Scenes from Gail's Life (childhood to now)

Here is another post about my childhood:

Another post about my life:

1957 to summer 1971 (childhood and teenage years)

Gulfstream Elementary, Cutler Ridge Junior High

10020 Montego Bay Drive, Cutler Bay, Florida 33189 (where I lived)

Visited paternal grandparents (Robert and Verla Chord—deceased) every summer (1963, 1964, 1965, 1966) at their Royal Palm Motel at 5809 N. Nebraska Ave., Tampa, FL  33604, until my grandpa retired from his motel ownership around 1966, then we stayed with them in their retirement home at 7503 Coarsey Drive, Tampa, Florida, every summer (1967 to 1970). I had beginning swimming lessons from the Red Cross around 7 years old. I was a big swimmer, and they took me and my sister to Clearwater Beach almost every other weekend when we were with them. I also swam a lot in the Royal Palm Motel swimming pool. My grandparents lived on the second story of the Royal Palm Motel, when they were the owners. They sold the motel when they retired. It appears that the oval shaped swimming pool got filled in and replaced with a carport. As a girl, I was a BIG-TIME shell collector and even labelled all my shells with scientific names and put them in compartments. I got so sun tanned from going to the beach, that I almost no longer looked like a Caucasian. On occasion, my grandparents took me and my sister to Busch Gardens. They usually did this one time for each summer we visited them, like when my father or my aunt and uncle visited us. When my father visited his parents, he was quite aloof around me and my sister, though he would allow us to take pictures of him a bit. I lost all these pictures. My father has a lot of pictures of me and my sister on slides from our childhood. I think he lives in the Panama City area right now. His name is Robert Leonard Chord. He would be in his eighties, I believe. His wife is Elaine. He was born December 1st or 2nd. DETAILS OF ADDRESSES AND BIRTH DATES OF MY RELATIVES SHOULD PROBABLY BE KEPT OUT OF THE DOCUMENTARY, UNLESS YOU GET PERMISSION TO PUBLICIZE THESE. I visited him in North Carolina on the way down from Michigan to Florida around 1989. At that time he lived in a custom built house on the waterfront in North Carolina, near the Atlantic Ocean Beach. He had a yacht that he let me and David sail on. He’s a retired Eastern Airlines captain. Interesting, because his uncle was Howard Hughes. I think he was born in 1926. Here are the records of his father (my paternal grandpa).

Sabrina was my paternal great grandmother, the genetic mother of Howard Hughes.


Gail loved to dig up coquinas at the beach, watching them burrow quickly into the sand after each wave. Summers at Clearwater Beach 1963 to 1969.


Busch Gardens, Tampa, Florida. A favorite place for my paternal grandparents to take me and my sister, especially when we had relatives visit. They took me here every summer (1963 to 1969).


Clearwater Beach


Coquina clams burrowing in the beach sand after a wave. A big memory from childhood.


I used to tear the flesh out of these colorful shells and add them to my shell collection.


Hermit crabs always intrigued me as a little girl.

Summers (1963 to 1966), my sister and I stayed at this motel, which my grandpa owned. My paternal grandparents lived in the 2nd story section to the right. Where the red car is, there used to be an oval shaped swimming pool with a diving board, where my sister and I swam a lot.


Paternal grandparent’s house. I stayed here from about 1966 to 1970 every summer. This is where they moved after they sold their motel. It used to be painted pink and white with horizontal stripes. The grapefruit tree in the front yard was much smaller than in this picture. There is still the carport to the left. They had a big Florida room in the back, where my sister and I slept, that had its own bathroom and shower. The backyard had a concrete slab with lawn furniture on it, that extended from the sliding glass doors of the Florida room.

June and July 1971 lived in El Cerrito, California, at my mother’s friend’s house.

July and August 1971 lived in Lompoc, California, while mom looked for a place to live in L.A.

Summer 1971 to January 1972 (where I found the Lord)

5200 South J Street, Apt. 21, Oxnard, California (where I lived)

Oxnard Baptist Temple with Ed Rothenberger as pastor, Joe Buonassissi as youth director.


