Church of Gail Educational System MANDATORY FOR U.S. (Based on Finland’s Education System). COVID GUIDELINES BANNED.

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The following is an update to my Conspiracy Law document International Military Law (Sect. 21).

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21.0 No one will be required to wear masks for Covid and there is a ban on the coronavirus vaccine. Anyone who willingly promotes the coronavirus vaccine will be EXECUTED – this even applies to PRIVATE SCHOOLS. We will need to transition over to the Finnish system because it is so different from the American system, which is getting worse every year. We will hire educators from Finland, who speak English and who support my Conspiracy Law to make the transition to the Finnish system. First we will execute all willing Loree McBride Jesuits in the American educational system and anyone who orders students to wear a mask for Covid or encourages them to get Covid vaccinated will be publicly executed on Gabrielle Chana FOX News.

21.1 The Finnish educators will study the American system and come up with a transition plan to remake it over to the Finnish system. We will hire Finnish educators who have not received the Covid shot, or who got a placebo jab and still have their brains. Standardized testing will be gone, to be replaced with the Finnish system. I like the Finnish system because it encourages students to be original and to think for themselves.

21.2 We will set up Church of Gail graduate programs in education, which all teachers must enroll in while teaching. Those that do not have a master’s degree based on the Finnish model must enroll, or they will be disqualified from teaching. Their training will be free. Those from Finland who speak English will head up these programs. These Finnish professors will get the pay of a university professor with tenure.

21.3 Common core is completely dropped to be replaced with the Finnish core model (which is less rigid, but still excellent). Any form of critical race theory taught is BANNED and any teacher who teaches such nonsense must be FIRED. Those who willingly fail to fire teachers who teach critical race theory will get the death penalty as a Loree McBride Jesuit.

21.4 To assist in this transition, those schools that are steeped with Loree McBride Jesuits, may need to relocate their facilities to a Church of Gail city, so that we can be sure to extricate toxic Jesuits from our educational system. Then we set up scanners to execute any Loree McBride Jesuits that dare show their face or execute anyone who encourages masking in students or Covid vaccinations.

21.5 All universities in the United States must be scanned for Loree McBride Jesuits and those that teach critical race theory and all such people must be removed from all educational systems. Though we will not ban private schools in the United States and will allow homeschooling, those private schools that want to adopt the Finnish model will get government funding. Homeschoolers can follow the current guidelines, but we encourage the Finnish model for all education. Homeschoolers can also get government funding, if they follow the Finnish and the Church of Gail model as outlined in this section. Those schools that fail to adopt the Finnish model and most especially those that require students to wear masks for Covid or to get the Covid jab will lose their accreditation (yes, this even includes schools like HARVARD) and must lose all government funding. Anyone who willingly fails to enforce this, will be executed.  

21.6 Those schools that fail to follow the Church of Gail educational system will lose their government funding, especially if they require their students to wear masks for Covid or to get the Covid jab (NO EXCEPTIONS).

Finland Education System

The Finnish Education System contains nine years of compulsory basic education, early education and care, pre-primary education, upper secondary education, higher education, and finally adult education. The description of all these levels has been given below.

  1. Early Childhood Education and Care (Provided to the students before the beginning of the compulsory education)
  2. Pre-Primary Education (1-year duration for 6-year olds)
  3. Basic Education (Compulsory 9-year education for children aged 7-16))
  4. Upper Secondary Education (Vocational Education and Training / General Upper Secondary Education)
  5. Higher Education (Education offered by Universities / Universities of Applied Sciences)
  6. Adult Education

Now, let’s explore these levels of education in further detail:

Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC)

This level of education aims to support the development, learning and wellbeing of a child while giving them plentiful learning opportunities. Local Authorities and Municipalities are tasked with the responsibility of regulating the mechanism of Early Children Education and Care. In this level of the Finland Education System, only municipal daycare cover is charged which mainly relies on family income as well as the number of children. Taking approval of the Finnish National Agency for Education, the National Curriculum Guidelines (NCG) is designed for ECEC level and also constitutes of open early childhood education activities which are conducted by municipalities for kids and their families.

Elementary Education and Its Importance

Pre-Primary Education

Playing a vital role in the continuum expanding from ECEC, this stage aims to enhance the children’s opportunities for learning and development. For the children in the country, participation in pre-primary education has been made compulsory, since 2015. Also, another significant feature of the Finland education system under the stage of Pre-primary education is that the guardian of the kid must ensure their participation in different types of activities at this level. With the approval of the Finnish National Agency for Education, the National Core Curriculum for Pre-Primary Education guides the planning and implementation of the contents of Pre-Education.

Basic Education 

In the Finland Education System, Comprehensive Schooling or Basic Education is where the compulsory education of 9 years begins for all the children aged between 7 and 16. It strives to support the student’s growth towards becoming an ethically responsible member of society as well as imparting them the essential knowledge and skills needed in life. Further, all the schools providing basic education follow a national core curriculum which constitutes the objectives and core fundamentals of varied subjects, and the local authorities, such as municipalities and other education providers, maintain the Comprehensive Schools and often create their own curricula as part of the national framework.

Upper Secondary Education

At the completion of the basic education stage of Finland education system, students are given the choice between pursuing general and vocational education. General Education usually takes three years to complete and does not qualify students for pursuing any particular profession or occupation. After completing the General Upper Secondary Education, the students have to take the Finnish matriculation examination to be eligible for various educational universities or universities of applied sciences for bachelor’s degrees. 

The other route which students of Finland can choose is Vocational Upper Secondary Education and Training in which students are provided basic skills required in their chosen field by allotting them to workplaces through an apprenticeship agreement or a training agreement. The institution facilitating the program curates a personal capability development plan for its students, drafting the content, schedule, and schemes of study. After concluding this level, the students are eligible to opt for further studies at universities or universities of applied sciences to enter the higher education stage in Finland education system.

Higher Education (Universities/Universities of Applied Sciences)

Under the higher level of Finland Education system, the academic institutions are bifurcated into regular universities and Universities of Applied Sciences. There are various postgraduate degrees as well in higher scientific and artistic education, i.e. licentiate and doctoral degrees. The time duration to complete a bachelor’s degree in regular universities is 3 years and the master’s program is of 2 years. Whereas, the students who pursue their higher education in Universities of Applied Sciences in Finland, are awarded UAS Bachelor’s and UAS Master’s degrees. 

In Finland education system, the degrees offered by the Universities of Applied Sciences usually take between 3.5 and 4.5 years to get completed. Those students who want to pursue UAS Master’s program in these universities must have completed their bachelor’s degree or any other suitable degree along with having 3 years of relevant work experience in their field.

Adult Education

The adult education and training in Finland Education System is added to provide education leading to a qualification, degree studies, apprenticeship training, further and continuing education updating and extending the professional skills, studies in different crafts and subjects on a recreational basis, and much more. For this stage of education, the training is either paid by the student or the employer facilitating apprenticeship training, staff development, or labor policy education. Adult education is provided by educational institutions mainly for working professionals, private companies, and workplaces.

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