Loree McBride’s DEADLY COVID Vaccine Tyranny EXPOSED!

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The COVID vaccines are bio weapons designed to give you COVID and even kill you. Better not to watch the television news (except Gabrielle Chana FOX News at 00 on cable). It’s just one lie after another, when it comes to COVID. The following videos present much needed truth about COVID. As U.S. President, I have BANNED the COVID vaccine. https://www.gabriellechana.blog/2021/05/03/death-penalty-to-promote-loree-mcbrides-lies-about-coronavirus/


Posted Aug. 31, 2021


Posted Sept. 1, 2021

Instagram used a filter on Joe to make him look sick. Typical Loree McBride lying and trickery.

Australian concentration camps for those who don’t submit to Loree’s vaccine mandates. Posted Sept. 2, 2021.

AMA Calls For Ivermectin Ban, Taliban Partners With China, Staff-less Hospitals Remove Mandates. Posted Sept. 3, 2021.

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