Gabrielle Chana Search Engine Replaces Google (Since 3-3-22)

UPDATE on Oct. 20, 2023: It is probably more important than ever to use the Gabrielle Chana Search engine instead of the others, because the Lizzo Jesuits are using propaganda extensively in their war against us, to get everyone riled up about stuff that serves deadly Jesuit interests. Google, and all search engines out there, are basically run by Satan’s […]

President’s EXECUTIVE ORDERS: F.B.I. Disbanded. Lawsuit Against Alex Jones Cancelled.

Because we are at war with the Jesuit Order and the Jesuit agents who promote the Covid death shot, we will disband any organization or enterprise that is cooperating with them. Gail has determined that if there was a raid on Donald Trump’s home, that it was conducted by those who are behind the Covid death shot and, therefore, the […]