Before we settled in Oxnard, we stayed at my mother’s friend’s house (Leslie and Yoshi Bennie) here in El Cerrito (June 1971). From his living room window, you could see all of San Francisco Bay. He had a garden in the back where he grew his own snow peas on a trellis. I picked some for Yoshi and she fried them with soy sauce and oil. I made friends with some neighborhood kids and we crawled through the tunnels of El Cerrito together. 

The Oxnard apartments I lived in (September 1971 to January 1972), when I lived in California. While I lived here, I found the Lord. They used to be called Villa Tropicana, I believe, when I lived in them. I accepted Jesus on September 19,1971 in California.

Lompoc, California. We lived in Lompoc about a month (July 1971), near another of my mom’s Japanese friends, that she called “crazy Yoshi” who was married to a serviceman stationed at Vandenberg AFB. While in Lompoc, because there wasn’t much to do out here, I listened to Christian radio, seeking the Lord.

Recent pictures of the Oxnard apartment complex where I lived when I found the Lord.

January 1972 to January 1973

Cabana Club Apartments, 19701 SW 110th Ct, Cutler Bay, FL 33157. Mom wouldn’t let me go to church at this time. One of the guys who used to come over to our place for dinner, committed suicide and the police came into  his apartment complex to get his body. He shot himself in the head. While I lived here, I walked real fast to go to the library and fell in a sprinkler hole in a meridian in the middle of a street, and got a huge gash near my left ankle. Still have scar tissue from this.

January 1973 to September 1977

10020 Montego Bay Drive, Cutler Bay, Florida 33189 (where I lived)

Cutler Ridge Junior High, Miami Palmetto Senior High, Miami-Dade Community College (Kendall campus). Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO, also went to Palmetto Sr. High and graduated several years after I did.

South Dade Baptist Church (Homestead, Florida, Charles Couey pastor)

Cabana Club Towers 1972

I lived in the Cabana Club Towers from around May 1972 to about September 1973. Mother had rented out our 10020 Montego Bay Drive house to an Army family (while we were in California) and had to wait for the contract to expire before we could move back into our old house. When we first returned from California we stayed at the house of my sister’s friends, the Ippolitos in Cutler Ridge, (January 1972 to May 1972) and had Italian-American food every night by their swimming pool. 

Cabana Clubs Towers (front)

Front view of Cabana Club Towers, where I stayed in 1972, waiting for the Army family to end their lease at our 10020 Montego Bay Drive home. Mom left California to cure me of my religious fanaticism, my newfound faith in Jesus.

10020 Montego Bay Drive (Feb 1974)

The front yard of our 10020 Montego Bay Drive home in Cutler Ridge, Florida. Now called Cutler Bay.

Dressed up for “Old Fashioned Day” around 1974 at South Dade Baptist Church, Homestead, Florida. Happy in Jesus.

I attended Cutler Ridge Jr. High in 7th, 8th and the last half of 9th grade (1969 to 1972), The first half of 9th grade I attended Hueneme High School in Port Hueneme, California. It was at Cutler Ridge Jr. High in Mr. Marino’s ensemble (ninth grade) that I started singing. He thought I took voice lessons when he first heard me sing. One of the first things I enjoyed more as a new believer was music.

Where I attended high school. I was placed in all the advanced coursework in math, science, English, etc. But dropped math and science after tenth grade, because I got frustrated with Chemistry Honors in tenth grade. I had an excellent English teacher (Mrs. Sheridan in a wheelchair), who inspired me to love great literature. We took a full semester studying the Russian novel. I also had a great chorus teacher, who taught me voice, Richard Bullman. We sang in Handel’s Messiah and in the background for opera at the Miami Beach Symphony. We also travelled to Virginia to sing in the Apple Blossom Festival, which is where I first heard “I’ll Be With You in Apple Blossom Time”. JEFF BEZOS WENT TO SCHOOL HERE. When I attended, the school had around four thousand students. I was bussed in from Cutler Ridge. Had to wake up before the sun to get ready for school. Tenth grade I was afternoon shift (12 to 5 pm). But 11th and 12th grades I was morning shift (7 am to 12 pm). 

