Pres. Brent’s Cabinet (Tucker Carlson, Trump, R.F.K. Jr., etc.) Have Automaton Backups (Can’t Kill Them)

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Lizzo would love to murder those who give President Brent support and Jesuits have already murdered our israeli Prime Minister and he has been replaced with an automaton. In the meanwhile, our military will protect Tucker, Trump and R.F.K. Jr. Check out President Brent’s Cabinet. Our Cabinet usually lives on Church of Gail as well for further protection. Should Lizzo succeed in murdering anyone in our Cabinet, they all have automaton backups.

President Brent’s cabinet is about an even blend between Democrats and Republicans, with lots of Independents who are in the Gabrielle Chana Independent political party.


How Antichrists operate. Can also watch it here at Twitter. However, don’t get too hyped up about this, especially the part about toxins in our food, as we are dealing with them, and the Gail Commandments say to eat a balanced diet without concerns about toxins. But all Antichrists have quite a network.

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