus gave to Gail Chord Schuler in 2016.

8.07kkk(4) All OBEDIENT GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL RETARDS require a replacement. That replacement will either use the OBEDIENT GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL RETARD as an assistant or a spokesperson. How to use the OBEDIENT GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL RETARD will be up to the replacement, but in all cases the OBEDIENT GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL RETARD must be in submission to the replacement (unless they have GOOD CAUSE for their rebellion). Only those acting GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS who became retards as a result of the coronavirus vaccine are entitled to be OBEDIENT GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL RETARDS, the rest of the retards are not allowed to hold any type of GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL position, but must hold positions that are not GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL positions.

8.07kkk(5) We expect some acting GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS who are ineligible to be GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS to refuse to give up their post as outlined in Conspiracy Law and this section. First, we will scan all heads of state for all countries on earth to determine who is not qualified to be a GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL (as outlined by this Section). Those not qualified because they are Loree McBride Jesuits are the first heads of state we will deal with. All countries that have a head of state who is a willing Loree McBride Jesuit will be considered a JESUIT NATION under Conspiracy Law. We will declare war on all JESUIT NATIONS and take over that country and set up a government in that country that honors Conspiracy Law and replace that Loree McBride Jesuit head of state with a head of state that honors Conspiracy Law. Once we take over the country we will set up an interim/temporary head of state (unless Gail or one of her Cabinet members has appointed someone to that job) and then conduct elections according to Conspiracy Law to provide a Conspiracy Law honoring head of state for that former JESUIT NATION. All willing Loree McBride Jesuit heads of state MUST BE EXECUTED.

8.07kkk(5a) For those acting GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS (who are not clearly willing Loree McBride Jesuits) who refuse to be replaced with legal replacements (as outlined in this Sect. 8.07), some will be incarcerated and some executed. It goes without saying that willing Loree McBride Jesuits are executed.

8.07kkk(5b) To make this simpler, we need to redefine who is a willing Loree McBride Jesuit. A WILLING LOREE MCBRIDE JESUIT is defined as one who in their current state is a willing Loree McBride Jesuit and/or was a willing Loree McBride Jesuit (before the coronavirus vaccine made them retarded) and/or who are MURDERERS AT HEART.

8.07kkk(5c) A MURDERER AT HEART is a person who willingly (directly or indirectly) commits actions that he/she knows will promote unjust murder in the world. UNJUST MURDER is defined as (directly or indirectly) killing an innocent person because of that murderer having a narcissistic obsession to murder based on their own greed, selfishness, or jealousy. These motives must be determined through accurate brain scans and not through actions alone, since we don’t always know (from appearances) what motivates a person to commit their actions.

 8.07kkk(5d) So all MURDERERS AT HEART, even those who do not willingly align themselves with Loree McBride, will be considered Loree McBride Jesuits under Conspiracy Law, because Satan is an unjust murderer and anyone who promotes that serves Satan and Loree McBride. MOTIVE can be determined through emotion reads and MOTIVE is key in deciding who must be executed under Conspiracy Law. MOTIVE must be decided by accurate emotion reads and no executions can take place without evidence from accurate emotion reads that the person is indeed a MURDERER AT HEART. To willingly (directly or indirectly) execute a person who is NOT a MURDERER AT HEART or a willing Loree McBride Jesuit will result in public execution on the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel (00 on cable).

8.07kkk(5e) We also need to create two categories of retards: (1) Those who became retarded because of taking the coronavirus vaccine and (2) those who became retarded for reasons outside of Loree McBride’s influence. Those who became retarded because of taking the coronavirus vaccine or who (directly or indirectly) became retards because of Loree McBride’s influence, will be called VACCINE RETARDS. Those who are retarded for reasons besides Loree’s influence will just be called RETARDS.

8.07kkk(5f) VACCINE RETARDS will be executed if (before they became retarded because of taking the vaccine), they were a willing Loree McBride Jesuit and if they are clearly behaving as a Loree McBride Jesuit because of this (probably just operating on pure evil, narcissistic instinct). Though it may seem inhumane to execute a VACCINE RETARD, I don’t think Jesus would consider these retards full retards in the moral sense, in that their retardedness is their own fault and they are responsible for the actions they took that caused them to become a retard and for the actions they took before they became a retard. We can determine if they were a willing Loree McBride Jesuit (before they became a VACCINE RETARD) by memory reads. We have that technology now. If the memories have been removed, we can determine whether they were a willing Loree McBride Jesuit before they became a VACCINE RETARD by their current behavior, which would indicate that they are operating on evil, narcissistic instinct based on their past behavior before they became a VACCINE RETARD.

8.07kkk(5g) Those GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS who are just pure retards and not VACCINE RETARDS or Loree McBride Jesuits and who refuse to be removed as a GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL and replaced, will probably just be incarcerated and will be handled on a case-by-case method. However, they need to be constantly monitored to make sure they remain compliant and have not become a willing Loree McBride Jesuit or MURDERER AT HEART. Once they cross the line and become a MURDERER AT HEART, they will be executed. Also, it’s possible that some borderline retards, may increase their intelligence and may no longer remain retards, so all IQs worldwide need to be monitored 24/7.

8.07kkk(6) For those acting GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS who are ineligible to be acting GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS under Conspiracy Law because they are under 80 in IQ or are UNWILLING AGENTS, and who refuse to give up their post as outlined in this Sect. 8.07, we will remove them by force and determine if it is wise to incarcerate them (going by Sections 8.07kkk5a to 5g). These rebels who are not willing Loree McBride Jesuits or MURDERERS AT HEART will be handled on a case-by-case basis and in some cases, may have to be executed. If the person has too much influence and refuses to comply with Conspiracy Law, we may have to execute them to be able to enforce Conspiracy Law in that country. If incarceration is possible or advisable, we may have to expand jail space for the rebels who are not willing Loree McBride Jesuits but who refused to be replaced as outlined in Conspiracy Law.

8.07kkk(7) It is not our goal to replace the culture/religion of any country, but to reestablish worldwide stability and financial prosperity/stability so that retards and evil and greedy people won’t destroy the universe, allowing Loree McBride to reign supreme. Any (direct or indirect) willing attempt or action by any GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL or any one (directly or indirectly) in that government official’s employment or service, to bypass these Sect. 8.07 laws in any manner, by deceit, lying, subterfuge or any manner designed to promote Loree McBride or Satan (as Satan is described in the Bible) will receive the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator and will be publicly executed on Gabrielle Chana FOX News. Gail is transitioning to worldwide rule to save the universe from a disastrous Loree McBride takeover.

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