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It is believed that Gail got her Catherine the Great genes from the children of the Russian ruler Grand Prince Vladimir of Kiev (11 June 980 – 15 July 1015), from whom she is descended. Grand Prince Vladimir of Kiev, like Catherine the Great, shared Gail’s tendency to have many lovers. Though, Gail is not nearly as bad as the Grand Prince, who had eight hundred concubines and many wives. Despite this, the Grand Prince was a deeply religious man and is considered the founder of the Russian Orthodox Church. Because the Grand Prince had so many lovers and wives, the Grand Prince had many children, and from some of these offspring came Gail’s ancestors that came from the same gene pool as Catherine the Great, and who escaped to Siberia, fleeing for their lives from Sviatopolk, who murdered their father Boris. It is hard to track the real bloodlines to the Grand Prince’s many offspring, because many of them were illegitimate, and, therefore, concealed their true ancestries from the general public. Though Gail’s Catherine the Great bloodlines come from either the Grand Prince himself or one of his many children. The Grand Prince, himself, was the product of an illegitimate union.

The Catherine the Great Germanic bloodlines may have come directly from the Grand Prince himself, or from one of his many children. History is clouded on the true ancestry of his many wives. But with so many wives, and with so many of them royals from all around northern Europe, there were many chances for the predecessors of Catherine the Great to marry the Grand Prince of Vladimir or one of his many children.

Also, the Grand Prince, himself, came from royal families of mainland Europe, specifically Scandinavian families with Germanic bloodlines. Royals, at this time in history, were notorious about marrying other royal families from other countries, in order to maintain their royal bloodlines.

After Grand Prince Vladimir died, his son Boris was next in line for the throne, but Boris was a devoutly religious man, and did not desire the throne. Sviatopolk (one of Vladimir’s many children) wanted the throne and murdered his brother Boris and one of his sons, Gleb, in an attempt to wrest the throne from them. So, at this time in history, many royals, who were next in line for the throne, often had to flee the country to stay alive. Successors to the throne, often came into power, by murdering their rivals.

Boris and Gleb died 1015 to 1019. Very likely, at this time, many of the Grand Prince’s children with their families got together and decided to flee as a group to Siberia, so that they wouldn’t share the fate of Boris and Gleb. They trekked all the way across the Siberian continent, on horseback, and ended up in the northernmost islands of the Japans, probably Sakhalin and Hokkaido islands. This means Gail’s Germanic royal ancestors landed in Japan around 1020 or shortly afterwards. Because they did not look Japanese, they chose to join up with the Emishi in Japan, who were a Caucasian race inside of Japan. Because they intermarried into the Emishi race, they changed the Emishi bloodlines, making the children of the Emishi even more Caucasian, and thus the Emishi became the Ainu. These children of the Emishi, became the Oshu Fujiwara family.

Japan, in 1993, created a mini-series about the Oshu Fujiwara, called “The Saga of the Oshu Fujiwara” or Homura Tatsu.


Many of the Ainu live in Japan and RUSSIA. Many of the Ainu are RUSSIAN ORTHODOX. So, the descendants of the Grand Prince have adopted the religion of the CHURCH HE FOUNDED. The Ainu came AFTER the Emishi, so the Emishi were their predecessors.

One of the Grand Prince’s descendants, Yasuhira of the Oshu Fujiwara family, was a deeply religious man, who surrendered his throne, rather than violate his religion and start a war. In this respect, Yasuhira, shared the same fate and temperament as his grandparents or great grandparents Boris and/or Gleb. He died a martyr to his religious beliefs, rather than violate his religion to maintain his power. The Oshu Fujiwara family, from whom Gail is descended, had Emishi bloodlines with the Germanic royals who escaped from Russia in 1020. One of these royal Russian refugees married Abe no Yoritoki (the Abe leader of the Emishi at this time, who died in 1057). From this union, came a beautiful daughter, who married Fujiwara no Tsunekiyo, probably around 1047. Tsunekiyo died in 1062. He had a son (Kiyohira) with the beautiful daughter of Abe no Yoritoki. Kiyohira became the first leader of the Oshu Fujiwara dynasty and family, that ruled northern Japan from 1100 to 1189. Fujiwara no Kiyohira lived from 1056 to 1128. So, the Russian royal escapees arrived in Japan around 1020. They intermarried into the Emishi clan at this time, and produced a beautiful daughter who married Fujiwara no Tsunekiyo (a Japanese nobleman) around 1047. From this union came Fujiwara no Kiyohira. Kiyohira had many wives and/or concubines. One of his wives, a beautiful Emishi, who probably had the royal Germanic/Russian bloodlines, became the mother to Kiyohira’s son Motohira. Motohira became the next leader of the Oshu Fujiwara dynasty. Motohira married a Japanese blue blood from the Fujiwara line, producing Hidehira. Hidehira became the next ruler of the Oshu Fujiwara family. Hidehira’s son Yasuhira, became the last ruler under the Oshu Fujiwara dynasty.

Yasuhira, a devout Buddhist, refused to have war with the Genji leader Yoritomo, and lost his kingdom to Yoritomo. Yasuhira’s children escaped to the mountains, playing dead to the Japanese authorities, and hid themselves among the Emishi, their relatives. They further intermarried into the Russian royals who lived amongst the Emishi. Their descendants became the AINU (a race which started in Japan around 1274), from whom Gail is descended and where she gets her Catherine the Great genes. The Ainu are basically the descendants of the Oshu Fujiwara family who fled to the mountains to live among the Emishi and of the Russian royals who lived among the Emishi around 1020 and afterwards. The Ainu carry the genes of Catherine the Great, because they have the genes of the Germanic gene pool that produced Catherine the Great.

Grand Prince Vladimir of Kiev was a handsome man. His offspring, who married into the Emishi in Japan, were also considered beautiful. Many of the Japanese royals in northern Japan desired Emishi wives because of their beauty. The Ainu women, who are the offspring of the Oshu Fujiwara family and the Emishi, are hairy (unlike the Japanese), and often have beards, but are considered beautiful women. Gail’s mother, with Ainu blood, won second place in the Miss Tokyo beauty pageant in the 1950s.

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