Lizzo Goes After Elon Musk (Punishment for Helping Tucker Carlson)

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It’s pretty obvious that Lizzo has had Elon Musk subpoenaed in regard to the Jeffrey Epstein case. Under Lizzo’s legal guidelines you are guilty by association alone. So if you accidentally bumped into a criminal while boarding a bus or a plane, that means you’ve done everything that criminal has done. You see, Lizzo is trying to shut up Tucker Carlson and it appears Tucker is not dead. God forbid. Lizzo is about to have an ulcer. This means Lizzo will have problems rigging the 2024 U.S. mainstream news election, which she needs to do to gain world control, so she thinks. Remember to tune into Gabrielle Chana FOX News (00 on cable and at this website) for accurate news. Lizzo has pretty much taken over mainstream FOX, which meant she had to get rid of Tucker. All I can say is thank God, Brent Spiner is the real U.S. President. However, Lizzo wants you think that’s not the case and she still has some hiccups to resolve.

Here is a post in regard to the above video.

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