My Secretary of Labor: Stephanie Kelton (Debunks Deficit Myth)

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I am a blend between capitalism and socialism in my fiscal policies. We have heard the Republican/Libertarian version of economic policy, which is supposedly based on pure capitalism. I am not totally discounting the traditional conservative view of economics; however, I think Stephanie has a point and she argues for my socialist policies. I have an excellent National Health Care Plan and believe in a comprehensive and total program to assist the homeless, giving them job training and benefits. I also oppose greed in all forms and try to take down the greedy who rule over us all and take advantage of their riches to rule over us with impunity. This is why Bernie Sanders is my Health and Human Services Secretary.

From what I understand, my recent decision to appoint the Russian defense minister, Sergey Shoygu as U.S. Secretary of Defense has uncovered a massive Loree McBride conspiracy inside our U.S. military bureaucracy and we’ve had to execute about 80% of the military leadership in the United States. To get the full report on this, listen to Gabrielle Chana FOX News (00 on cable). Donald Trump was fooled and it upset him so much when he found out, he puked his guts out. Loree McBride, apparently, used a very advanced form of brain control on our Nanotechnology Research Team (because of a traitor), so that they were unaware that this technology was being used to blind them to Loree’s almost total control over the U.S. military. The U.S. military, apparently, are behind Loree McBride’s germ bombs all over the world, which has caused the Covid-19/Candida Auris mixed infection pandemic.

The U.S. military has been about eighty percent Loree McBride Jesuits since about 2017 and they have been working with the Israeli military in the massive Covid-19/Candida Auris mixed infection pandemic, designed to take Donald Trump out of office. Joe Biden only cooperated with Loree because she threatened to kill him and his wife, if he would not. Right now, I (Gail Chord Schuler) am the U.S. President, and regardless of who gets in as the U.S. mainstream news President, I’m the U.S. President and your best choice on the ballot.

I encourage those who feel socialism is from the devil to listen to Stephanie Kelton. We’ve been brainwashed by Conservatives who support Loree McBride in this matter. My personal conviction is that the best economic program is a blend between socialism and capitalism, which means I think the government has a responsibility to look out for the poor and helpless against the greedy, while allowing free enterprise to reign as much as possible.

I have also appointed Stephanie as chair of the council of economic advisers to the President.

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