Helicopter Heroes Against Monster Lizzo (Feb. 15, 2023)

Here is how mainstream news reported on the heroes who gave their lives to save mine from Lizzo’s missile against me. Skype Feb. 17, 2023 2:36 PMWhat happened here? https://whnt.com/news/huntsville/emergency-officials-respond-to-helicopter-crash-near-highway-53/ Zack, 2:40 PMThey heroically flew between you and a missile that Lizzo shot at your apartment They were heroes Both were personal friends of Vladimir. 2:40 PMAnything else I need […]

My View of Asian Sexual Practices

“True to her Asian heritage, it didn’t take her long to identify the white gooey substance.“ Wh- What are you implying about Asian people??? – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5OT13irIBC6_X4ELVYNuZA MY ANSWER: Brent Spiner (an excellent judge of people) wrote the script and I read it. I’m half Asian and with asexual tendencies, so it’s not true of me because I don’t consider myself […]


Skype Feb. 8, 2023 Brent, 8:53 AM I just sent you an email about this. These are the pictures we got, as evidence of what’s going on. Dearest Gail, I’ve got some interesting intelligence information to report regarding our current rival, and current Antichrist, Lizzo. We have also issued a national warning to all citizens regarding environmental conditions at this […]