Private Residence Hall I stayed in while a student at Florida State University (1977 to 1979). They served meals at the cafeteria, so I didn’t have to mess with dishes and cooking. I didn’t like the loud rock music that was often played here, and ended up having a single room, without a roommate.

1977 to 1979 Cash Hall pool area

This is the view I saw from my dorm window at Cash Hall. I never went to the pool because I felt it immodest to let anyone see me in a swimsuit. Often I heard rock music played down by the pool and they had beer parties. I longed for the day I could go to Bible College and escape the “heathenism” of the state university. Though I did make Christian friends at F.S.U., one of whom is now on my marriage list, Dr. Keith Morgan. I propositioned this guy for marriage around 1978 and he turned me down. It devastated me at the time, and I never propositioned a guy ever again after that. He was a biology major and in the Army ROTC program at F.S.U. from Coral Gables High School. I first met him as a student at Miami-Dade Community College in Kendall, Florida (1975 to 1977). In 1978, I rededicated my life to the Lord and became very active in Temple Baptist Church, Tallahassee, FL with pastor Rayburn Blair. I had chosen nursing as a major without even consulting Jesus.

Taken around 1977.

FSU Library

The copyright holder of this file allows anyone to use it for any purpose, provided that the copyright holder is properly attributed. Redistribution, derivative work, commercial use, and all other use is permitted. This is the F.S.U. library. Taken from FSU website Wikipedia. I practically lived here my entire stay at FSU, which may explain why I graduated with honors. My Christian friends at Cash Hall teased me, saying I studied more than they did, and they were pre-med and science majors.

Raymond Hancock

Pastor of the church I attended my first year at Baptist University of  America (1979 to 1980). Raymond Hancock of Pinecrest Baptist Church, Morrow, Georgia. Photo below taken around Valentine’s Day at Pinecrest Baptist Church. Ms. Velvia Lewish of Savannah, Georgia was our dorm mother at Baptist University, She took me to her church.

September 1979 to May 1980

I turned down a chance to be an Air Force officer to attend B.U.A.

Baptist University of America, 2009 White’s Mill Rd., Decatur, Georgia 30032

Attended Pinecrest Baptist Church (1979 to 1980), Dr. Raymond Hancock pastor, Morrow, GA


May 1980 to August 1981

10020 Montego Bay Drive, Cutler Bay, Florida 33189

Attended First Baptist Church of Perrine (Southern Baptist), 8900 S.W. 168th St., Perrine, Florida 33157 Pastor Tommy Watson

Then attended South Dade Baptist Church, Homestead, Florida 33030 Pastor Charles Couey

January 1982 to May 1983

Baptist University of America, 2009 White’s Mill Rd., Decatur, Georgia 30032

Attended Forrest Hills Baptist Church, Decatur, GA  Pastor Bill Pennell (now a missionary to the Ukraine). Became good friends with Lisa Toman, Jill Vaughan, Randy Laase (see my web page

May 1983 to 1984

10020 Montego Bay Drive, Cutler Bay, Florida 33189

Attended South Dade Baptist Church, Homestead, Florida 33030, worked as science teacher at Colonial Christian Schools. David Schuler visited me in my classroom when on leave from the Coast Guard and we married in April 1985.

1984 to April 1985

This photo was taken of me right as I left work as a Christian school teacher to go home.


Taken in 1984 or 1985, when I taught science at South Dade Baptist Church Schools.

The pastor of Forrest Hills Baptist Church in Decatur, Georgia was Bill Pennell, when I attended there as a student at Baptist University of America (1982 to 1983). He is now a missionary to the Ukraine.

Kendall condo my mom lived in and where I lived with her at the time.

1984 to April 1985

Moved to Kendall, Florida, S.W. 96th Ave., Miami, Florida 33176 to live in townhouse with mom around August 1984.

