Gail’s Asexual Moods (A Comedy Post)

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Expresses how I feel to most guys outside my husband Brent, despite the fact that I’m poly-amorous. LOL This applies even to the “hot” ones.

I love a good laugh. I have recently figured out that I can get in strong asexual moods, that can last for months and years. LOL. I used to feel as guilty as hell about this and would have sex just to make the guys happy and realize this is not good. I need to be true to myself.

Check out the music (above) and have a great laugh! It describes me sometimes.

I’m in a happy arrangement right now, where when I’m in the mood for sex, I have it with my husband, who is basically the only one I have the energy for right now. I love him deeply and it’s far more than sex that I feel for him, but he’s really into me and my vagina is always available to him.

This works out great for my monogamous husband Brent, because for a while there, he found my polyamory uncomfortable, but with me having strong asexual tendencies, and realizing that I was mostly having sex with the others out of obligation, he’s feeling a lot better. LOL

So, yeah, I’m a combo of asexual (sometimes) with polyamory. I think the asexual is pretty strong though, so I won’t be doing my polyamory too much. I’m just not into sex that much. I love cuddling though, if I have a real connection with my partner, like I do Brent.

He’s even offered to let the others get in on the act and I told him frankly that, for now at least, I prefer one on one with him. It’s hard enough for me to get into a guy sexually as it is, so if I’m not in the mood, I don’t want to do any sex out of obligation, which I’ve done a lot of. I never feel that way about Brent, though. So his monogamy works out great for me!

It’s gotten worse as I’ve grown older. Right now, I only have the sexual energy, having asexual tendencies, to keep up with my awesome husband Brent Spiner. I have let the rest of the men on the marriage list know that I have no problem with them having other women to meet their sexual needs. I am also polyamorous, so this is cool with me. With me being a combo of asexual and polyamorous, cuz I’m not always asexual, but get in strong asexual moods, I have no problem with my men enjoying other good and nice women, who support our cause.

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