Thoughts on Psychopathy & God the Father

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First off, I’d like to state that this is speculation and I could be way off. But I am a thoughtful, deep person and like to ponder the wonders of the multiverses. But be aware that this is all speculation and take it as that.

Why do the Supreme deities allow the state of psychopathy to exist? It seems pure evil, does it not? I think they allow some to have psychopathic tendencies because these were destined to be leaders, who had to make important decisions that must not be clouded with emotion and empathy. To be an effective leader, you need to make important decisions that are not tainted with emotion that could render a bad decision.

We are treading a fine line here, because it means that all of us in a way are but a step away from being a monster. If the Supreme deities allow psychopaths to exist and some speculate that psychopaths are born, not made, wouldn’t it appear that the higher beings and those in leadership, must all be evil?

This may explain why Satan feels he has a right to exist.

Are not Supreme deities leaders? Doesn’t God the Father appear cruel to some of us, because He appears to lack empathy? I think the best way to describe God the Father and Jesus is that they are the supreme example of a GOOD psychopath.

So, if a psychopath is a great leader, when all their decisions are moral and good, then God the Father is the supreme example of what a psychopath was meant to be. Which means that psychopaths were not meant to be evil, but to be great leaders. So the existence of psychopaths does not mean God the Father or the creator is evil.

We get in trouble when we question the goodness of God the Father. That’s what happened to Satan. It’s because God the Father is a good psychopath. Think about it. A psychopath is one who sets a goal and never allows empathy or emotions to cloud their judgment and keep them from reaching that goal.

Just because one is this way, does not mean they are evil. That mindset explains God the Father to a tee. That’s why He appeared mean to some of us humans at the Battle of the Gods, though most of us wouldn’t dare admit it, because He seemed to totally lack empathy for the fact that Satan almost killed his own Son! Even Jesus, for a while there, doubted whether his dad cared.

This begs the question. Is empathy always a good thing?

Do not criminals have empathy for each other? Does not the evil Baphomet empathize with his evil cohorts Shakpona, Kali and Satan?

So empathy alone is not the criteria for goodness. It seems to me the only safe standard for goodness is God the Father Himself.

I have concluded, after much observation, that God the Father is good. Because why else could his Son Jesus be so good?

You might say, how could Jesus be good when he blocked Brent’s root chakra? Well, he got flawed. Jesus is a good psychopath and he blocked Brent’s root chakra as a means to an end, which is what a psychopath does. Underneath it all though, Jesus had loving motives. I really do believe He was planning the rapture very soon and planned to fix Brent after that. But because He got flawed, he failed to see the ramifications of his decisions after having too much sex with humans, which weakened him. He was desperate because too many of his humans had turned against God and he hoped to reach more of them by being the supreme example of great sex and all that goodness should be and he got off-track in his desperation to reach more humans. Jesus loves all of us humans very deeply. After all, we are his pet project.

So how can Gail, Jesus’s favorite human, have a sister who is currently the epitome of evil? Well, Gail, like her sister, was born a psychopath. A leader. Basically a psychopath is a leader.

I think what happens to psychopaths when they are born is they make choices. They have to decide what kind of leader they want to be. They make this decision based on their opinion of God or Jesus. If they conclude God is good, they become good psychopaths or good leaders. If they conclude God is evil, they become what we see as a typical psychopath, the evil, cold-hearted, level headed criminal.

You might say, but not all psychopaths are leaders. Well, I think they were meant to be and they got off track. That’s what happened.

So our opinion of God really matters and really determines our destiny. Which is why God the Father would have exterminated me permanently if Jesus did not intervene to prevent me from mouthing a negative opinion about Him. I did not realize it, but at that point, I was but a step away from being just like Satan, one who has a bad opinion about God, which leads to being a monster, which is what my psychopath sister currently is.

Fortunately, when Jesus made me aware of this, I realized that I was very evil to bad mouth God the Father in any way, and I repented in sackcloth and ashes.

Our opinion of God really does determine our destiny. So it is not a light thing to think negatively about God the Father or Jesus (when Jesus isn’t flawed). By the way, Jesus is infallible in his current state and I can assure you He plans to never get flawed again! God the Father is never flawed and has never been flawed.

Satan sees God as too straight, too boring and too flat-lined. Satan sees Jesus as the free spirit that Satan thinks he is. God is very Old Testament. Jesus is more New Testament. Satan just believes in TOTAL FREEDOM.