From August 1984 to April 1985 attended First Baptist Church of Westwood Lakes, 4301 S.W. 107 Avenue Miami, FL 33165. Marvin Gochenour Pastor. This is the church where Gail married David Schuler

May 1985 to June 1986

Lived in Portland, Oregon with David Schuler. First at Ainsworth Court, 1515 N. Ainsworth St., Portland, Oregon 97217 from May 1985 to around August 1985. When we lived at Ainsworth Court, we had carpet, not wood floors. We couldn’t afford a bed and my whole first month at this apartment, I slept on the floor on a mattress, I believe. After David’s brand new Toyota pickup got stolen, we moved to the Milwaukie area in SE Portland. The police found the truck, but it was real beat up, and our insurance covered the loss. It was stolen, parked on the street right in front of our apartment complex. Because of the huge windows, after our truck was stolen, I did not feel safe and worried about peeping toms and wanted to move out. Our next residence was away from North Portland, which apparently was a bad section. At The Bluffs (apartment), 12601 SE River Rd., Milwaukie, Oregon 97222. We lived at The Bluffs from around August 1985 to June 1986. David bought us a water bed, because I liked a soft mattress. Bad move, every time my husband moved, the bed moved. We ended up with a board down the middle, and two separate water mattresses to keep the bed from moving. I was not a good sleeper in my twenties and early thirties. I believe I had an undiagnosed nutritional deficiency.

Attended Tri-City Baptist Temple, 18025 SE Webster Rd., 97027 Ken McCormick pastor, Gladstone, Oregon. Because of this experience with my ex, where he forced me to sleep in the same bed with him, I have told Brent I would require my own bed, though I would have no objections to having two beds next to each other. I took the city bus from Milwaukie to work for the Corps of Engineers as a secretary in downtown Portland.

The Bluffs in Milwaukie, Oregon. We moved here after our truck got stolen in northern Portland.

This is where the truck got stolen.

Inside of the north Portland, Oregon apartment where I lived as a newlywed to David.

The Bluffs in Milwaukie, Oregon. I did a lot of Asian cooking here.

I remember this kitchen where I made lots of good Asian cuisine.

June 1986 to July 1986, moved to Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. On the way over, visited Yellowstone National Park and Mt. Rushmore, South Dakota.

July 1986 to July 1989

Lived in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, 1804 W. 18th Street, Lot #11, 49783. Lived at L&M mobile home park in a single wide mobile home (brand new). Used Gail’s earnings from her secretary job at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in Portland, to make down payment for home. Made friends with the Grahams, Don and Brigitte, who lived in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.

Attended two churches, first one in Sault Ste. Marie, Community Baptist Church, 1006 E. 4th Ave., Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan for about six months. Then went to Canadian Church that met in an old rented building. Canadian pastor, Dan and Heather Bowers. He was a King James only pastor and a dispensationalist when Gail and David were members of his church. The Bowers thought I should put my son up for adoption because I had “post partum depression”. A lady, a seamstress, who worked at a fabric store at the Canadian church introduced me to Carole Jackson’s Color Me Beautiful, which began my interest in fashion. Up until my interest in color and fashion (1989), I was a slave (1980 to 1989) to my Bible College’s dress code:  no pants, Victorian style dress, no breast cleavage, dresses and culottes only, camisoles for see-through blouses, knee-length or longer dresses and skirts, etc. Here is a recent video about Dan Bowers:

The mobile home we lived in actually was a brand new single wide brown home with cream trim, I believe. David used the money I earned as a secretary in Portland to pay for most of the home.

Clipping my son’s nails on the living room sofa.

My son was conceived in the room behind the door, which was our bedroom. The closet behind me had our washer and dryer. Check out the recipe to these gyoza HERE. This is a recipe my mother Misao Satake Fuller taught me. It was her own personal recipe.

