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True love (1 Cor. 13) will win against INSANITY.

THE CLONE DEBATE (video above)

Brent Spiner, Vladimir Putin and my men and our team of scientists have determined that clones are a heavy part of Jesuit strategy to deceive and further Antichrist goals. We have noticed that Jesuits are able to create a clone of just about everyone. Here are my Pinterest pages about this: 1) Evidence Vladimir Putin’s wife Lyudmila was/is an imperfect clone of the woman he married in 1983 Larisa, who died in 2000. 2) Evidence of Jesuit PhotoShop to promote Jesuit lies.



PROOF that the REAL Brent Spiner communicates with Gail.


Gail’s exciting cover for her bookThe Forbidden Abyss: Part Two.


Cures to Jesuit-induced sicknesses. Make sure that the information in the above video matches the YouTube version. If the YouTube version is different, go with the YouTube version and disregard the video here at this website.

Brent Spiner is now a physician, and frequently counsels Gail when she experiences medical problems. He became a physician (graduated from U.C.L.A. medical school around 2006) to help Gail deal with all the medical problems Jesuits have afflicted her with. Brent is very talented and brilliant and has also made two music albums for her: Dreamland (2008) and Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back (1991). In Dreamland the storyline matches the true story in Gail’s book The Forbidden Abyss: Part One.

When natural medicine worked for Gail’s unusual health problems (1998 to now), she became fascinated with it, and began to devour natural medicine textbooks. NOTE OF INTEREST: Gail had an ancestor (from her mother’s side), who was a woman physician. She treated the royal family (during the Tokugawa administration in Japan) and became so renowned as a physician that an entire section of Tokyo was dedicated in her honor. See below the War and Peace videos for Gail’s theories about the AIDS virus.

Gail became intrigued by a possible AIDS cure, after she read the following August 30, 2002 article in the Tallahassee Democrat.


Chronology of Gail Chord Schuler’s Life from birth (1957) to the GA1L Android (2012)

Gail Chord Schuler’s Life: TIMELINE.

The truth about how the Catholic Church sponsored the Nazi holocaust.

In July 1999, I began seeing a naturopath in Seattle, Washington. I forgave Brent Spiner in December 1999 and fell in love with him again, all because of a thought that came to my mind as a still, small voice. It was God. God spoke to me at 2 in the morning, while I lay on my bed in my Seattle apartment. 

But before God spoke to me that quiet and cold morning, I struggled from day to day, overwhelmed by problems, with deteriorating health, deluged with a morass of complications and treachery.


My portraits for my men’s website and church–a website and church created by Brent Spiner, Vladimir Putin, Matthew McConaughey and my men. “Sweet Hour of Prayer”


Jesuits murdered Robin Williams for trying to marry me. Robin even bought a two billion dollar ring, which the Jesuits confiscated when they murdered Robin. Gail wrote a book called THE SHIMMERING SEA about this.

missionary doctor Hudson Taylor
Brent Spiner in Japan

Brent visited Japan in 1994 to honor me. See 1994 section in my life’s chronology. My mother is from Japan and speaks fluent Japanese.

Born again Brent Spiner has become Gail’s Hudson Taylor (picture just above Brent above): the heart and soul of a man who loves Gail like Jesus Christ.


I dedicate this song to Brent Spiner and Vladimir Putin. I understand and I love you and I wait for you. I won’t let the Jesuits destroy you by breaking your heart. “Sukiyaki” is my favorite YouTube video of all on this website, because this song summarizes the theme of my life and of all my writings: Obstacles to Love.


Click here for the true story behind this music.


This is the story of our love. Love, Brent Spiner.

The piano I had from 1986 to 2001.


Click here for the true story behind this music.

Gail around 1991 on the piano, around age 34.

Songs I recorded from my camcorder for Brent (that I mailed to him as a videocassette in 1991), as I sang and played on my piano for Brent included “Moon River”, “On the Street Where You Live”, and other songs from Lerner and Loewe or Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals. Unfortunately, Loree McBride destroyed these once she gained entrance to Brent’s house.

