All Government Officials Scanned To Ensure Conspiracy Law Compliance

I encourage Keanu Reeves, who I’ve assigned to rule Canada to deal with the following situation according to Conspiracy Law, where I’ve made it death penalty to promote Loree McBride’s lies regarding the coronavirus. PASTOR TIM STEPHENS ARRESTED ON NEW CHARGES AFTER ‘UNDERGROUND’ CHURCH SERVICES – ADAM SOOS, JUNE 15, 2021 Pastor Tim Stephens was arrested on Monday afternoon on new charges, after […]

Humans, Satan, Angels Exist as Hyperspace Expanding Eternal Beings

Because humans, Satan and the angels exist as hyperspace expanding and eternal beings, Satan was able to modify my genes in my hyperspace existence, bypassing the ability of our scanners to detect Satan’s work, thus enabling Satan to give me Fabry disease in the hyperspace portion of my existence, making it appear Satan did not do this. Fortunately, Jesus appears […]

Loree McBride Likes Ben Shapiro, Sean Hannity (It Seems)

Conservative establishment elite such as Sean Hannity and Ben Shapiro get shadow boosted and artificially inflated to make them appear more popular and relevant than they are. Loree McBride has ‘friends’ in both Conservative and Liberal circles. Andrew Torba of Gab discusses how this works. I have noticed that Sean Hannity does plenty of Russia bashing on mainstream FOX News, […]