July 1989 to May 1990

Lived in Cutler Bay, Florida at 19851 S.W. 103 Ct., Cutler Bay, Florida 33157. This is where I fell in love with Data by watching “Pen Pals”, and initially wrote him. I used to pick up my phone at this rented duplex and heard Brent silent on the other end. We lived on the left hand side. There were a lot of roaches. The lady we rented from was a slob. So we moved out to go to the Saga Bay apartments. It was in this duplex, that I had the “accident” with my son and he got into my lithium, which resulted in harassment from the state of Florida. Brent Spiner was behind “The Drumhead” episode, because of this, so I adored him.

May 1990 to May 1991

Lived in Cutler Bay, Florida at Saga Bay apartments, 8540 SW 212 St., Apt. 202, Miami, Florida 33189, where I lived when I first heard from Brent Spiner, and got his letter in the mail.

Went to church that met in a house, with John and Eileen Smaha. They were Dave Reese followers. A King James only dispensationalist. I shared the letter I received from Brent with this family. They were an open and intelligent family and had a positive response to Brent’s letter. They also warned me about my husband, that he was not loyal to me.

I lived here when my son got into my medicine and state persecution started over it. This inspired the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “The Drumhead”. It was also when I lived here that I watched “Pen Pals” and decided to start writing Brent.

You see that green box to the front? I mailed a lot of letters to Brent from there.

I lived here when I received my letter from Brent. It was here that I wrote Brent and told him about state persecution over my son.

May 1991 to July 1994

Lived at the Augusta Glen Apartments, 4820 168th St. SW, #11, in Lynnwood, Washington 98037.

Went to Open Door Baptist Church with Ken Blue, pastor. 17014 44th Ave. W, Lynnwood, WA 98037. I liked this church. It was a KJV only church and Dr. Ruckman often was guest speaker. We had a Victorian looking sleeper sofa that I bought in my Victorian thinking days (1980 to 1989) while we lived in Portland, Oregon. When Brent came in my life, I started shedding some of my Victorian thinking little by little. We sold the bulky sleeper sofa around 1994 and bought a futon in its place around 1992. GO TO MY WEBSITE TO VIEW THE VERY IMPORTANT CORRESPONDENCE WITH PARAMOUNT STUDIOS DURING THIS TIME:

I often typed letters to Brent at this terminal and then mailed them secretly at night when my husband was sleeping. I never saved any of them, because my husband was very good on the computer. In Sept. 1992, I got 3 weeks of silence while I lived here from Brent and was devastated. I just typed them, printed them and then deleted the file and didn’t save it. I lived in these apartments when the Northridge earthquake hit, when a female Jesuit Paramount Studios attorney forbade me to write Brent Spiner.

Gail wrote her teleplay Lal from this computer in 1992. Another post about Lal.

This is me in 1991, right after Brent started making love to me on the phone and is pretty much what I looked like at the time I made my cassette tape for Brent in Sept. 1990.

July 1994 to July 1995

Lived at Meadow Park Apartments, 2800 Mustang Rd., Alvin, TX 77511

Had church at home, listening to videocassettes of Dr. Ruckman. Played them on the wiretapped phone. Brent listened. He also showed up several times in this apartment’s parking lot in a huge, black limousine with dark tinted windows. Drove out to Meyerland/Bellaire area of Houston (where Brent grew up) to get scene descriptions for Silver Skies, and visited synagogues to research for Houston rabbi main character.

I often drove out to Meyerland, to do research for Silver Skies, knowing I patterned Dor Ben Habakkuk after Brent, which is why he lived in Meyerland.

While living in these apartments, I often saw Brent in a limousine with dark windows out in the parking lot, when I’d drive in after going to the store.

Brent says he actually looked inside these windows to see the new curtains I sewed, which I talked about on our wiretapped phone.

July 1995 to July 1997

Moved to the Bay Area or Webster, TX and lived at Baybrook Village Apartments, 2702 W. Bay Area Blvd., #4610, Webster, TX 77598. This is where I lived when I first learned about Loree McBride. Had church at home. For stress relief I often worked out in the apartment’s exercise room. I believe around this time my husband ordered two adjustable twin beds for our bedroom. They were right next to each other. We got rid of the waterbed.

I used to work out in here and try to forget about Loree McBride, right after I learned about her in 1996.

