Writer Gabrielle Chana's Reviews of Writing Instruction Books

★ ★ ★ ★ ★Characters & Viewpoint   Highly recommend this book to writers who want to create fully dimensional characters that have the potential to transform the readers. From everything to how to choose a character’s name, to what kind of story you are telling (character story, with grand settings, mystery style, or dealing with disorders) Orson concisely and […]

CHARACTER SKETCH for Silver Skies 1996 Version's ANTAGONIST/villain (Novel in Progress)

RACHEL/SURI DAVID SHALOM or ANTICHRIST ANTICHRIST has the COMMANDER personality type, which tends to make her/him cerebral and lacking in emotions. However, Suri is also a sociopath/psychopath, so she/he is filled with rage at God for expecting women to be in submission to men. She believes that women are actually superior to men and that because God is a male […]

Character Sketches for Silver Skies 1996 Version Characters (Novel in Progress)

Why does Dor Ben Habakkuk want a wife? He wants love and acceptance. But he won’t find acceptance until he learns to embrace spiritual freedom or the freedom to honor his conscience without the shackles of convention. Until he faces death straight in the face, so that he must choose between hate or love, he is always trying to pacify […]