Jesus a Ball Of Light in Part 2 of My Walk Video?

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Jesus appeared as a ball of light again on my Sept. 6, 2021 walk. I don’t see him when I’m walking, but I see him when I watch the video!

I am very diligent about cleaning my lenses before I go out for my daily walk video for my Patreon supporters. On today’s walk (Aug. 7, 2021), I noticed an interesting ball of light in the lower right corner of my video footage that seemed to bounce around. Interesting that today is day 7. 7 is a divine number, too. Not sure what to make of it. But I think the topic I was discussing may have been something Jesus wanted to draw attention to. What’s interesting is that the first half of my walk did not have the ball of light and it showed up towards the beginning of the second half. Jesus did admit that he accompanies me on my walks. See my transcripts of my conversations with my men about Jesus appearing as a ball of light in the past to my men and how Jesus admits He accompanies me on my walks.

I suspect He wanted to draw attention to what I was talking about! This is not the entire walk, but the second half of it, because during the first half there was no ball of light. It just showed up during the second half of the walk.

Transcript of conversation about Jesus appearing as a ball of light in 2012, when He introduced Himself to my men:

Terrance: Yes. Yes. He’s been talkin’ to us and been showing up and saying, “Hey, I’m taking care of a lot of things right now.” And He’s out all over the world, doing all kinds of good things for us, right now. And He said it’s been getting pretty intense out there, as the Jesuits be summoning up all kinds of evil and He keeps on having to take care of everything.

Gail (laughs): God can handle it. (Chuckles)

Terrance: We’re so happy that He’s on our side. Have to say that.

Gail: Happy? (with a smile and a laugh in her voice) That’s an understatement. (Chuckles).

Terrance: Yes.

Gail: Oh, man. Thank you, Jesus (laughs)

Terrance: Yes, you rock, Jesus.

Gail: You know, I have treasured what you guys shared with me, you know, at Church of Gail, what the Lord said. And I have treasured that in my heart and I have claimed that as a promise from God. And I don’t worry about anything now (laughs).

Terrance: Yes. Yes. It’s wonderful, it’s very wonderful.

Gail: Yeah. Yeah. It’s um, so—

Terrance: We’re having a great ole time here. We gettin’ a goldsmith. We took a lot of Jesuit gold from the Jesuit bases that we been sending nukes to. We sent nukes over and we end up finding a lot of Jesuit gold. Almost like a Fort Knox kind of Jesuit gold, and so we decided to honor Gail and so we commissioned this gold statue that we put here at the Church of Gail.

Gail: I don’t want you to do that. Don’t make an idol out of me.

Terrance: Oh, it’s not really an idol. We just it’d be a great reminder, since you can’t be here all the time.

Gail: Oh. Oh, okay. Just make sure it’s not an idol. Okay? (laughs)

Terrance: Yeah, we’re not praying to it or anything like that. It’s not a Virgin Mary or anything.

Gail: No, no no no no. Don’t make an idol out of me. (laughs) The Lord wouldn’t like that.

Terrance: Yes, well, God was here for a little while and He didn’t seem to mind it too much.

Gail: Well, He knows that I don’t want you guys to idolize me. He knew I was going to say this, that’s why He doesn’t mind. (Chuckles) He knows me. (surprised) He was there?

Terrance: Yes, God was there.

Gail: How did He present himself?

Terrance: He was this ball of light. Just kind of, and then there was a dove that just kind of came out of the ball of light and it landed on your statue.

Gail (laughs in amazement): Really?! Is He talking to you, like as a voice from that light?

Terrance: Well, it seems like it’s something we understand all dear to our hearts. Different people hear, little differently, some it seems.

Gail: You mean it’s not an audible voice? (pauses, matter-of-fact) What is it?

Terrance: It seems audible. Some people said it’s audible. Some people just said they was able to just know what it was saying. Some people that only speak a different language, they heard it in their own language.

Gail: Oh, I get it, God’s communicating in the language that people understand.

Terrance: Yes. Yes. That’s what’s happening.

Gail: I see. You know, I—it just amazes me. You know, God’s obviously so intelligent that He’s figured all this out. He realizes that—How many people are members of our church, right now? I heard it’s in the millions?

From Skype on Mar. 30, 2020 (where Jesus admits He always accompanies me on my walks):

Gail, 6:29 PM Jesus, I better go for my walk. The sun will go down pretty soon and I’d like to get a bit of vitamin D on my walk.

Terrance, 6:30 PM GAIL LOVES THE D.

Jesus (with Brent transcribing), 6:30 PM “Good idea. Make sure you rest and take good care of yourself physically and mentally.” “She sure does, Terrance. I love giving her all of my D.”


Jesus, 6:34 PM “Good! Let’s all go for a walk. I’m so happy for all of you.”


Jesus, 6:38 PM “As I always do. I enjoy going on walks with my favorite person.” “I put on my running clothes, a sweatband around my forehead, drape a towel around my neck, and grab my water bottle. Nobody can see me though.”

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