Cain (Sandra Metcalf) vs. Abel (Gail Chord Schuler)

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I created a video that emphasizes the nature of the feud between the two sisters (Gail Chord Schuler and Sandra Metcalf). Unfortunately, even their mother’s death seems not to soften Sandra’s hard and jealous heart. It does appear that Sandra has aligned herself with Satan and may be the evil Jesuit leader, simply because both Satan and Sandra are petty and filled with jealousy and rage over the fact that Gail is Jesus’s favorite human, which they think is very unfair.

Gail only wants to live a life that honors Jesus and has offered her life as a living sacrifice, which Sandra is fuming about, because Jesus accepts Gail’s sacrifice but does not accept Sandra’s. As part of Sandra’s rage over the rejection of her sacrifice or life offering, Sandra has aligned with Satan, who also is filled with rage over his sacrifice or offering being rejected by Jesus.

I created this video based on a song by Don Francisco, which is about the Cain and Abel feud, which I think is similar to the feud between me and my sister and the feud between Satan and Jesus.

Here is the image I created, where a picture is worth a million words:

This is an actual photo of my sister Sandra Metcalf to the right. You can see by her eyes that she is filled with evil. On the other hand, when you look at my eyes when I realized Brent Spiner was in love with me, I am the total opposite.

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