Vaccines — Are They Still Contributing to the Greater Good?

Another excellent article from Joseph Mercola’s website. I post them because war criminal Loree McBride (who currently controls the Democratic Party with Joe Biden as her cuck), has banned Mercola and had him unfairly labelled as a scam medical practitioner. Because of this Joseph only leaves his posts up at his website for 48 hours. This is very important information […]

Judy Mikovitz Appointed National Health Care Plan Research Director

President Gail makes another update to her Conspiracy Law to her National Health Care Plan. In summary, I am removing the ability to make a criminal profit off of medical patents and am encouraging true humanitarians to be medical researchers. The FDA, CDC and NIH are totally and irrevocably BANNED and anyone who obeys them or works for them will […]

Farmer Bill Gates (Loree McBride) and the Great Reset

More exposure of monster Loree McBride’s shenanigans with her partner in crime, Bill Gates. Story at-a-glance This article was previously published March 12, 2021, and has been updated with new information. Unbeknown to most, Bill Gates has been buying up farmland across the U.S. through various subsidiary companies. At present, he owns about 242,000 acres of farmland, plus another 27,000 […]

Will Unvaxxed Get Hit With Higher Insurance Charges?

As U.S. President I am transitioning everyone over to my National Health Care Plan, but in the meanwhile, we have to deal with Loree McBride’s system and are working to fight for every one’s right to refuse her death shot (Covid vaccine). Story at-a-glance Million-dollar raffles. Free beer and doughnuts. $100 cash. Even a TikTok contest.1 These are just a […]

Medical Mafia Is Sinking the Health Care System

Joseph Mercola does such a good job exposing Loree McBride’s medical tyranny, so I keep publishing him here at my website. To view the videos on the Project Veritas website, click here. Story at-a-glance In Part 1 of the video above, Project Veritas interviews Jodi O’Malley, a registered nurse who works for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ […]