Analyzing My Sister Sandra Metcalf’s Psychopathy

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Jesus once said that my sister needed a good spanking. Many believe psychopaths cannot be cured. If Jesus is right, it means the only good spanking that will work will be hell. I guess when she gets there and she burns long enough and realizes that the rewards she got for being evil did not pay, she may get right. They say the only thing a psychopath understands is a reward system. They won’t get right as long as they are rewarded in any way for their behavior. With Satan and my sister buddy buddy right now, it seems she will only get right when Satan goes down. Satan is rewarding my psychopath sister PLENTY for being evil. So since the only thing psychopaths understand is reward, she AIN’T GONNA BE GETTING RIGHT ANYTIME SOON. I heard she turned down a chance to be his Antichrist, but that’s probably because it goes against her image of herself as the perfect sister. And with mother gone, she no longer has my mother to use as her puppet for evil. But I don’t think she’d have a problem at all with acting like an Antichrist, she just doesn’t want the “reputation” of being one!!

HEY ANTICHRIST SISTER! I know you think being the evil Jesuit leader means you’re not an Antichrist, but aren’t you Satan’s top person right now? And isn’t that sort of the same thing? To hell with your good reputation. YOU SUCK! I’ve created an audio link to describe your future. Have fun making love to Satan in hell. That will be your REWARD for aligning with your fellow psychopath Satan! SHAME ON YOU. But then, do PSYCHOPATHS worry about shame? Do they even feel any shame? I guess not, judging by the disgusting life my sister currently leads.

By the way, those mites you’ve created are a form of biological and chemical warfare. They literally explode cells in the body. Their proper name should be MICROCELLULAR BOMBS. Is it that important to destroy me because you think I have what you can never have? How many people must you cause to suffer just cuz they won’t kiss your dirty psychopath butt!!

UPDATE: Loree McBride has gotten right. I think Loree was a sociopath. We were able to reach Loree in Jan. 2022. Unfortunately, it appears my sister Sandra Metcalf is a worse animal than Loree, being a FULL FLEDGED PSYCHOPATH. And being a psychopath, she probably could CARE LESS about it, too. Loree had some concern for her reputation and really felt bad about being a bad person, deep down underneath. Unfortunately, the ONLY thing my sister feels bad about is NOT GETTING HER WAY. Until she is no longer rewarded for being evil, she won’t change, because SHE IS A FULL BLOWN PSYCHOPATH. She coldly calculates all her moves. Loree just got into a rage. My sister is more cold and calculating. So Loree was a sociopath, and my sister is a psychopath. Satan has found his true kindred spirit. To be honest with you, I’m not sure Satan is a psychopath. I think Satan is a sociopath. So, this means my sister is MORE EVIL THAN SATAN. A psychopath is much more dangerous than a sociopath. You can possibly reach a sociopath. But a psychopath is a totally cold, calculating and unfeeling person.

This is the REWARD Sandra will get for aligning with Satan.

I do believe my mother may have willed me her condo and car, but she lived within a ten minute drive of my psychopath sister, who is obsessed with me. So, I have chosen to let my son have all of what my mom willed to me. I’d rather be true to who I am and true to Jesus, than have my mother’s money or property. Besides, my son could use this stuff. And he lives in the same town where my mother lived, when my mother died.

I feel I owe it to the world to expose my psychopath sister for who she is. I refrained from doing so earlier, because I had some respect for my mother, who, though, she was a narcissist, was my mother. It appears Buddha cured my mother of her narcissism in her last day on earth.

That is my sister on the right, next to Satan. Look at those eyes. ZERO EMPATHY. Her psychopathy has gotten so bad, she can’t even hide the coldness of her expression anymore.
ZERO EMPATHY. These are the eyes of a PSYCHOPATH.
This is a photo of PSYCHOPATH Ted Bundy. Notice how his eyes’s expression match my psychopath sister! Like my sister, he had the deadly combo of intelligence (a law school drop out) with psychopathy. Perhaps he will be your lover in hell, Sandra Metcalf! You two seem to have a lot in common.

Remember, not all psychopaths are violent serial killers – in fact most of them aren’t. This site has tried to dispel that myth. The serial killer psychopath is the exception rather than the rule for this personality type.

In fact, most psychopaths have the same basic personality characteristics of these violent killers, but through a combination of education, punishment and self serving purposes, most psychopaths have learnt to curb and more cleverly conceal their destructive behavior, instead causing trouble in more sneaky, covert ways that we cannot so easily detect and punish by law.

My sister’s morality is even with Ted Bundy. She has his heart and his smarts.
I got this from here:

The following article is associated with the above video. It’s called WHAT IS A PSYCHOPATH. I sense that my sister has turned into a very important Jesuit leader and she needs to be exposed for who she is: A VERY DANGEROUS CRIMINAL AND PSYCHOPATH.

