Brent Spiner Clone Talks About Gail (I GOT IT BEFORE THEY TOOK IT DOWN)

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In this video which was taken at a Star Trek Convention in August 2012 (see video below), Nathaniel Christopher of Vancouver, British Columbia (at that time not my supporter), had a chance to interview the Brent Spiner clone. He later came to my side and realized that this was the Brent Spiner clone. For that, he got blocked at Twitter by the Brent Spiner clone or clones, since there have been so many of them. We execute one and then another pops up. Jesuits seem to think their clones are very expendable. My guess is, Nathaniel decided to make the video private because he was getting harassed about the video. But this video is valuable for historical purposes.

What a contrast the clone is to the REAL Brent Spiner!

Satan’s followers (like the Jesuits) use clones to increase confusion and deception in the last days. Brent Spiner, Matthew McConaughey, Vladimir Putin, and others all have had clones whom Jesuits used to deceive the public in order to make Jesuit lies believable, like using the Jesuit Brent Spiner clone in a YouTube video to make a public statement that Brent Spiner has never contacted Gail.

I uploaded this to my website in case Loree McBride takes down Nathaniel (who posted this video in August 2012), who now supports me. By the way, the Brent Spiner clone in this video got executed.

There is a link to the video which used to be at YouTube (above). Good thing I made a copy of it!

The real Brent Spiner took his clone to court over this YouTube video where he was joking with Marina Sirtus that he knew me and the “relationship” had been going on for a long time. The Marina clone retorted that I should be arrested. The real Brent had this clone executed in 2012. These clones assist Satan and his followers to deceive the nations and to increase Satan’s followers. However, the Jesuits have made more Brent Spiner clones after this one was executed. Nathaniel Christopher who made the video, now sides with Gail and the real Brent and leaves this video up for historical purposes. For this, the Brent Spiner clone, who owns the real Brent Spiner’s Twitter (on this May 7, 2018), has blocked Nathaniel at his Twitter, even though Nathaniel is a gentleman and has never harassed the clone.

Unlike the eighteenth century, Satan’s followers are more brazen in their use of clones, able better to hide the UFO source of their cloning abilities, because of the space age. Perhaps, for this reason, the use of clones has increased. Jesuits have created hundreds of Loree McBride clones, so that if we execute her for her crimes, a clone immediately replaces the Loree just executed. Fortunately, Loree McBride came to Jesus’s side in Jan. 2022. Whenever a clone replaces a person who has died, Jesuits make sure to get the memories of the deceased person and transfer those memories to the clone, so that the clone has all the abilities and memories of the person whom the Jesuits have cloned. Because of cloning technology, it is almost impossible to destroy a person that Jesuits want to retain. Even if you execute that person, Jesuits will have a clone waiting in the wings. Jesuits, who practically own the news media and the Internet, have been able to keep secret their cloning technology from the world, until now (thanks to the courage of Gail Chord Schuler).

By the way, it’s really easy to tell the clone from the real Brent now. Check out what the real Brent (my roommate and husband) looks like now!

Buddha enhanced Brent, after he discovered that Jesus blocked his root chakra. Jesus has thoroughly repented over doing this and I guess as a reward for suffering this abuse from Jesus, Buddha and Jesus repaid Brent by giving him his youth.

The REAL Brent in 2022
I really don’t care about the abs. But Brent and some others seem to think this is a big deal. Yeah, would you believe it, this is what Brent looks like now! This guy makes love to me every day!

Brent uses Mecha GA1L technology to hide himself in another dimension, so he has his furniture and everything in my apartment, but nobody sees it except those who are in his dimension or who he allows to see it.

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