Brent Spiner CLONE Has a Bigger Nose than the REAL BRENT SPINER

Brent Spiner CLONE nose is wider and bigger. Also, the real Brent never has a dorky expression. Big CLONE nose. That definitely appears to be a Michael Dorn CLONE alongside his fellow CLONE Brent Spiner. Most clones are not more than two years old (despite using accelerated growth hormones) and so their maturity level is that of a two-year old. […]

Matthew McConaughey Mentioned Gail at Red Carpet Event (Camila Murdered Sam Shepard in July 2017)

Matthew McConaughey mentioned me at a Red Carpet event. Camila Alves at gunpoint ordered reporters to edit the evidence, and then used Matthew to murder Sam Shepard. — Gail Chord Schuler (@Gabrielle_Chana) July 16, 2019 From Jane Agni on July 15, 2019: Gail, I got a really strange email earlier. I have forwarded it to you and your […]