I am not a psychiatrist and could be wrong, but I do believe my sister Sandra Metcalf is a genuine psychopath. I will comment on the following article which helped me to gain insights into my sister’s psychopathy.

I got the article which is below from HERE:

How Psychopaths Mirror Those They Envy

The psychological concept of mirroring is very important to understand when understanding psychopaths, since they will use it a crucial tool for manipulating their victims. Where does the motivation come from for this mirroring or copying of traits?

This behavior from the psychopath can be seen in a few different ways. Firstly, psychopaths do sometimes hold a fascination with high quality, virtuous people and mirroring is seen as a way of copying your traits in the hope they can be more like you. Secondly, it can also sometimes be a game relating to the manufactured soulmate or perfect partner they often create for their victims.

MY COMMENTS: I do recall when I was in my twenties, that my sister, after having been very promiscuous as a teenager, all of a sudden became interested in church attendance and seemed like she had become a Christian (like what I was). But she wasn’t interested in being “me”, she just wanted to “mirror” me. Apparently, she went to church to try and get the great guy she thought I had. She took on this behavior right after I married David Schuler and may have falsely believed that I got a good man at the time and she was trying to mirror me. I remained a virgin when I was a young lady and my sister was the opposite. It appears she was trying to mirror me as a psychopath when she was younger. We went our own ways though and she may have forgotten about me, once my marriage didn’t seem so rosy and I admitted myself to a psych ward to get some sleep, after suffering insomnia, after delivering my child.

What’s interesting is that I was initially a nursing major in college, and was doing well in school until my nursing professor said that I would need to flunk clinical and that perhaps nursing wasn’t for me. At that time, my sister was the wild party girl and sleeping around with hippies. My sister and I were never close, but, it appears, she was competing with me my whole life. She ended up going to nursing school several years after I dropped out and switched my major to something else. So it seems like the mirroring after me started when we were both young.

MY COMMENT: I also recall an incident around when I was 19, where Sandra confessed to stealing my identity. But she got it right and I didn’t think much of it. I can’t even remember why she said she did it. But looking back, this indicates she had psychopathic tendencies as a youth. Because psychopaths have very little regard for the law. She, apparently, decided that the trouble she could get in for this was not worth it and she abandoned the plan. But with Satan siding with her, she now honors her psychopath heart, because she feels she CAN GET AWAY WITH IT. The only thing that stops a psychopath is when you STOP REWARDING THEM FOR BEING ONE. If they can get away with it, they’ll DO IT.

I also greatly admired her for getting a 4.0 GPA in her nursing studies. Looking back, I can see that she had the drive of a committed psychopath and was very goal oriented and basically ran roughshod over anything that got in her way. I do recall she admitted one of her nursing professors insinuated she was not meant to be a nurse and she took that as a challenge to “take on” the professor and prove her wrong. She seemed to have a spiteful attitude toward that professor. This is again typical psychopath attitude. I do recall that she was always very goal oriented and NOTHING, I MEAN NOTHING, COULD STOP HER, ONCE SHE MADE UP HER MIND TO DO SOMETHING. I admired this in her, but looking back, I can see this could also be the mindset of a psychopath.

I also recall that her first semester at Miami-Dade Community College, she flunked all her courses because she was the party girl and was more interested in sleeping around than in school. But she dropped all her classes I think and got that off her record somehow. She seems real good at creating a perfect illusion about herself and covering up all her “sinful” activities. At that time I think I was a student at Florida State University, but I heard about it and wondered how I could have such a sister, when I was a devoted Christian and saved myself as a virgin for my husband. Later, of course, she got her “act together” and became very devoted to her nursing studies. I wonder if she chose that major to prove she was the superior sister though, looking back. Because I ended up dropping out of my nursing major. She always seemed to want to mirror me. I had NO IDEA how competitive she was with me. But that is a psychopath trait.

The psychopath wants to create this synthetic clone of you as a way of building your trust, only to then betray it and seek to undermine those they envy. The mirroring is part of the setup phase which precedes the more toxic phases where they start to attack your self esteem.

Mirroring is an important psychological concept and can also be a healthy part of romantic relationships in particular. However it can also be used for deceptive and manipulative purposes and has also found it’s way into workplace psychology and management training. It is therefore important to decipher whether the person themself is genuine before being taken in by mirroring and other subtle psychological cues.

Lets go into more detail about the different ways we can look at this dynamic in relationships with psychopaths. There are different ways of interpreting this tactic and motivations between psychopaths may actually differ.

Psychopaths Want To Become You

There is no doubt that some psychopaths do hold a fascination with people with some kind of traits or virtues or other qualities they don’t have. Psychopaths are drawn, like moths to a light, to high quality people with attractive traits.