Brent visited Japan in 1994 to honor me and I sang him Sakura on my wiretapped phone (because I knew he listened). It’s the Japanese song about cherry blossoms. Watch the video slide show for Brent’s song “More Than You Know” above–you’ll catch a photo of his Japanese visit. 


“Oh Brent, I had to write this, because your love for me is the thrill of them all.” I hope to revamp my Silver Skies and make it true to the vision I had for the book in 1996.

CLICK ON IMAGE FOR LARGER VIEW. Screenshot from, a website Gail’s men took down in 2014.

When I realized to what extreme the Jesuits would go to sabotage my love for Brent Spiner, I realized I needed a President as my lover and fell in love with Russian President Vladimir Putin. If 9/11/01 had not happened I would never have noticed Vladimir Putin. The following videos should be preserved for posterity and never forgotten. We should never forget how determined the Jesuits are. I’m grateful to Vladimir for his faith in me and for having the courage to implement my anti-terrorism Conspiracy Law in Russia.

Gail at around age 25.

I love “Embraceable You” from Brent’s album Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back.

Matthew McConaughey, star of Silver Skies movie

“I’m honored to play the role of Texan Dor Ben Habakkuk from your awesome novel, Silver Skies.”  Matthew McConaughey

“I dream about you in the wee small hours of the morning from 1990 to now.” .  .  Love, Brent Spiner

I expose the powerful Jesuit conspiracy that blocks me from the “rich and famous” men who love me, blocking their attempts to give me money or marry me.


Gail sings for her men’s church for her (November 2012).


Brent Spiner’s Feb. 2008 Dave Rabbit radio interview. Brent has informed Gail that the reason he even mentioned aspects of his relationship with Loree in this interview, was because Loree threatened to harm or kill Gail if he did not talk about Loree and his son with her while he marketed Dreamland. Loree stole Brent Spiner’s semen during her drug rape of him in September 1992. She used the stolen semen to impregnate herself (via artificial insemination) in 2001, giving birth to Brent’s “son” in June 2002. Because Brent was/is in love with Gail (1990 to now), the Jesuits wanted to ensure he could never marry Gail by impregnating Loree with Brent’s stolen semen. Jesuit leader Zack Knight clones entire computer systems, including the Internet, switching out the actual online presence with a clever Jesuit copy or clone version to ensure the Jesuit version of events dominates the news and Internet coverage. Jesuit Loree McBride felt threatened over the release of Brent’s new CD Dreamland, because its story (that he wrote) was about his love for Gail. In the Dave Rabbit radio interview, Brent admits that he’s not married to Loree.

Because I’m a key leader in this war against the Jesuit Order, I find the spirit of Erwin Rommel inspiring. Too bad he was on the wrong side and he figured this out eventually. It cost him his life. Erwin Rommel (Song about Rommel): the spirit we need to win this war. Satan resurrected Adolf Hitler from hell in Dec. 2020 and Jesus allowed him to stay alive. He is now working in my U.S. Presidential cabinet with Rule 13 to help us defeat Loree McBride as a military leader.

Daughter, you honor me. Love, your father from heaven

“Goodnight Sweetheart” from Brent’s Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back album. “Though I’m not beside you, Gail, still my love will guide you. . .”  Brent

Vladimir Putin, Lyudmila Putina

This photo allegedly taken on Oct. 16, 2010 of Vladimir and his wife, Lyudmila, participating in a census survey at their Moscow residence is probably fake, doctored, or not what it appears. Vladimir Putin’s official website said, “Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and his wife Larisa participate in the National Population Census” on 10-16-10, with Larisa changed to Lyudmila on 10-17-10. Larisa was the name of Putin’s REAL wife who died in 2000. Lyudmila is an evil Jesuit clone of Larisa.

My comments about Vladimir’s 2011 Easter photos with Lyudmila.

Brent has communicated with Gail via Skype (through texting). She features this live chat with Brent at this website, because it shows some of the real Brent.



“1990 to now. . .   I remember you. . . somehow. . .somewhere. . .some day. . .there’s a place for us.”

Gail Chord Schuler Wearing the Shirt She Sewed (2013)

November 3, 2011, I used my webcam to take these photos at this link for Brent Spiner, for my men’s “Church of Gail”

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