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I have embedded here some interesting movies about Buddha and Buddhism which may be interesting for Christians to explore as we become full Buddhist Christians, following the example of Jesus, who is now a full Buddhist. This is a lot for Christians to absorb and I recommend we be balanced about it and be sure and do the Gail Commandments and give ourselves plenty of time to understand Buddhism. There is no rush in this. Check my earlier posts for this month (Nov. 2022) to understand how to integrate our Christianity with Buddhism and to follow the example of Jesus our leader, who has done the same. I did mention that I felt Jesus also incorporated aspects of Hinduism as well into Christianity (to honor his god friend Lakshmi), but if we become Buddhists that should be sufficient because there is a lot of overlap between Hinduism and Buddhism.

In fact, Buddha often says the Hindu greeting “namaste” with us when he speaks with us. The spiritual meaning of Namaste essentially is the pouring of the sense of togetherness, oneness, and love, acceptance, and gratitude from one mind to the other mind or the environment. From youngsters to elders and from friends, relatives to a stranger, people say Namaste to each other.

Jesus felt He made some mistakes as a young god when he conceptualized the Bible. He only wants us to view it as a history book. It appears there were 7 other Bibles before the one we all know, that God the Father cancelled. That’s because there were 7 versions of earth before this one.

So why didn’t God the Father just destroy Jesus’s current earth project? I surmise it is because He knew that in 2022 it could be revived into its current workable form when Jesus would reach Supreme deity status. Basically, Buddhist Christianity is more advanced spiritually and more perfect than what we followed before. Jesus has learned from his mistakes as a young god and has come up with a plan that will work now that He has reached perfection and infallibility.

Buddhism is all about being present and living in the moment, so this explains why Jesus does not want to leave us with Bibles and future prophecy. I think He only wants us to know enough about the future to be at peace, but does not want us obsessing over the future. That would violate Buddhist principles about living in the moment and in the present.

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