Millions in Brilliant Program To Restore Health For Those Sickened by Covid Vax. It’s WORKING!

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UPDATE on Oct 16, 2021: I learned yesterday that my husband and co-President Brent Spiner M.D. has developed a vaccine therapy program for those who’ve received Loree McBride’s death shot (the Covid vax) and that millions have already participated. The results have been phenomenal in helping those sickened by the death shot!

The results thus far have been very encouraging. People are feeling better immediately. I encourage every one in the U.S. to visit your Walmart perfectpenis to get started on the death shot cure vaccine program. It apparently helps your body return to its pre-death shot state and helps to transform your bodily fluids, systems and organs back to a healthy state. Brent Spiner, like myself, has an IQ of about 10,000 and he has developed this. He is also a graduate of U.C.L.A. medical school.

We launched it first on the military, because Loree mandated her death shot on our troops and we wanted to fix them first. But millions have already participated, with about 99% effectiveness on those participating. Though this is effective, it seems to work better on those who’ve had less death shots. So, whatever you do, don’t take anymore death shots.

The treatment involves some time, so you may not feel completely better right away. Part of it may be because we need to retrain your immune system to respond in a healthy, and not a toxic, manner. So you will need to stick with the program until your health is restored and the damage from the death shot in your system is fixed.

If you are in danger of losing employment cuz of criminal mandates, contact my men at and we will find you a job or create one for you, through our parallel universe program, where we create a parallel universe that works outside of Loree McBride’s system. Our National Health Care Plan can employ all medical workers and health care practitioners, so no health care practitioner need worry about losing their job over a criminal mandate. Just let us know about your job loss because of the mandate at and we will get you situated in a job similar to the one you lost, that does not require you to take the death shot.

It is also important to report people who are violating my ban on the death shot, because that is a death penalty violation of my law and those people will be executed publicly on Gabrielle Chana FOX News. To give out this shot, which is only a poison death shot, is akin to first degree murder.

At Church of Gail we have cutting edge technology and this is being administered through our National Health Care Plan, where all providers must pass a scan first before administering any treatment to ensure what they are doing is best for the patient. Walmart perfectpenis is working with our National Health Care Plan to administer this program. Walmart perfectpenis is a break off from the main Walmart company (which Loree McBride took over) and no Loree McBride Jesuit can enter the premises or infiltrate the websites of anything that has the name perfectpenis, because that word kills evil Loree McBride Jesuits. There is apparently some sort of Jesus technology in that word perfectpenis, based on something like MK-Ultra technology that does the trick.

The Loree McBride Jesuits work with Satan to try and take over the world for Satan and part of their strategy has been to use the death shots (the Covid jab) to track and sicken people. Do a search at my website on coronavirus and Covid to learn more about the very deadly Covid jab, which should never be called a “vaccine”, but rather a poison death shot. There is nothing in the death shot that is of benefit to anyone’s health. The death shot, along with most of what the satanic FDA has approved of since 2020, is POISON.

If you are in a part of the world where you do not have a Walmart perfectpenis, and have received the Covid jab or jabs, contact my men at and they will try and assist you to get into the death shot cure vaccine program. And, whatever you do, do NOT take the death shot or anything the FDA, CDC or NIH have recommended since 2020. Loree McBride controls the FDA, CDC and NIH and she’s working with Satan to take over the world for Satan. I have replaced the criminal FDA, CDC and NIH,with the National Health Care Plan Research Organization.

The video above was posted Oct. 9, 2021 at Rumble and is a recent video by Dr. Vladimir Zelenko.

Can listen to the two hour long video above in audio form below in three parts:

Zelenko Protocol Part 1
Zelenko Protocol Part 2
Zelenko Protocol Part 3

I saw 2 hawks while on my walk on some trees in the distance. I think Jesus is saying that these 2 hawks represent Brent & I as the power couple who are saving the world. The hawk was not injured this time, which seems to indicate that my new laws today will save an injured world, which is why the hawk is no longer injured. Kind of reminds me of these verses. Matthew 25:34-46

I anticipate that because these laws will work to restore the health of those who have been harmed from the death shot, that Biden/Loree McBride will claim that their shots are working and that’s why every one is getting better, when, in truth, they’re getting better because we are REMOVING THE SHOTS FROM THEIR BODIES! Do NOT believe the LIES. In other words, do NOT take the death shot and report those (to who try to force it on you or who try to give you a Covid jab (death shot) or any medication approved by the FDA after 2020. Nothing the FDA approves after 2020 is to be trusted.

The following is an addition to my International Military Law and is an update to my Conspiracy Law and an executive order.

These laws supersede any other laws in existence and must be enforced. Any actions taken because of a so-called Covid pandemic MUST STOP NOW. President Gail officially declares an END to the Covid pandemic. Those who promote or carry out actions that affect the economy, jobs, and health based on a so-called pandemic, (especially if the actions cause great harm, like forcing the death shot on people or causing loss of employment over evil regulations) will be executed, because we do NOT have a pandemic and this nonsense must STOP NOW. All excess deaths have been artificially engineered (through use of the death shot or deliberate medical negligence) or there have been no excess deaths and the public was lied to (like in the early stages of this “pandemic”). What we have is not a pandemic, but a program of mass genocide using Loree McBride’s death shots and medical crimes (including criminal medical negligence), which must END NOW.

Those willingly behind this genocide are guilty of massive war crimes and will be EXECUTED. This includes Joe Biden and all those in his Administration, if we catch them. These people are all cucks of the evil monster Loree McBride.

