Sociopath Loree McBride's Impeachment DISTRACTION for White House NARCISSISTS

The following is a brilliant article that articulates exactly how I feel about the current impeachment proceedings, written by Major Danny Sjursen: I dislike his title, so I gave it one that I feel more accurately describes the contents of his brilliant article. Sociopath Loree McBride is the current leader of the Deep State or establishment Democratic Party as […]

Just In: Polling Shows Tulsi Gabbard in Strong Position

Please support Tulsi Gabbard who is my first choice for U.S. President. Gail — BREAKING: TWO new polls released today show Tulsi’s growing strength in New Hampshire, both counting as qualifying polls for the February debate. One of these polls was conducted by CNN. Yes, that’s correct; CNN’s OWN polling qualifies Tulsi for the debate in the same week as denying […]

Democrat Loree McBride/Republican Melania Trump – SAME CORRUPT PARTY

Sociopath Loree McBride who touts herself as an establishment Democrat and Psychopath Melania Trump who touts herself as an establishment Republican are actually in an alliance and belong to the establishment Democrat/Republican Party which is the SAME PARTY just under different names and shouting different speeches (which is ALL A RUSE). They create artificial divisions between the two parties to […]

Gail, with Genius Emotional IQ, Analyzes Psychopath Melania Trump

TERRORIST WAR CRIMINAL U.S. PRES. MELANIA TRUMP Melania Trump exhibits 3 distinct types of psychopathic behavior: Violent, Covetous and Moralistic Saint. Let’s cover the violent aspects of her psychopathy first. Especially distinctive is this type of psychopath’s tyrannical desires, is their willingness to go out of the way to be unmerciful and inhumane. Often calculating and cool, these psychopaths are […]

Open-minded, Deep Thinkers (not APD Folks) Support Tulsi Gabbard

A person with antisocial personality disorder may: Our 2020 Presidential election cycle will show the true nature of American voters. I suspect we may have an epidemic of folks with APD (antisocial personality disorder) like psychopaths, sociopaths and narcissists in politics and, perhaps, in the electorate. My vote for Tulsi is a conscience vote, because she is the only politician […]

Bernie Sanders Walks Straight Into the Russia-gate Trap

Sorry Bernie, I thought you had courage. I’m voting for Tulsi Gabbard, not you. I respected you for denouncing the Soleimani assassination, but what’s up with this Russia-gate nonsense? The New York Times caused a mini-commotion last week with a front-page story suggesting that Russian intelligence had hacked a Ukrainian energy firm known as Burisma Holdings in order to get […]

Sixteen Faces of the Psychopath

UPDATE: Brent Spiner took out psychopath Melania Trump with Project Pubegate on Feb. 7, 2020. The Melania who hangs out with Donald now is either a good automaton or clone. Sixteen Faces of the Psychopath: Described below are 16 different expressions of psychopathy, each focusing largely on the psychopath’s lifestyle and habitual ways of interacting with other people. Behind each […]