This can be vibrancy, intelligence, self esteem, popularity, grace, wealth, success, or anything else they want for themselves. Some of them believe that by mirroring you, walking and talking in step with you, they can absorb these traits for themselves and become more like you. As Anthony Johnson puts it in his presentation on the topic, psychopaths can see in you what they don’t have, and want to have it for themselves.

The Unslaved Podcast on psychopathy is an excellent resource which goes into more detail on this. They think that by being around you they can somehow absorb by osmosis or “download” the traits you have for themselves. With their glibness and superficiality this is how they see the world.

Once they realize that it isn’t that simple and to have these traits means you need to actually act and live in a certain way, this is when they often leave or discard the person. This is also when their fascination turns to envy, a more destructive emotion that wants to destroy something in another if they can’t have it for themselves.

MY COMMENTS: When I visited my sister in 2012 and she learned that I had managed to get all the hot men she desired and that her mirroring of me didn’t work, she became consumed with jealousy.

May 19, 2012
May 19, 2012

MY COMMENT: After my men visited my sister, my sister Sandra became BFF with Loree McBride and ended up trying to destroy me, by writing a lying statement which she conned my mother into submitting to a judge. What my sister did, and how she became the “perfect” daughter to my mother to gain my mother’s cooperation, shows psychopathic behavior in my sister. See the statement my sister wrote for my mother to submit to a judge below. Sandra told my mother in the summer of 2012 that if my mother didn’t send me to a psych ward that she was not being a responsible parent. So Sandra wrote the statement below and conned my mother into submitting it to a judge. This happened two months AFTER my men visited my sister in her Atlanta home. So it was a cold, calculating act, where my psychopath sister decided to discard me as a sister because I had something she felt she could never have.

Gail’s Mother Misao Confessed that Sandra Metcalf Wrote the Lying Statement (RECORDING BELOW IN VIDEO):

Can view the above video HERE.

The Unslaved Podcast is excellent on this, contrasting admiration with envy. Decent people have admiration for the traits and virtues of others, where they wish they had these qualities themselves. Envy is more toxic and wants to destroy qualities they can’t have for themselves. The mindset of envy is “If I can’t have it, no one can have it”.

This explains the way that psychopaths can turn ugly in a relationship and start attacking and undermining the person they initially tried to mirror and copy. The underlying envy that had been there all along starts to come out as the psychopath starts trying to destroy in you what they realize they cannot have for themselves.

This is definitely one way this dynamic of mirroring can play out with the psychopath. However, how many times can the smarter psychopaths go through this process with different people before they realize they can never have the traits they desire in others?

At some point the cleverer ones must surely realize that mirroring doesn’t work in allowing them to absorb the qualities they see in others. It is at this point we argue that the entire process becomes more of a pre-meditated game for the psychopath, where they use mirroring as a prelude to set the person up for the abuse they are going to inflict down the line. The motivations stop being selfish and become purely malevolent.

The Manufactured Soulmate

This is another lens through which to view the process of mirroring. It is the process by which psychopaths robotically create a manufactured soulmate in the early stages of a relationship, and is the early part of the idealize-devalue-discard cycle that is common to relationships with psychopaths. See Jackson Mackenzie’s Psychopath Free on Amazon for a great breakdown of this dynamic.

Here the psychopath uses the mirroring to make the victim feel they have found the perfect partner or friend. They will walk and talk in perfect rhythm with you, finish your sentences, copy your humor, tune in to you perfectly. It will feel like they are the perfect person for you. No one else will do.

The reality is that all this is fake and premeditated by the psychopath. The whole thing is a carefully planned act, something they used on the last victim and will use on the next one they move on to as well. They are just observing you; seeing what you like, want and respond to and mirroring you to provide it on cue.

The idea is build your trust as much as possible and pull you into a powerful psychopathic bond, where you are get addicted to the “high” they are able to give you by being seemingly so in tune with you and making you feel “ten feet tall”.

This is where the difference in the two approaches becomes more clear. Perhaps some psychopaths turn when they naturally realize “it’s not happening” with regards to mirroring to try and be the person they want; with more malevolent types perhaps the whole process is planned and they already know when they are going to turn.

They view the entire idealize-devalue-discard process with a cool detachment and see the whole thing as a game to destroy the high quality people they now know they can never be. Once they built your trust sufficiently high to know it will hurt, they start to bring you down and the devalue-discard part of the relationship begins.

MY COMMENT: Sandra’s husband Troy may want to listen to the video above. But he’s probably in mortal fear of his psychopath wife, my sister!

Anthony Johnson on the premeditated aspect of mirroring, the manufactured soulmate, and the idealize-devalue-discard cycle.