July 1997 to July 1999

Moved to Ladson, South Carolina. Lived in doublewide mobile home (brand new). 9204 Wisteria St., Ladson, SC 29456. While I lived here, Loree tried to burn down my mobile home.,-80.112172&cbp=13,346.3,0,0,0&cbll=33.006033,-80.112157&q=9204+Wisteria+Street,+Ladson,+South+Carolina&ei=wiRrUv3aGM-EkQev2YCQAQ&ved=0CC8QxB0wAA

Went to church at King James Bible Believers Baptist Church. Jonathan Doss, pastor. WARNING, BE VERY CAREFUL ABOUT COPYING OR PASTING ANYTHING FROM THIS WEBSITE. MR. DOSS MAY NOT LIKE IT. This KJV only pastor got bought off by Loree McBride.

While in South Carolina, Brent put David Castellone M.D. on my wiretapped phone. He was my family practice doctor and I often shared letters in Italian with him, even mailing a couple of them to his office. David and I became friends and he was the last person I visited before I left South Carolina. I actually made an appointment so that I could say goodbye to him. 

Those are herbs growing in pots behind me. I used them for Italian cooking.

I was a BIG TIME cook in Ladson, South Carolina.

Moved to Mukilteo, Washington July 1999 to May 2001 (DIVORCE)

Lived at Anchor Village Apartments, 9511 49th Ave. W., Apt. 17G, Mukilteo, WA 98275.

Used to walk on these streets to relieve stress from the divorce proceedings.

Attended Open Door Baptist Church in Lynnwood—same church I attended when I lived at Lynnwood, WA (1991 to 1994).

I often walked these streets to deal with stress of the divorce. Brent tried to encourage me in his own way, and I believe the movie Esther was made at this time to honor me. Very shortly, after I decided to divorce David, I wrote Emerald Towers, while living in Mukilteo, WA.

Moved to Melbourne, Florida May 2001 to Oct. 2001

Lived at 3200 Westland Court, Melbourne, FL 32934. Lake Washington Area of Melbourne. This is what the front of my mother’s home looked like. While here, Brent tried to come and marry me right before 9-11-01. 9-11-01 derailed that and I got discouraged about marrying Brent and went for Vladimir Putin.

Did not attend church.

Not the actual home I lived in with my mother, but this is what the neighborhood looked like.


Moved to Tallahassee, Florida October 2001 to December 2002. Lived at Indian Ridge Apts., 2922 Miccosukee Rd., #2A, Tallahassee, FL 32308. Visited North Florida Baptist Church (used to be Temple Baptist Church with Rayburn Blair as pastor).

I heard gunshots several times from these apartments! My mother apparently did not move me to a safe apartment complex. My next door neighbor was a heroin addict. Check out my German letters to Vladimir Putin, I wrote them while I lived here.

At this time I submitted to Brent from these apartments a statement he could use in court against Loree McBride. Here is another version of that statement. I transcribed it from cassette tape when I lived in Tallahassee. I just spoke my heart and then made a transcription of it.

Moved to Melbourne, Florida Jan. 2002 to July 2004

Lived at 3200 Westland Court, Melbourne, FL 32934. Lake Washington Area of Melbourne.

Did not attend church. My father moved to Melbourne, FL and lived here from about 2002 to 2009.

Moved to my apartment in Melbourne, Florida address. July 2004 to 2021.

Did not attend church.

This house above is where my dad lived when he lived in Melbourne, Florida.

I ended up reinstating Brent in 2006, but added Vladimir back in, because he really bonded to me.

The Brent Spiner clone became public starting around 2011. 

Right before I visited my sister and son in Atlanta, in Feb. 2012, my men and I started our formal “relationship” with Satan.

I visited my son in Atlanta, while he lived with my sister to attend his graduation from two-year college in 2012. The Jesuits threatened my sister and my men showed up to encourage her. Learning they were real in my life, she became jealous and turned against me.

Son Erich Schuler’s graduation from Southern Polytechnic State University was on Dec.13, 2014.
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