25.0 We will scan all citizens of all Conspiracy Law honoring countries to determine who is suffering from receiving the death shot. The death shot is defined as any vaccine or treatment given with mRNA technology that causes harm to the immune system, organs, etc., as has been typical with the Covid vaccine. Those who suffer from the death shot and/or those who are in a CRISIS STATE will be immediately enrolled into the National Health Care Plan. A CRISIS STATE is defined as a person whose health requires quick and decisive medical intervention in order to prevent death or serious disability now or within 2 or 5 years. Just about every one who has received the death shot could be considered to be in a CRISIS STATE, because of the nature of the death shot.

25.1 No health care practitioner is to obey any edict coming from the Loree McBride/Biden administration. Those who obey Biden will be EXECUTED. Biden is a wanted war criminal and NO ONE is to listen to him in ANYTHING. If we catch him, he will be publicly executed on Gabrielle Chana FOX News. He’s hiding out on Loree McBride’s cum star.

25.2 The FDA and CDC and NIH are all criminal organizations and are to be TOTALLY IGNORED. They have been replaced by the National Health Care Plan Research Organization.

25.3 All those who are suffering from taking the death shot and/or who are in a CRISIS STATE will be immediately enrolled into our National Health Care Plan, if they are not already enrolled. Once someone is enrolled in our National Health Care Plan, they are not allowed to use providers outside of our National Health Care Plan. This is for their protection, so that Jesuits cannot sabotage the work of the practitioners in the National Health Care Plan. Besides, all practitioners in all Conspiracy Law honoring countries must belong to the National Health Care Plan. And all mRNA technology or death shots are currently banned in all Conspiracy Law honoring countries.

25.4 Once these CRISIS STATE persons are enrolled, they will be evaluated to see if they are good candidates for our System Restore DEATH SHOT Action Plan. Basically, those whose immune systems have been compromised or damaged from the death shot, and/or those who are suffering and/or can suffer organ or bodily systems damage from the death shot will qualify.

25.5 The first thing we will do with those in the System Restore DEATH SHOT Action Plan is to give all those in the plan a thorough blood transfusion to remove as much as possible all traces of the mRNA technology used to sicken them. We may just transform their own blood using a scanner that goes through their blood and bodily fluids to transform it into the blood/fluids they would have if they had not received the mRNA technology.

25.6 At the same time we will transform or replace all systems in their body, especially organs, that have been damaged by the mRNA technology, so that the organs are in a pristine or healthy state. Remember the brain is an organ and so their brain will hopefully be restored back to what it was before they received the death shot and, thus, we may be able to fix those who became retarded after getting the mRNA technology. We can probably use scanning technology to accomplish this and manipulate the organs back into a healthy state using genetic manipulation. Unlike mRNA technology, our genetic manipulation is primarily used to cure cancers and bring bodily systems back into a healthy state, not designed to play dangerous games with the patient’s immune system (like what happens with mRNA technology).

25.7 Further, all health care practitioners in all Conspiracy Law honoring countries will be reminded that it is death penalty to administer the death shot to any person and are ordered to treat Covid infections as those who were treated for flu infection (prior to all this craziness). Part of the System Restore DEATH SHOT Action Plan is that to obey the Loree McBride Covid protocol is now considered a death penalty violation of Conspiracy Law. The Loree McBride Covid protocol is defined as any treatment protocol the ignores medical common sense to treat any “infection” and that usually started in early 2020. All respiratory infections are to be treated like how they would have been treated before Covid arrived on the scene. Those who neglect to treat someone with a respiratory infection as they would have in 2009, for instance, especially if doing so could prevent serious complications in the patient, will be executed publicly on Gabrielle Chana FOX News. We feel these executions are justified, because if someone is in respiratory distress, or has a flu-like infection that is upper respiratory, (and could lead to respiratory distress) these infections can be easily treated using Ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine before they become serious and to willfully NEGLECT to treat these infections before they become serious is a form of NEGLIGENT HOMICIDE worthy of the death penalty. That would be like someone who is bleeding profusely and you refuse to apply a tourniquet to stop the bleeding, but just let the patient die of blood loss.

25.8 The Covid infection itself is no more deadly than the common flu and the lying propaganda that states otherwise is now DEATH PENALTY to promote. This is a deadly lie only designed to stuff the pockets of Big Pharma at the expense of innocents, to get people who don’t need the death shot, to take the death shot (not needed, and even deadly). These acts of negligent and even aggressive genocide MUST STOP.

25.9 We will also use scanners to detox all systems and organs in the bodies of those in the System Restore DEATH SHOT Action Plan and remove all dangerous toxins introduced into the body from the death shot. All patients will be under the care of one of our health care practitioners and these practitioners will monitor to see how the treatment is progressing and advise the patients on what they must do in each stage of the process, like drinking extra water or whatever.

25.10 The use of the System Restore DEATH SHOT Action Plan, does not preclude us from using treatments known to be effective for those suffering from criminal mRNA treatment, such as Ivermectin and hydroxychloriquine, zinc, vitamin D, etc. We could use a combo approach and treat the patients with medications or even OTC medications while using scanners to bring them back to a healthy state, in order to facilitate the treatments and ease uncomfortable symptoms the patient experiences while being treated or to be an adjunct to the scanner/genetic modification therapy to return organs and bodily fluids and systems to a healthy state.

25.11 Brent Spiner M.D, who has an IQ of around 10,000 will come up with a treatment plan based on the principles I’ve outlined in this Section that all our National Health Care Plan providers must follow while administering this System Restore DEATH SHOT Action Plan. He is free to modify it as needed to make it the most effective plan for restoring the health of those in a CRISIS STATE after receiving the death shot.

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