Buddha Is A Chakra Master

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UPDATE on Nov. 28, 2022: It seems to me that dealing with the chakras is a very advanced Buddhist technique and that perhaps we should not obsess over this unless we learn how to do it directly from the Buddha himself. Buddha will show up to me and Brent when we get off our path or simply to advise us sometimes. However, though I tend to be more early or Theravada Buddhism in my practice and acknowledge that chakra balancing (or dealing with chakras) is a part of Buddhism, my personal opinion is that we need to be careful and not obsess over the chakras and perhaps practice a more Theravada Buddhist style (like what Doug Smith practices). I can see how Satan and his demons could get us off balance about Tantric practices and into trouble. But we should not be self-righteous about being Theravada or early Buddhist in our practice and understand that the Buddha himself is a master at chakras. Buddhists don’t seem to believe in Satan per se, but do believe in an evil deity called Mara (who may be Satan).

Buddha himself has mentioned Satan and acknowledged his existence. Buddha seems to see Satan an an angel who has gotten off his path and believes in his eventual redemption. Buddha has described Satan as quite the asshole. My personal opinion is that Satan will be eventually redeemed, but, unfortunately, this will not happen until he goes into “rehab” for his sin addiction. That “rehab” may be something equivalent to the Lake of Fire (as described in the Christian Bible).

Here is a HISTORY OF HOW TANTRIC (YOGA) PRACTICED EVOLVED IN BUDDHISM. It is a fascinating study for those who are interested in how this “Hindu” practice merged into Buddhism. It seems that those who practice Tantric style Buddhism are the ones who deal with the chakras.

So Tantric style Buddhism is fun to explore (see below) but be aware that Buddhism that deals with the chakras appears to be very advanced Buddhism and I can see new Buddhists getting in a whale of trouble trying to explore it. I suggest you read or view what’s below for education, but when it comes to actual Buddhist practice, a more secular Theravada approach is probably best, like what Doug Smith does.

Not sure what type of Buddhist the god Buddha would call himself. But I know he’s a chakra master. Here are some interesting videos about Tibetan Buddhists that do stuff with chakras. I also included some other stuff that may not be completely Buddhist, but deals with chakras. Buddha probably combines aspects of Hinduism and Buddhism in his practice and I’m not sure we can put the god Buddha in a box.

I’ve learned from dealing with deities like Jesus, that you can’t put them in a box. They seem to defy categories and never completely fit all the criteria of their particular religion. It seems the best place to learn about what these deities are like is this website. I and my men have communicated with them directly.

Chakras really exist and are an important part of our spiritual, mental and physical health. I know that for sure. Jesus blocked Brent’s root chakra and made Brent really angry. Buddha fixed Brent’s root chakra.

I found some articles online that talk about how Tantric Buddhism deals with chakras. I am not sure how Buddha feels about Tantric Buddhism, but I do know Buddha HIMSELF is a master at chakras.



Not sure what I think of this teacher. But he seems to be a combo Hindu/Buddhist, kind of right along the line of our discussion on this page.

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