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“Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.”
― Edmund Burke

Jesuits Persecuted Writer Emile Zola & Jewish Army Officer

While in college and high school, I loved the “Exodus” song and felt it resonated with my soul and played it over and over, not knowing I had the genes of King David. I told Brent in a letter to him in 1990, before he made love to me on the phone, that I was a Zionist and believed the land of Israel belonged to the Jews.

Great film, called The Life of Emile Zola, portrays writer Emile Zola as he defends Jewish Army officer Alfred Dreyfus (blasted and defamed by the French press). The anti-Semitic Jesuits, who controlled the French army (19th century), framed Dreyfus with a crime he did not commit (treason). Here, in 2010, I am writer Emile Zola (exposing Jesuit corruption in the U.S. government and striving to free an innocent Jewish man–Brent Spiner). Brent Spiner is Jewish army officer Alfred Dreyfus (blasted by the Jesuit-run press and tabloids and framed with a crime–rape and pregnancy of Loree McBride–he did not commit). To force a man to marry the woman who raped him (see JESUITS RAPED BRENT SPINER WITH LOREE MCBRIDE  and go to Gail’s Life Story Summarized page 1992 section) and who claims he had a sexual relationship with her (when he hasn’t) is imprisonment for a crime he did not commit. Though Brent and Loree are not married and have never had a sexual relationship (as opposed to drug rape using brain control), fake photos and statements of Brent (blasted worldwide since about 1993) as, married to or having a sexual relationship with, the anti-Semitic Jesuit criminal who raped him (Loree McBride)–is Brent Spiner’s imprisonment.

REAL Brent Spiner 1990

“I’m so lucky to be in love with you.”

Despite Jesuit attempts to portray Vladimir Putin as anti-Semitic, he is not anti-Semitic. Mikhail Khodorkovsy is not Jewish–he has a Jewish father, not a Jewish mother–and Khodorkovsky’s genetic profile is NOT Jewish. Though neither of my parents is Jewish, my grandfather was–so my genes lined up Jewish. Jesuits cannot clone me successfully. My genetic profile is immune to their cloning technology. Jesuits consider me Jewish, because my genes turned out Jewish (with a King David profile). Those with Jewish genetic profiles (except Jew clones who are not really Jewish but UFO or fallen angel clone babies) are excrement to the Jesuits, regardless of their religion–unless the Jew is a devout Roman Catholic or a Jew CLONE (contaminated with fallen angel DNA).

Photo of Brent from his Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back album reveals the longings I heard in his voice as he whispered his love for me on the phone.

The Life of Emile Zola Comments, Part One.
Written Transcript of Gail’s Comments about Emile Zola.

 The Life of Emile Zola Comments, Part Two.

The Life of Emile Zola Comments, Part Three.

The Life of Emile Zola Comments, Part Four.

Isaiah 57:15 (my birthday is 9-15-57) “For thus saith the high and lofty One who inhabiteth eternity, whose name is Holy; I dwell in the high and holy place, with him also that is of a contrite and humble spirit, to revive the spirit of the humble, and to revive the heart of the contrite ones.”

Brent Spiner Behind Star Trek: The Next Generation’s The Drumhead for Gail Chord Schuler

Written transcript of Gail’s Comments about “The Drumhead.”

Photo taken of mom and son about the time of “The Drumhead”.

When I was sixteen and seventeen, Oklahoma! was my favorite movie. Two men on my marriage list, Brent Spiner and Hugh Jackman, have performed in musicals. I used to sing “Oh What a Beautiful Morning” and “Oklahoma” a lot as a teenager. I would belt “O-K-L-A-H-O-M-A, Oklahoma!” from my screenporch at the top of my voice as a teenager and I had a great voice.

Order the book THE SHIMMERING SEA behind this video about the murder of Robin Williams.

Gail Chord Schuler Adored Brent Spiner’s Portrayal of Data in ST:TNG’s “Pen Pals”

Part One, why Gail fell for Brent Spiner after viewing him in 1989 Star Trek:  The Next Generation’s “Pen Pals”. 

Written transcript of Gail’s Comments about “Pen Pals.”

Part Two, why Gail fell for Brent Spiner after viewing him in 1989 Star Trek:  The Next Generation’s “Pen Pals”.

Around 1989 (married for four years), I lost myself into the Anne of Green Gables series with Megan Follows. Lonely in my marriage, I secretly longed for a husband like Gilbert Blythe.


Vladimir Putin has an uncanny resemblance to Brent Spiner in this 2002 photo. Jesuits poking fun at Gail Chord Schuler.
Vladimir Putin has an uncanny resemblance to Brent Spiner in this 2002 photo. Jesuits poking fun at Gail.

Jesuit obsession over my love life never ends. I clipped this out of the paper in May 2002. Doesn’t Vladimir Putin in this AP photo have an uncanny resemblance to Brent Spiner?

Howard Hughes’s character
in The Carpetbaggers
Named Jonas Cord (Chord)
To Honor His Brother
Gail Chord’s Paternal Grandfather

Howard Hughes in The Carpetbaggers, part one.

Howard Hughes in The Carpetbaggers, part two.

Howard Hughes in The Carpetbaggers, part three.

Howard Hughes in The Carpetbaggers, part four.


I believe that the Jesuit Order, even back in 1957, practiced genetic profiling, just like they did with Nazi Germany during the Holocaust. They determined that my genetic profile (half Catherine the Great and half King David) made me a dangerous person, and that I must be eliminated or weakened. 
How strange that as a young infant I almost died (September/October 1957) because of an allergy to my formula. My birth became a foretaste of my future life. Baby “Catherine the Great” almost died of dehydration the first month of her life. I vomited so much that my belly button became permanently protruded. My first few months of life, when the fat cells are formed, I had less than most, and became a thin, emaciated girl. My mother concluded the pediatrician’s incompetence almost cost her her baby, and went to another doctor. The new doctor determined baby Gail had an allergy to her formula and I survived.


Valentine’s Card from the genetic brother of Howard Hughes, my Jewish grandfather Robert J. Chord. Unfortunately, I believe my great uncle Howard Hughes is now burning in hell. If he had known the Lord, I believe Jesus would have spared him from Jesuit brain control technologies that sabotaged his brain, ultimately destroying him.

Letter from Howard Hughes’s genetic brother, R. J. Chord (Jonas Cord in Carpetbaggers in his honor)

Me, Miami Beach’s Luah restaurant
Me, summer vacation, at paternal greatgrandma’s mobile home in Tampa, FL

I sang this song (both the male and female parts) to my grandparents in Miami, when they came to visit me on my 16th birthday. They cried through the whole song. I could imitate The Sound of Music movie performance to perfection, even the tenor part.

Gail Chord, 1974, age 16

Gail Elaine Chord, age 16, in 1974.

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