You might say, that isn’t true, because he doesn’t allow freedom for good people. Well, Satan is a psychopath. He’s a leader. He’s trying to make a point that goodness doesn’t exist and it’s a fiction God created to justify his evil. So as a psychopath, he lacks empathy for those who get in his way. Satan became convinced God was evil when he allowed His Son Jesus into existence and allowed His Son to be evil (as Satan saw it). Because Jesus is a freedom lover. Satan thinks the evil ones are the epitome of freedom, because they are free to be WHATEVER THEY WANT. This so-called contradiction in God (that He seems so boring and “good” and has such a freedom loving and “evil” Son) has convinced Satan that God is evil and a good faker.

Satan has convinced himself that once evil wins, all the evil people will have maximum freedom. He sees all us good people as being in chains to God the Father and Jesus, the major hypocrites of the Universe.

But Satan is wrong about God the Father. God actually likes variety and he’s not flat-lined. Why else did he allow His Son Jesus to be born? God realized that to introduce Jesus to the Universe that He would be misunderstood because of how He has handled Jesus thus far. But God really likes variety and freedom, the freedom to be good in all sorts of ways.

I think God’s eventual goal is to lay off on some of the rules He’s laid down, but that can’t happen until he reigns in Satan and his followers. So God’s a good psychopath who is using current events as a means to an end.

This begs the question. Can a psychopath love? Of course they can! If they choose to have a good opinion of God.

If we choose to believe that God is a God of love, then we become more like Him and if we are a psychopath, we become a good psychopath or leader, like God is.

So, our opinion of God really matters and really determines our destiny.

I have always had a good opinion of God and Jesus for most of my life and have honored that, which is why I’m a good psychopath.

Unfortunately, my sister mirrored her mother’s negative opinion of God, and she is currently a bad psychopath and a monster. It appears on my mother’s last day on earth, she changed her opinion about God and got right and she’s now in heaven.

You might say, but some psychopaths are atheists. Well, I don’t believe in the existence of atheists. An atheist is a person who has lied to themselves about the existence of God, because they are flaming mad at Him. That’s it. Something has got their beef.

If you think God is bad, it means you have lost faith in goodness, because God is goodness. You don’t think it exists and that’s why you become evil.

You might say, but Jesus says your sister needs a good spanking. Well, she does. She’s convinced that God is evil because she is evil and her mother has been evil and both got away with it for a long time. They figure God must be evil to allow them to be evil. But God is a God of infinite patience and a master psychopath or leader. His plan is working out and it’s not our job to understand it all, but to just have faith that God is good and knows what He’s doing.

A lot of evil people fail to understand that God is a good leader or psychopath. He’s a strategist. We should judge him not by current conditions, but by his INTENT. His goal is a loving, vast, forgiving and good Universe.

You might say, but he should be able to do this AT ONCE. Well, it doesn’t work that way, when you allow people or beings FREE WILL. God loves freedom and variety, despite what Satan thinks.

Satan got confused when Jesus came into existence, because Satan and Jesus are both freedom lovers. Satan sees God as too boring and flat-lined. Satan thinks that if God understood how much Jesus is like Satan, that God would destroy Jesus, which may be why Satan felt justified to kill Jesus.

First off, God loves variety. Why else does He hang out with Allah and all these gods that are so different from Him? That’s why He let Jesus come into existence. He also realizes, the good psychopath that He is, that he has to allow a process to take place so that all the variety he loves can come into existence and be good. And that’s what he’s doing and what Satan does not understand.

I think, in the end, that Satan will understand some day, though, and God knows that. In the meanwhile, we need to be very careful to never doubt God’s goodness. He’s just a brilliant and good psychopath, a great leader, who is allowing things to play out according to his Plan. In the end, his goal is a loving, good Universe full of exciting variety, spice and pleasure. If we understand that about Him, we will maintain our good opinion of Him and stay out of trouble.

I experienced Jesus’s aurora borealis heart and he is a very forgiving and vast deity who has a vision for a Universe filled with great love, great forgiveness and joy. This is Jesus’s heart and that’s all we need to know. If this is the heart of the Son, it must be the heart of the Father as well.

Trust me, when God and Jesus are through with the Universe and their goal is reached, it will be a fun-filled Universe, filled with love, goodness, pleasure, forgiveness and light. It will be like an orgasm of the heart everywhere. This is their goal. That is all we need to understand. And we will all be enjoying it with our free will INTACT.

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