Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (11-2-2004)

11-2-04 Bemerkungen über 1-12-02 Tatbestand My UNWILLING AGENT mother called and left a message on my cell phone and asked me babysit her cats this weekend, which I can’t do. She also said that Chrysler Financial called and wanted me to call them at 1-800-955-9096. Have Chrysler Financial’s CEO investigate this matter and allow him to prosecute those behind this. […]

My Secretary of Labor: Stephanie Kelton (Debunks Deficit Myth)

I am a blend between capitalism and socialism in my fiscal policies. We have heard the Republican/Libertarian version of economic policy, which is supposedly based on pure capitalism. I am not totally discounting the traditional conservative view of economics; however, I think Stephanie has a point and she argues for my socialist policies. I have an excellent National Health Care […]

Sergey Shoygu Appointed U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense. Has Dual Russian/U.S. Citizenship.

As I fill my cabinet, I have searched long and hard for a competent U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense. Unfortunately, it appears the military-industrial complex has totally taken over all the high positions inside the U.S. military. To solve this problem, I’ve decided to give the Russian defense minister, Sergey Shoygu, dual citizenship. He will be a dual Russian/American citizen. […]

Candida Auris PANDEMIC Feeds on Iron, Causing Heart Damage

I have had personal experience with Candida Auris. This germ is like no other. I have noticed that for a while, about a month ago, I experienced heart palpitations (arrhythmias) from Candida Auris, because Loree McBride’s bombs have been dropped over my head like a blitzkrieg. Why does Candida Auris attack the organs, like the heart? My husband Brent Spiner […]

Jesus Christ’s Rainbows on VP Tulsi Gabbard (After Hurricane Douglas Misses Hawaii)

UPDATE on July 19, 2021: Tulsi ended up betraying me. Not sure what the rainbows meant, but perhaps Satan sent them trying to impersonate Jesus. Tulsi Gabbard is my Vice President and as I’m very busy, I delegate a lot to her, so she is practically the U.S. President now. It appears Jesus answered my prayers to protect Tulsi Gabbard’s […]

Conspiracy Law Supreme Court Replaces U.S. Supreme Court

CONSPIRACY LAW SUPREME COURT 15.0 The U.S. Supreme Court has passed some rulings lately that have been totally asinine. It appears that the Jesuits have totally taken over the U.S. Supreme Court, making it a dangerous organization that violates our rights to free speech, violates the Bill of Rights and the U.S. Constitution. Though these laws are mainly for the […]