What It’s Like to be Jesus Christ’s Favorite

Jesus loves how I minister to the younger folks. https://www.patreon.com/GailChordSchuler?fan_landing=true That seems to be my calling. He has mentioned several times how they will be the ones who go into the tribulation, so he’s real burdened for them. The evangelicals are losing the young and I’m reaching them. Jesus just wants me to talk about my life. He says I’m […]

Loree McBride’s YouTube Crap: 45,126 to 41 Views in 15 Minutes!

My men tell me that my actual views at YouTube are in the millions for all my videos. Loree McBride owns the Internet and YouTube and manipulates the views for my entire online presence. She also controls who comments underneath my videos to ensure that anyone with clout (like President Trump or Bill O’Reilly) who’d comment and contradict her lies […]