Protecting Against the Psychopath

Whatever the motivations of the psychopath, it is important to be aware of this tactic of mirroring and how it is used to build trust and a false sense of connection. It is important to take a step back and slow down if a relationships seems too good to be true and someone just seems to be mirroring your every move in a way that is too perfect.

It may be that the person truly is a good match for you and the “flying high” feeling you are getting is because the person genuinely is a vibrant, charismatic person who also happens to be a high quality, authentic person with integrity and real substance. In which case you have the best of both worlds.

However, it is important to slow down and take things a little more slowly, since this “flying high” feeling is something psychopaths are very adept at creating in the early stages of a relationship to reel their victims in. For their part too many people fall for this act and forget the old adage “If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is”.

The reality is that relationships are not perfect and usually require work to sustain and so if someone is selling you a kind of “counterfeit gold” in the sense of a synthetic sense of bliss and perfection where you seemingly don’t have to do any work, it may be the marsipan topping the psychopath is laying out for you to set you up for what is coming down the line.

Therefore character judgement is very important when approaching any relationship, but especially ones which seem to be going very fast and where there seems to be “flying high” sense of connection and mirroring. Check for psychopathic character traits in the other person, such as:

  • A glib, superficial charm.
  • An egotistical, self centred personality.
  • Easily bored and constantly needing external stimulation. No inner life or reflectiveness
  • A tendency towards power and control over others.
  • Lack of general care or concern for the world. Everything is surface and “froth”, just words.
  • A lack of vocational traits or any sense of higher purpose in life
  • Inconsistencies start to emerge between the image or persona they have been presenting to you and their actual behavior towards you and others.
  • A tendency towards dishonesty. Lies will start to become apparent as things they have told you don’t add up.
  • A mysteriousness about their past. Evidence of skeletons in the closet and things they haven’t told you.
  • Constantly speaking badly about their ex partners, friends, or business acquaintances.
  • See also our Checklist page and our article on spotting the psychopath.
  • Our article on the psychopathic bond is also useful for seeing how psychopaths can reel you in and get you hooked on positive feelings they can arouse within you early on in a relationship.

It is important to look past any surface charm and observe how the person is actually behaving towards others, even if it seems you are on a “honeymoon period” and can do no wrong. This will change if you are with a toxic person and over time all psychopaths will give themselves away with a predictable set of behaviors and traits.

Our Resources page has links to some excellent books and videos which will help you learn the manipulative tactics such as mirroring that they use to draw others in. The Unslaved Podcast is also a superb resource on this particular aspect and has an extensive list of traits to look out for.

FINAL COMMENT: Sadly, my sister has concluded that she can never be me and has turned into a psychopath monster against me and the men who would die for me. It appears she may be the leader of the Jesuit Order at this time and is working with Satan to try and destroy me, Jesus, and those who love and support me and Jesus.

FINAL INSIGHTS. I got this online and it brilliantly describes how I grew up. My mother was a narcissist, who got right on the last day of her life. Unfortunately, her narcissism caused my sister, who was born with psychopathic tendencies to go full blown psychopath. I was the scapegoat. I think my sister got very angry with me, when I made the decision to cut off all contact with her and my mother in 2015. She got even more angry when I moved and quit sending them Christmas and birthday cards and only gave them to her via my men. It’s because she was losing control as a psychopath. So being typical psychopath, when Satan offered her the lead Jesuit position in 2022, she took it up in an attempt to regain control over my life to feed into her illusion of superiority over me, which she feels she needs to have. Apparently, she feels she can’t change and that she is doomed to be a psychopath. It’s as Jesus says, she needs a good spanking. She won’t stop her evil until she is FORCED TO.

But what this person says is true of my background:

Sadly in a narcissistic family, siblings are pitched against each other and each member including the narcissist’s partner is fighting for survival.

Each family member has a role to fulfil to the narcissist. This role can change temporarily, but it’s only temporary.

A narcissist needs a scapegoat, someone to take all their abuse and blame for everything.

To provide a contrast they have a golden child (Sandra Metcalf), the one that can do no wrong, seems to get the narcissist’s love and attention and material possessions or money.

Once the scapegoat role (Gail Chord Schuler) is chosen by the narcissist, the whole family also abuses the scapegoat. The other family members don’t want that role because they know it sucks, so they fight to keep the scapegoat close to the family.

The family set-up is toxic.

The family know that they have to keep the narcissist stable, and no matter their age and if they are independent they still fear being abandoned by the narcissist.


The scapegoat (Gail Chord Schuler) is the truth-teller, the one who speaks the truth about the toxic family.

Once they reveal the abuses, the family rally around the narcissist to keep them stable.

The scapegoat (Gail Chord Schuler) is threatened with being abandoned and called crazy (gas lighting) because the family don’t want the scapegoat breaking free.

The truth is your siblings have not had the experiences that you’ve had.


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