Gail’s Royal Heart Bonds with Russia

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God used Queen Elizabeth to stop the almighty Armada (the pride of the Roman Catholic empire in the 16th century)–PART ONEPART TWOPART THREE. Today’s Armada is Loree’s Jesuit Order of the Roman Catholic Church (with their brilliant computer/satellite prowess and mind reading technology). Queen Elizabeth knew that if Catholic Spain took over England, that an inquisition against all Protestant heretics would result in a bloodbath of terror in England. God sent a mighty wind (a hurricane) against the Spanish Armada and God miraculously saved England from a Catholic inquisition. May God give this world a bit of a reprieve from the Jesuit pope’s (666) terrors to come (see book of Revelation on video). Those who have accepted Christ as their Savior will not have to live on earth when God allows a Jesuit pope to reign over earth as a dictator (666) who will behead those who do not worship the pope (666) and who refuse his mark (probably a computer chip implanted on their forehead or hands). Without this chip, no one can buy or sell anything. But if you take this chip, you’ll go to hellBrent Spiner and Vladimir Putin claim that Howard Hughes was my great uncle. They informed me of this around 2005. Before 2005, I did not know I was related to Howard Hughes. Because of my Oshu Fujiwara ancestry, the Japanese royal family invited one of my great grandparents to their wedding.

Widower Vladimir Putin and his wife LARISA


Lyudmila grafted into photo wearing Larisa’s soft Summer pink, not right for Lyudmila’s rich golden Autumn coloring.

Lyudmila would look great here in Autumn’s yellow-green.

Vladimir visited the Taj Mahal with a very sick wife (March 2000). She died days later. After he became Russian President, he went back (October 4, 2000), to remind her he kept his promise, he became Russian President. In this March 2000 (not October 4, 2000) Taj Mahal altered photo, he removed his sick wife, and grafted Lyudmila into the photo.


Lyudmila Luxurious Autumn

Notice that Vladimir’s fake wife Lyudmila (above) lacks the inner depths and tranquil spirit of Larisa in the wedding photo (below). Though the appearances are similar, the personalities differ.


Soft Summer Pastel Larisa

Vladimir’s real wife Larisa (deceased) in this 1983 wedding photo. Despite doctored photos of Vladimir to make him appear shallow, he loves great music and literature, and is capable of deep and committed love for his woman.


Soft Summer Pastel Larisa

Êàíäèäàò â ïðåçèäåíòû ÐÔ, è.î.ãëàâû ãîñóäàðñòâà Âëàäèìèð Ïóòèí ïðîãîëîñîâàë íà èçáèðàòåëüíîì ó÷àñòêå íîìåð 2026 Ãàãàðèíñêîãî ðàéîíà Ìîñêâû.

Soft Summer Larisa Near Death. Photo appears doctored to make her appear like rich, golden Autumn Lyudmila.

Was dying Larisa grafted onto this photo, with unnatural red tones added to her hair? Is Vladimir’s wedding ring (right hand in Russia) missing? Grieving Vladimir votes March 26, 2000.

VLADIMIR’S CATHERINE THE GREAT (most information here obtained from Vladimir Putin himself, with brain to brain communications): In early 2000 as the woman that Vladimir married in 1983 (Larisa) lay dying, Vladimir learned that he would be the next Russian President. “My wife is dying. I can’t do it. I can’t be Russian President without her. I have no strength for this job. It’s overwhelming.” Larisa learned that Vladimir refused to be Russian President without her. She called her husband to her side. “Volodya, you must become Russian President. Russia needs you. I can only die in peace if you’ll promise me that you will become Russian President.”


Young Catherine, never broadcast anymore, and out of mainstream production, is my favorite movie about Catherine the Great.

My great uncle Howard Hughes had King David’s genes. My genetic profile is closer to King David than Howard Hughes.

I’m a real music lover, in case you haven’t noticed. I include some of my favorites. I took a year of music theory at Florida State University as an elective. At the time, the Florida State University School of Music was ranked number three in the nation. My musical favorites reflect my genes from Psalmist King David and German Catherine the Great Empress of Russia. Catherine the Great had no ear for music, but don’t forget I have the genes of King David (the Psalmist). Here are videos of Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture–two by the Osaka Philharmonic Orchestra (PART ONEPART TWO). The video above is awesome.

Bach’s St. Matthew Passion, Karl Richter of Germany, conductor. Karl Richter, Münchener Bach Orchester, Chor & Chorbuben.

Bach’s St. Matthew Passion finale, The Moscow Chamber Orchestra.


In May or June 1986, I made it onto the local Portland, Oregon news broadcasts. A news commentator placed a microphone to my mouth to interview me. My interview was broadcast in the evening news, so that when I went to church the next Sunday, many at the huge church I attended in Gladstone, Oregon commented that I was a celebrity. I wore a rust-colored, smooth velvet overcoat, with my natural brunette hair in layers. Because it snowed that day (somewhat unusual for this time of the year in Portland), snow was on the ground.

 In 1985 and 1986, I knew the Bible well and gained no new insights into the Scriptures from the preacher of the Portland, Oregon church I attended. I longed for another church where I could grow as a Christian and have a deeper walk with Christ.


Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 5 final (4th) movement (Parts 1 and 2).

Check out Gail’s YouTube channel about Brent Spiner and her men.  A UFO abducted Brent Spiner in Sept. 2011 (who before this did not believe in UFOs). Brent was able to communicate with Gail to tell her the UFO dropped him off in a desert. Brent was found, then Gail showed Brent that UFOs are the fallen angels that fell with Satan (Rev. 12:4), & that she prayed and asked Jesus to protect Brent on the UFO. She told Brent that he would never be UFO abducted or switched out with his clone again, if he’d accept Christ, which he did. She encouraged him to listen to Dr. Peter Ruckman, who has a tape series about UFOs, and who also has an excellent message about the three parts of man:  body, soul and spirit. It is essential to understand how the body, soul and spirit of man works, to understand how the Jesuit technology, especially in the area of mind control, can be overcome. Those under Jesuit mind-control technology need to accept Jesus as their Savior and need to understand about the body, soul, and spirit of man.  


Zechariah 9:15–“The Lord of hosts shall defend them; and they shall devour, and subdue with sling stones.

Zechariah 9:6 (9 + 6=15)–“And a bastard shall dwell in Ashdod, and I will cut off the pride of the Philistines.” David defeated the Philistine Goliath with sling stones. I’m the woman with the king David genetic profile born 9-1557. God calls the Jesuit General (of the church that sponsors Ash Wednesday) a bastard. Interesting that when I lived in Seattle I went through the Ash Wednesday earthquake in 2001 and suffered no damage.  

BASTARD (Jesuit General or Black pope or illegitimate, false Christ). SLING STONES (Gail’s writings, this website, Gail’s men). ASHDOD (Roman Catholic Church, The Vatican).

Habakkuk 2:5–“Yea also, because he transgresseth by wine, he is a proud man, neither keepeth at home, who enlargeth his desire as hell, and is as death, and cannot be satisfied, but gathereth unto him all nations, and heapeth unto him all people.”


PREVIEW OF The Forbidden Abyss. The story that couldn’t be told, from the heart and soul of Brent Spiner (Data of Star Trek: The Next Generation) and Vladimir Putin (Russian President/Prime Minister) and others who have met Jesus. Available through Amazon. What’s below is the opening: