What Happened Between Satan & Jesus (My Guesses)

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I think I figured out what happened between Satan and Jesus. When they were BFF, Jesus and Satan experimented sexually as a way to cement their BFF relationship and Satan concluded he wanted to marry Jesus. Jesus turned him down for marriage, stating he wasn’t gay, so he couldn’t marry him. Jesus genuinely believed he was heterosexual at this time. Jesus has suffered from an identity crisis over who he is as a sexual being until June 2022, when he figured out he is asexual and aromantic as a supreme deity.

Satan became very angry that Jesus turned him down and felt that Jesus rejected him simply because Jesus was evil and did not want to commit to anyone. In retaliation, he decided to have violent sex with all the angels and anyone he could get away with doing it, because he claimed that at least he was not a hypocrite about his sexual practices as Jesus was.

Satan figured the only difference between him and Jesus is that Jesus was a hypocrite and he was not.

I guess Satan was also claiming that God the Father had to be a hypocrite, too, to tolerate this behavior in Jesus.

God the Father is actually a very loving deity and Satan saw this as a weakness in God the Father.

Jesus wrongly felt that he was heterosexual and that he could prove this to his dad once he got his “wife”.

Once God the Father kicked Satan out of heaven for his evil, Satan got worse. He felt that both God and Jesus were hypocrites, with Jesus being the worse hypocrite.

This is why Satan has gone to town with being evil, because he feels those who practice evil are not hypocrites and all who claim to be good are.

Satan actually fakes like he enjoys all the evil and some of the times he doesn’t. But he’s on a revenge streak for what he considers being wrongfully expelled from heaven.

He tries to feed all the evil forces in the universe to make his point that everyone deep down inside is evil and he can prove it by easily increasing his following.

As far as Jesus, simply because he waited so long to get his “wife”, he felt he had a lot of repressed sexual feelings he needed to release and that explains the sex parties and him blocking Brent’s root chakra and manipulating me into bed.

Lakshmi’s rejection didn’t help the repressed feelings, either.

Jesus has been experimenting sexually to find who he is as a sexual being. He was convinced his problem was that he was heterosexual and that’s why he couldn’t “commit” to Satan.

Satan was furious when Jesus started his sex parties. Especially because Jesus included a lot of gay sex.

At this point, Satan figured that his chances to marry Jesus were well nigh hopeless and he decided that he wasn’t going to go down without making his point that Jesus was just as evil as he was and for revenge decided to kill Jesus.

Basically, Satan’s decision to kill Jesus was that of a lover spurned on a super revenge streak.

He figured Jesus deserved to die for being just as bad a cad in bed as he was and was getting away with it.

Satan was so angry, he didn’t care if God the Father killed him over it.

The biggest difference between Jesus and Satan is that Satan can REALLY HOLD A GRUDGE and Jesus is a VERY BIG PERSON.

It also really means a lot to Jesus that TRUE LOVE reigns in the Universe. Jesus was mortified at what he became after the sex parties and really hated himself, feeling he betrayed all he would die over. Thanks to my forgiveness, he has learned who he is, a supreme deity and how to best be true to himself and true love.

I also believe that Jesus was infallible when He died on the cross. Jesus was fine until he started the sex parties. God the Father knew all along what would happen and that Jesus would learn valuable lessons from all this.

To atone for his “sins”, Jesus has decided not to marry and can be happy this way, since he’s asexual and aromantic. He gets special joy when anyone in his creation honors true love.

Satan made a big mistake to HOLD SUCH A GRUDGE AGAINST JESUS and I’m not sure if he will ever be redeemed. I guess we will find out. He is not a very loving being when he gets mad. I don’t think Satan’s convinced that Jesus is asexual and aromantic and thinks Jesus has plans to reverse his stance on this down the road.

My opinion on this is that Satan needs to understand that just cuz Jesus had sex with him does not obligate Jesus to marry Satan. He needs to learn from my example and MOVE ON.

But Satan is not convinced that either I or Jesus are as good as we claim and he’s still trying to make his point that everyone is evil deep down and if they weren’t hypocrites, they would OWN IT.

So he’s still FLAMING MAD at God the Father, Jesus and ANYONE who claims to stand for true love and goodness.

Satan is also super jealous feeling that Jesus has plans to have a special relationship with me down the road and that is why Jesus won’t reveal his new prophecies right now. As to whether this is true or not, I don’t know. It appears it may be true, by the movie The Music Man, but I don’t think it’s anything for us to obsess over and Satan needs to MOVE ON and start being a BIG PERSON like Jesus is.

So why does Satan care about ruling earth? It’s to make his point that everyone deep down is evil and that the current Universe leaders are all hypocrites. He’s just flaming mad and on a super revenge streak.

He feels all those who claim to believe in true love use it as an excuse to cover up their true person, which is evil.

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