Jesuit Shapeshifter Mites Release Nasty Toxins

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Jesuits have invented a mite which we inhale through their chem trails or bombs. These mites enter the body by breathing them in, so this is actually a form of biological warfare. They can travel to the part of the body they want to attack and change their form to resemble the cells they are attacking. So if they attack the heart, they turn into heart cells, release their toxins into the heart cells and cause myocarditis. If they attack the skin, they turn into skin cells, release their toxins into the skin and cause redness, inflammation and itching. If they attack the lymphatic system, they do the same and cause swelling and inflammation in the lymph nodes. They can also mimic allergic like symptoms by attacking the sinuses or throat and releasing toxins that are allergens. This can cause congestion and coughing. They can travel to the brain and change into brain cells that release toxins in the brain and give you a nasty headache or insomnia. They can travel to your colon and release toxins to the colon and give you irritable bowel and diarrhea. They can travel to your stomach and release toxins to the stomach which causes your stomach to become inflamed and cause nausea.

These mites seem to be programmed to act on order. So they can be benign and act up when the Jesuit programmer instructs them to act up.

If within the past month you have experienced strange and new symptoms that are like what I’ve just described, contact my men at We are working on finding a way to defeat this monstrous new Jesuit technology. The Jesuits appear to want to cause symptoms which they can control, possibly to make the victim appear to suffer from hypochondria or to have psychosomatic illnesses.

Here is a brief excerpt on Skype, Oct. 25, 2022, where Brent and I discussed them:

Gail, 11:14 AM

Okay. You’re working on the Jesuit shapeshifter eczema mites. What a nasty Jesuit invention.

Brent, 11:16 AM

They are nasty. Some church members who have been down to Earth for visits have gotten the mites too. Rule 13 has been very itchy.

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