HHS Whistleblower: This Is Loree McBride Evil at the Highest Level

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Though this was at Joseph Mercola’s website, the video comes from Gab TV and I became aware of this before Joseph published this at his website. It doesn’t surprise me. I think the real death count from Loree McBride’s COVID DEATH SHOT is in the MILLIONS WORLDWIDE. I added Loree McBride into the title, because she deserves the credit for all this murder from her COVID DEATH SHOT. Loree could win the Nobel Prize for Murder.

The above videos were posted at Gab TV on Sept. 22, 2021.

In a stunning Project Veritas report, a nurse working for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services blows the whistle on how health officials are ignoring and covering up COVID-19 vaccine injuries.

Jodi O’Malley says she’s seen “dozens of people come in with adverse reactions,” including myocarditis, congestive heart failure and deaths, yet the reactions are not being reported even though the FDA and CDC say they are required to.

So if everyone is supposed to gather this data and report it, but no one is reporting it, how will anyone know the vaccine is truly safe? They don’t, O’Malley says. Instead, health officials are saying “just get the vaccine” and it will soon be over.

Why is O’Malley coming forward? One reason is that one of her coworkers who was forced to take the vaccine even though she didn’t want to, died after taking it. “Nobody should have to decide between their livelihood or take the vaccine,” she says.

O’Malley also expresses disbelief that people are being forced to take the vaccine when there are medications such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine that have shown to be safe and effective against the virus, yet health officials who use it or allow others to use it can lose their jobs.

“This is evil,” she says. “This is evil at the highest level. You have the FDA, you have the CDC that are both supposed to be protecting us and everything that we’ve done so far is unscientific.”

SOURCE: Project Veritas September 20, 2021

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