Real Reason FOX Fired Tucker Carlson

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Here is a link to the FOX article about the above video.

Antichrist Lizzo took over FOX News and she is preparing for a totalitarian takeover of the United States and then the world. Tucker’s truthful and courageous exposure of her murdering thugs (like the Jesuit who took out Ashli Babbitt) could be a problem for Lizzo, so she had to get Tucker off the air. We are hoping to get Tucker BACK ON THE AIR, and especially before the 2024 elections take place.

Though I knew the 2020 election was rigged and that I and Trump were the true winners, I did not encourage anyone to protest the results because I knew it wouldn’t work. Yup. I was on the ballot in Nov. 2020, too and I WON. Gabrielle Chana FOX News reported it. It’s too bad that the Trump protesters didn’t realize that.

There were too many Jesuits in Washington D.C. and they were in power. They need to be ousted from power MILITARILY to get our rights back. Basically, it was the war between stage sets, where we would enter the White House and do business and then Loree had her stage props for Biden, often filmed from her space fleet, and aired it on the mainstream news. Loree made sure to have her police in Washington D.C. when the protesters showed up and wanted to make an example of them.

Unfortunately, this fake news game can only be won through war OR by recognizing that Biden is not the President, but Gail WAS. Once a tyrant gets into power, they won’t relinquish it unless you take them out through war. So, more than likely, these protesters were “set up” to make an example of them and to discourage anyone from protesting the rigged election. Basically, the Jesuit message to the protesters was “we’re in power now and if you don’t like it, we’ll kill you and there’s nothing you can do about it.” Unfortunately, they are right. The only thing we can do about it, is go to war with them and forcefully take them out as the war criminals that they are.

In a sense, when Gail declared her Presidency in Feb. 2020, and this was BEFORE the 2020 election, she just decided not to work with Biden, who was a Loree McBride patsy at the time of his rigged election. What Lizzo wants to do is make the rigged election from 2020 completely legitimate and make it so that Brent (the current true President) is unable to enforce his edicts. Lizzo wants to finish the job that Loree started before Loree turned good.

LIzzo thinks she can oust Brent from power by completely controlling the narrative around Jan. 6, 2021 and somehow make Gabrielle Chana FOX News at 00 on cable and here at this website (seem like a parody newscast and not the only true source of news there is). This is the problem when you only have ONE source of true news, so we are trying to get Tucker back into some mainstream news reporting (like Newsmax) so that Lizzo cannot totally monopolize fake news and make the old adage (a lie told over and over becomes the truth) come true.

By the way, you can watch Tucker at 00 on cable. He’s the CEO of Gabrielle Chana FOX News and he reports there as well.

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